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Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 1388 Not Worried

Chaoyan did not need to worry about what was going to happen in the court. There was always some way out, and they had Shadow Door stationed there.

Zhou Huaijin let out a sigh of relief.


The following day… people from the court arrived. It was De Fu who came to meet her.

He was no longer wearing the vicious expression when he met her. Instead, he looked much more gentle.

When Gu Chaoyan and Sword One came out, De Fu even glanced at the things they had prepared. It was snowing in June, so it was cold and chilly, thick clothes were necessary.

So De Fu gave them a reminder.

He thought that a smart person like Gu Chaoyan would understand what he meant, so she had everything prepared. He could have ignored the help she needed. Also, he had two minor eunuchs who might help them to carry stuff, but…

He saw that she had prepared nothing, and the maid had only a few clothes with them. That would not be enough.

Those clothes were not enough under such cold conditions.

It was not easy to get what they wanted when they were in court, especially if the King stressed that they should not be taken care of.

De Fu thought for a while and believed that it was not proper.

He reminded her explicitly, "Lady Chaoyan, it is still very cold, and we don't have so much in the court, you better bring some things that might help you resist the cold."

When he said that… De Fu even gave her a glance, trying to make her understand what he meant.

He was the chief eunuch in the court. Although those who were with him right now were those who worked with him, after spending so many years in the court, he had gotten used to being extremely careful and making no mistakes.

So he could only give some faint suggestions rather than saying it out loud. If someone reported him, he would be doomed.

That was all he could do for them now.

He could only ignore other suggestions the King made in the future.

He was devoted to the King, after all.

Gu Chaoyan smiled as she saw how anxious De Fu became.

De Fu was a fun guy. He might be a bad guy in other people's eyes, but actually, he was nice inside.

In this era, imperial power was supreme, officials, farmers and merchants, and servants were the most humble existence, and as a servant, the most important thing was sincerity. De Fu was a sincere person, so strictly speaking, De Fu was a good person.

Like now.

De Fu had accepted her favor, and was paying her back. So she did not make a mistake in judging him.

Gu Chaoyan felt quite gratified.

She looked at De Fu and said gently, "Eunuch De Fu, thank you for your offer, but this is enough for me, I have my own plan and ideas."

Having said that, she told De Fu that they could set off.

De Fu had tried to advise her about this again, but then he suddenly thought of what Gu Chaoyan was like…

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