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Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 1387 Unexpected

Zhou Huaijin asked as he saw Gu Chaoyan.

Gu Chaoyan sat down with a hand warmer in her hands, speaking as she looked at Zhou Huaijin. "The King should be fine, but he has a rash, which the imperial doctors could not deal with. I have already gotten the cream ready, so he should get better soon."


"However, I am afraid that I may have to stay in the court these days. The King is very suspicious and after I said that I wanted to meet Destiny Monk, he already made plans to let me stay in the court." Gu Chaoyan confessed.

The King was very annoying, but she was not going to poison him all the time. Also, the King was Huijin's father so Gu Chaoyan was not going to hurt the King unless they were in a difficult position.

That was why Gu Chaoyan used a very light poison.

Gu Chaoyan had thought through the plan before she took action.

? Zhou Huaijin did not really care about how the King was doing. He was just listening to her plan.

Chaoyan had to meet Destiny Monk at the moment. It was good that she raised the proposal now.


Even if she was in the court, she would not run into any danger.

Zhou Huaijin looked very serious.

"There are hidden guards of Shadow Door everywhere in the court, and the underground passage already leads to the court, and if anything happens, you should be fine, however…"

Zhou Huaijin frowned and said anxiously, "I am worried that someone will set you up while you are in court, and that could cause you a lot of trouble, what about…"

Zhou Huaijin was about to say something… when Gu Chaoyan told him not to be worried.

She added. "There won't be any big barriers in the court. The King needs me to cure him, so he can do nothing to me. As for setups… De Fu begged me for help today so he should be of some help though I might not need to ask him for help."

De Fu asked her to get everything ready when she left the court. It was just a simple warning, especially since De Fu was the one who said that.

She would get everything ready for the next day.

If De Fu gave her a warning… then he might at least remember that she helped him once.

If De Fu did nothing, who else would dare to do anything?

So Huaijin was being overly worried. Nothing would happen in court.

Hearing that… Zhou Huaijin was surprised.

De Fu had worked devotedly for the King since he was little, and the King trusted him more than he trusted anyone else.

He never expected that De Fu would be bought out.

Unexpectedly… Chaoyan did it.

Surprised as he was, Zhou Huaijin finally realized that Chaoyan must have played a trick on De Fu, so he decided to help her.

Devoted people were always grateful.


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