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Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 1386 Situation

? They were already out of the court and seated in the wagon, so Sword One asked this question since they were surrounded by their fellows. They did not need to worry about eavesdropping.

Only those who were on their side knew the truth behind the King's rash.

Gu Chaoyan smiled briefly as she held the hand warmer in her hands. "Of course not. He would suspect anyone else, but never me."


"The King made a lot of effort to get onto the throne, and is a very calculative person, otherwise he would not have deceived the Queen for so long."


"He is actually very confident and arrogant, so he would never suspect that I would dare challenge him, the King!"


"And, did you see how DeFu reacted when he was with the King? De Fu is devoted and has worked for the King for a long time, and he knows what the King is like. He subconsciously feared the King because he knows him well. That is why he begged me for help. So even if anyone who is around the King knows about it, and suspects me, they would not have raised the question to the King." Gu Chaoyan smiled, speaking confidently.

Hearing what Elder Miss said, Sword One went over the whole thing in her head.

She had been confused, but now she understood what was going on. Then she showed a look of admiration towards her Elder Miss.

Honestly, Sword One had thought that it was a very risky move.

She feared that if something went wrong, Elder Miss would not be able to solve it, but when Elder Miss explained everything, she suddenly realized that though Elder Miss had made the decision to make the move within a short time, she had thought the plan through.

Elder Miss had gotten herself out of the trip to Xinzhou, and she even understood how people around her would think and what they would do.

It was perfect!

She felt that she would see something awesome done by Elder Miss, every time they were together.

That was something she did not learn when she was trained at Shadow Door.

Apart from martial arts and good planning, one should take the enemy's personality and ideas into consideration.

Sword One felt that she had learned a lot as she worked with Elder Miss, so she served Gu Chaoyan tea, saying with a smile, "Elder Miss, please, have some tea."

Gu Chaoyan looked at Sword One, and found her very funny. She was not like how she was at the beginning, when she wore a serious expression on her face all the time.

It was a good change.

Then she took a sip of tea.

They were soon arriving at Xinlin Mansion.

The snow had stopped, but Sword One still had a cloak on hand when they went out. She was worried that the cold air would go into her body.

When they went inside, Zhou Huaijin was seated in the room, seemingly having come back from outside. He seemed to have just taken a seat - he must have been out for the affairs at the Shadow Door.

Seeing Gu Chaoyan going inside, he passed a hand warmer to her. It was just prepared and gave out a lot of warmth.

"How did it go?"

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