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Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 1385 The King 4

Hearing that Gu Chaoyan had something to add, De Fu could not help feeling nervous again.

Gu Chaoyan was never predictable. No one knew what she was going to do next. De Fu was very worried that she was not going to let him go like this, and that she would drag him down.

He looked very afraid.

The King looked at her, wondering if there was anything else wrong with his rash.

"But… before I am able to make you the cream, I would like to meet Destiny Monk. Since the rash is related to the strangeness of the weather, I have to confirm with Destiny Monk before making the medical cream," Gu Chaoyan said calmly.

Hearing that… The King hesitated when she made the proposal.

Destiny Monk was a very important existence, and Gu Chaoyan was engaged with his Eighth Son, a future Princess Consort, so meeting with Destiny Monk might be very important.

He wondered if she had any other purposes.

After a long while, the King said, "You can meet Destiny Monk, but not now, tomorrow, okay? You bring your herb and medical kit to the court and I will set up the meeting, does that sound okay?"

Gu Chaoyan nodded.

She knew pretty well what the King was planning.

They all let out a sigh of relief.

The King no longer felt so worried after seeing that the problem was curable. De Fu felt so lucky that he dodged an accusation here. If the King blamed him for getting the rash, he would be punished.

Gu Chaoyan had very little chance to meet Destiny Monk face to face, since the King kept Destiny Monk inside the court. So she was going to take the opportunity to meet him.

Everything was still within how Gu Chaoyan planned it.

When the King had the arrangement made, he ordered De Fu to walk Gu Chaoyan out of Qianqing Palace. Silent though he was, De Fu was also feeling very grateful.

After all, Gu Chaoyan would not have let him go like this, because of what he did to her a while ago, but now she did.

"Here is where I can see you off, Lady Chaoyan. It is snowing heavily outside, so do be careful. Just have everything the King requires ready when you come to the court tomorrow. The court is not going to be very considerate." Before Gu Chaoyan left, De Fu cautioned her.

"Thanks, Eunuch De Fu!" Gu Chaoyan answered and left with Sword One.

On the way out… Gu Chaoyan smiled briefly. She could not help but feel some warmth.

That De Fu gave her warning was totally unexpected, and the reason why De Fu did that was because she did not embarrassed him in the court, after all.

De Fu was neither a bad nor a good guy.

He was devoted.

It was an unexpected fruit she obtained today.

The two walked out of the court and went into the wagon.

The wagon headed towards Xinlin Mansion, but Gu Chaoyan was not at all sleepy as she sat inside.

Seeing that, Sword One could not help but ask. "Elder Miss, did you never worry that the King would suspect you for causing him the rash? It was just the right timing!"

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