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Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 1363 Her Whereabouts

"Don't be shy. You and Lord Huai are already engaged, and you will get married." Sword One smiled.

Gu Chaoyan stood up after hearing that.

She glared at Sword One, then she pinched her face. "You smart kid, just drop it! Help me take a bath. I am tired."

Then she went to bathe.

Sword One smiled even more cheerfully. Her Elder Miss was trying to cover up her shyness, but failed.

Outside the room.

Zhou Huaijin walked out of Gu Chaoyan's room. As he stood outside receiving the cold wind he brought himself back and pressed down the impulse.

"Lord." Fu Bao came to him ready to listen to the order he was about to receive.

Faced with the cold wind outside, Zhou Huaijin did not look at Fu Bao, but stared into the darkness, saying, "I just can't wait! They need to hurry up!"


"I need to make my plan work as soon as possible. I want to marry Chaoyan as soon as possible."

Zhou Huaijin looked resolute as he spoke confidently.

He was going to marry Chaoyan, not in a casual way, but in an open manner and he was going to make sure that Chaoyan was not going to sacrifice for being with him.

He had begun making plans the moment he got engaged with Chaoyan. He believed that the time was right and he was not going to wait for any longer.

Fu Bao felt very motivated when he heard the order.

"Okay!" Fu Bao answered.

Zhou Huaijin nodded.

It was not a large hotel, so they could still hear the sound of horses. Zhou Huaijin said calmly as he heard the sound, "Go and get the food ready, and pass on my message according to my plan. They know what they ought to do."



Fu Bao nodded and started to work.

Zhou Huaijin was still standing in the cold wind, thinking as he looked into the distance.


At the hostel.

Everything was moving forward in a neat order.

After the small errands were arranged well, it was time for them to have dinner.

In Duke North's room.

Li Qing had already gotten the cream and medical kit ready so he came to Duke North's room with it.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Duke North looked at the entry, with eyes filled with hope and happiness.

However, the next second, Li Qing appeared in front of him with the medical kit.

Duke North moved his gaze away from him, looking very disappointed.

She was not here. What was she doing for her not to be here? She did not come? Did she really refuse to see him because he was such a mess? She was not going to treat him here?

Li Qing did not notice the subtle changes that reflect Duke North's thoughts. He was just wondering what on earth was going on with Duke North physically speaking.

Li Qing put away the medical kit, greeted him and squatted, feeling Duke North's pulse.

When Li Qing was feeling his pulse, Duke North looked at him and could not help asking. "Where is Chaoyan? Why is she not here? Chaoyan felt my pulse a while ago."

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