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Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 11: Temptation

Chapter 11: Temptation

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Hearing what Gu Chaoyan said, Zhou Huaijin did not get furious. Instead, he threw a few more meaningful glances at Gu Chaoyan and smiled faintly.

This woman had turned him down. He was the one and only Lord Huai!

In the Saint Divine Land, all the noble ladies would say yes to his proposal without hesitation.

But this abandoned girl had refused his proposal without any hesitation.

“Just think about it. If you marry me, no one will bully you any more. Your sisters would get jealous of you, when they look at the status and all the good things you are getting.” Zhou Huaijin’s offer sounded tempting.

“If you hate someone, I would help you remove them from your path, as well!”

Gu Chaoyan rolled her eyes.

Damn it.

What kind of a man was this Lord Huai? He had a pretty face, but his brain did not function that well.

He wanted to marry a horrid looking girl like her?! Why?

Gu Chaoyan truly wanted to ask him if his mother knew about his stupidity. After a while, she dropped the amicable expression from her face.

Sizing up this good-looking man in front of her, she shook her head and snapped at him. “I will not forgive those bullies easily. But I want to use my own abilities to pay them back!”

Looking at the man coldly, she said, “Anything else? If not, I need to take a rest now.” Having said the words, she snuggled back into her well-worn blanket.

She ignored the man purposefully. She was genuinely exhausted. She had been injured earlier and was feeling feeble and drowsy now.

Hearing the light sound of footsteps, Gu Chaoyan knew that he had left the house. So, she dropped the alertness and fell into a deep sleep, feeling safe and secure.

It was not until evening when she woke up.

Surprisingly, Qing was still not back.

Normally, it would take just a couple of hours at most for Qing to get the lunch box. But now the sun had already gone down and she was still nowhere to be seen.

Did something happen?

Gu Chaoyan felt anxious and went out to search for her.

Luckily, the original host had been to the kitchen before, so she found the right path based on the memory inside her brain.

Gu Chaoyan was quite fast, despite the fat on her body.

As a green silhouette came in front of her eyes. Gu Chaoyan sighed in relief. “Where have you been, Qing? What took you so long?”

Qing looked more or less the same as before, but Gu Chaoyan had been a mercenary in her previous life, so she noticed even the slightest discrepancies right away. She could also distinguish the faint smell of blood coming from Qing.

As she took a closer look at her, she could tell that Qing was quite pale and feeble. Her hands holding the lunch box were trembling. When she saw Gu Chaoyan, she passed the lunch box to her without much strength in her hands. “Miss, you must be starving. Let’s go back and eat something.” Qing’s eyes held concern for her even in this state.

Gu Chaoyan felt her eyes burn up with hot moisture.

In the two lifetimes, this was the first time someone had treated her so nicely. Qing was worried about Gu Chaoyan’s well-being, not her own injuries.

She took the lunch box from her hand and helped Qing walk back to the Qiong Pavilion. Then she pulled up Qing’s sleeves and saw the wounds on her arms.

“Who hurt you?” Gu Chaoyan asked her sharply.

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