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Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 10: Marry Me

Chapter 10: Marry Me

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That was what Gu Chaoyan thought when she saw the man.

Zhou Huaijin was holding the broken cup in his hand, and a sinister smile hovered over his handsome face. “Come out!”

Lord Huai was indeed a maniac. Gu Chaoyan was sure about that now!

Gu Chaoyan put the blanket over her body, looking alert. Although she knew that she was chubby and not pretty looking, if Lord Huai had a fetish for such girls, she might be in danger.

After all, he came looking for her at the Qiong Pavilion. Was he interested in her body? Gu Chaoyan put the blanket further over her head as she thought about this.

Seeing her staying in and having such a lovely reaction, Zhou Huaijin burst into laughter.

He came to this place only because he was curious to see whether this lady, who had recently been ditched, would commit suicide after the incident.

Unexpectedly, she still lived on.

She was even able to sleep at such a rotten place which even beggars would not like. Her mindset must be quite strong.

As Lord Huai thought about this, he walked straight in, forthrightly.

Seeing this man walking into her place without permission, Gu Chaoyan snapped at him. “Unexpectedly, the famously respectful Lord Huai is actually a ‘girl snatcher’ who invades people’s privacy!”


Zhou Huaijin sized up the house and said, “This is a girl’s home? Honestly, even vagrants would not want to live here.”

Then he put the cup on the table and had just withdrawn his hand when the table collapsed. But Zhou Huaijin was fast enough to catch the broken cup.

The smile disappeared from his face. “Is this how Gu Zhenkang is treating his eldest daughter?”

Gu Chaoyan snorted. “What a hypocritical man!”

Zhou Huaijin smiled. “What an ignorant woman!”

Zhou Huaijin suddenly fell into deep contemplation. A long while later, his eyes brightened as if he had just thought of something brilliant. “There is one thing that can change your life instantly, and make the Gu Family regret having treated you like this.”

He looked supremely confident.

“What is it?” Gu Chaoyan asked nonchalantly. She did not think that a noble man like Zhou Huaijin would have any practical solutions to offer.

“You can marry me!” Zhou Huaijin said happily.


Gu Chaoyan would have spat out water upon his face, if she was drinking it at this moment.

What kind of a suggestion was this?

Gu Chaoyan’s face was full of disapproval.

Seeing her reaction, Zhou Huajin tried to convince her. “Just think about it. If you marry me, you will become the Princess Consort of Lord Huai. You can enjoy a good life, and everyone from the Gu Family would need to bow to you!”

He patted Gu Chaoyan’s shoulders. “How does that sound? Indeed a good idea, right? Let’s shake on it, then!”

Gu Chaoyan rolled her eyes at him.

What a weirdo!

He said he wanted to marry a woman who was hideous, tanned, useless and freshly dumped?

Gu Chaoyan gave him a kick and moved away from him. “Not good at all!”

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