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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby

Chapter 29: Your Looks Aren’t Good But Your Imagination Sure Is

Chapter 29: Your Looks Aren’t Good But Your Imagination Sure Is

Translator: Yunyi

It was October and the weather was inconsistent.

On that particular day, the weather was good and the sun was shining in through the window. But no one could sense any warmth. 𝓲n𝑛𝓻ℯ𝗮d. 𝚌o𝒎

Shen Xun ran his tongue against the inside of his cheek and turned his head violently as he stared at Xu Yue with amusement for a few seconds. As her eyes darted, he said in a cold and raspy voice, “Don’t you know how to fight back? Do you expect me to stick up for you just because she provoked you a little? Your looks aren’t that good but your imagination sure is...”

He sneered in ridicule.

After he said this, he kicked away the chair that was blocking his way, shoved his hands in his pockets, and headed out of the classroom.

“Brother Xun, class is about to start. Where are you going?! Wait for me!”

Han Jun, who sat in the back row with Shen Xun, watched as he walked away. Dumbfounded for a couple of seconds, he quickly snapped back to reality and chased after him.

But, as though he had eyes on the back of his head, Shen Xun said with his raspy and angry voice, “I’m looking for a place to sleep. Do you want to f*cken sleep together?”

The scene was so imposing, Han Jun immediately stopped in his tracks.

He shook his head and chuckled, “In that case...I won’t follow you...”


Shen Xun’s lips parted a little. Then, without turning back, he raised his middle finger at Han Jun.

But Han Jun was not upset. “Goodbye, Brother Xun! Please watch your step, Brother Xun!”


As soon as Shen Xun left, the classroom immediately erupted in chatter.

Meng Shuang looked at Song Yaoyao as she flipped through her textbook. Biting her lip, she walked over to help Xu Yue up.

Everyone in the class was privileged; none of them came from a normal family background. Moreover, young people were generally reckless. So, unless they encountered someone prickly like Shen Xun, no one willingly surrendered to another.

Just as Xu Yue held onto her wrist and stood up, she heard everyone chatting excitedly.

“Wow! Was Brother Xun speaking up for Song Yaoyao?”

“Even though he was awoken from his sleep, he didn’t hit anyone!”

“Tch...are you overthinking things? Brother Xun never hits girls, OK?”

One of the girls even held her cheeks with infatuation and said flirtatiously, “Oh~~ Brother Xun is so manly!”

Xu Yue was offended quite badly. Normally, she held quite a lot of authority at school and had her way unless she was against Shen Xun.

But this time, she was slapped in front of everyone and Shen Xun even added a word of insult to it. Xu Yue felt like she could die.

“Xu Yue, are you OK?” Meng Shuang asked.

“Do I look like I’m OK?!” Xu Yue scoffed angrily as she brushed Meng Shuang’s hand away. As soon as she stood up, she began to walk away. Passing by Song Yaoyao, she took a quick glance at her and said, “Song Yaoyao, you better stay in class and not leave; otherwise, watch how I kill you!”

If the Song Family doted on Song Yaoyao like they did with Song Jingwan, Xu Yue would have hesitated a little about hitting her. But she was just a neglected child; why would she be scared?

Song Yaoyao held onto her pen and her eyes curved underneath her thin bangs. With a soft voice, she said in an innocent manner, “I’m hungry.”

Her oblivious expression made Xu Yue grit her teeth. Throwing her hands in the air, she stormed out of the classroom.

Han Jun was fascinated by this. He took a couple of steps back, tilted his head, and leaned against Song Yaoyao’s desk with a grin. “Song Yaoyao, Xu Yue said you’ve gone crazy. What do you say to that?”

Song Yaoyao turned her head quietly and looked into Han Jun’s eyes.

The sun shone in through the window and lit up half her face. Her skin was so fair, it appeared transparent, and she looked delicate and tender like a peach. This petite girl was extremely alluring.

Han Jun’s mouth gaped open as he fell into a daze.


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