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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby

Chapter 23: You Are Not My Brother

Chapter 23: You Are Not My Brother

Translator: Yunyi

“You’re overpraising me, Auntie. Jingwan’s always had good results. The principal even praised her in front of everyone,” Huo Ningxi smiled.

“No, you’re ranked number one in our grade. Compared to you, I still have a lot to learn.” Song Jingwan brushed a loose hair behind her ear and looked at Huo Ningxi with admiration as embarrassment flashed across her eyes.

Huo Ningxi paused and the smile in his eyes deepened.

Seeing this, Zhou Manli glanced at Song Rui and they both smiled in satisfaction.

Only Song Wenchuan stood up suddenly and said, “I’m leaving first,” before he headed up the stairs.

Zhou Manli furrowed her brows, adjusted the shawl on her shoulders, and stood up, “Chuan, where are you going?!”

“I’m going to go see Yaoyao.”

After saying this, he left without turning back. 𝙞n𝐧𝚛e𝚊𝑑. 𝗰o𝐦

Song Jingwan saw this and she bit her lower lip without saying a word.


Knock knock—

Song Yaoyao finished drying her hair and saw her reflection in the mirror. The girl’s black hair hung down to her waist like a waterfall. Her eyes were dark and round, her nose was tall, and her lips were small. Her small palm-sized face was delicate and beautiful, and she looked like a doll in a window display. On top of all that, her milky-white skin made her appear fragile.

When she heard the knock on her door, she glanced over and slowly went to open it.

She did not look pleased because she thought Song Jingwan was disturbing her again.

As the door opened, she asked, “Don’t you know how annoying you are? Why are you—”

Before she finished speaking, she lifted her head and stared blankly at the young man in front of her, “You?”

Song Wenchuan heard her delicate voice. Even when she was angry she was like a kitten that was bearing its claws.

He let out a laugh. “Can’t it be me? Song Yaoyao, it appears as though your temper has gone bad after going away for a bit.”

Song Yaoyao did not make a noise as she stared at him with her dark eyes.

Her freshly washed hair looked soft and wispy, and there were a few strands of new hair that stuck up on top of her head. As her eyes twinkled, Song Wenchuan felt completely defeated by her dopey cuteness.

“Ahem...” He placed his fist to his mouth and asked awkwardly, “It’s only been a few days. Aren’t you going to call me brother?”

Song Yaoyao furrowed her brows and frowned, “You’re not my brother.”

Just because she inherited this body, it didn’t mean she was willing to inherit the original owner’s relationships.

She was distant and serious, not joking at all, causing Song Wenchuan’s smile to slowly fade.

“I’m not your brother? Song Yaoyao, come out with me. Has Song Jingwan bullied you so much that you lost your mind?” Song Wenchuan looked at her coldly.

These words made Song Yaoyao laugh out loud. “So you know?”

He knew that she had been suffering and Song Jingwan had been suppressing her.

“You’re Song Jingwan’s brother, not mine. My brother would never sit on the sidelines and do nothing while he watches me suffer!”

If her brother knew that the sister he doted on was being bullied, he would have killed someone by now.

Song Wenchuan froze. As the girl spoke, she lifted her head and her eyes sparkled proudly. It did not look like she was suffering at all.

But who was she proud of?

Song Wenchuan couldn’t deny that he felt a little sour.

Filled with jealousy, he asked, “Do you have another brother?”

The response he received was a door slamming in his face and some angry words.

“It’s none of your business!”


Song Wenchuan took two steps back and touched his nose.

If he didn’t react quickly, Song Yaoyao would have broken his nose. He shook his head and burst into laughter. As he laughed, he suddenly relaxed.

“It’s good to have a bad temper. That way you won’t be bullied every day.”

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