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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby

Chapter 19: Different Treatment

Chapter 19: Different Treatment

Translator: Yunyi

With her arm around Song Jingwan, Zhou Manli’s every sentence was either ‘precious’ this or ‘baby’ that. But when she saw Huo Ningxi step out of the car from the corner of her eye, she lit up and became even more enthusiastic.

“Ningxi, did you bring Wanwan back?”

With this thought, she completely forgot to question Song Yaoyao about not riding back in the same car as Song Jingwan.

She pounced toward Huo Ningxi and warmly invited him into their home.

“Old Song! Hurry out, Ningxi’s here! Someone, go fetch the Young Master!”

“Auntie, that’s not necessary...”

Huo Ningxi wanted to reject the offer but Zhou Manli was much too enthusiastic. Then, when he saw Father Song, Song Rui, come out to greet him as well, he immediately swallowed back his words.

“Ningxi, thank you for escorting me back.” Song Jingwan said gratefully as she approached Huo Ningxi and walked side-by-side with him back to the house.

Under the night sky, her elegant face was beautifully fresh and refined like stars.

As he looked at her, Huo Ningxi couldn’t control his heart from thumping. All his frustration immediately disappeared. “It was on my way. You don’t have to thank me. Let’s go inside.”

“Uh huh~” Song Jingwan smiled with satisfaction as she obediently followed beside Huo Ningxi.

Just before they entered, Huo Ningxi suddenly remembered something and turned around to have a look.

The courtyard of the villa was brightly lit, and the servants had already dragged Song Jingwan’s luggage away.

Inside the big courtyard, all that remained was a petite and delicate girl, dragging her suitcase sluggishly. Under the night sky, her shadow looked extra long.

She had her head down and her expression was unclear, but there was an odd sense of loneliness that he felt from her.

Song Jingwan noticed Huo Ningxi dazing off and followed his gaze. She pursed her lips and immediately tugged on his sleeve. “Ningxi, what are you looking at? Let’s hurry inside!”

Huo Ningxi snapped back to reality and nodded his head, “Okay.”

The group headed into the living room and sat down. Compared to the cold late autumn weather outside, it was clearly much warmer inside.

“Wanwan, was the trip back tiring? Did you have fun? Can I sleep with you tonight and listen to any interesting stories that happened along the way.”

“Of course!”

Zhou Manli seated Song Jingwan down while she ran around busily. She ordered some helpers to hurry and pour tea, while she told others to fetch Song Jingwan’s favorite pastries and fruit.

Even Huo Ningxi got to enjoy Song Rui and Zhou Manli’s enthusiasm.

But what about her? Huo Ningxi couldn’t help but think.

At that moment, footsteps could be heard coming from upstairs and a tall man came walking down the spiral staircase.

As soon as Song Jingwan saw him, her eyes lit up. She immediately stood up and greeted him in a well-behaved manner, “Brother!”

Song Wenchuan gave a faint grunt of acknowledgment and looked around the living room. His eyes and eyebrows scrunched up.

“Mom, where’s Song Yaoyao?”

Zhou Manli was busy feeding fruit to Song Jingwan. When she heard this question, she rolled her eyes. “How would I know? Hasn’t that brat always been unpredictable?”

Song Wenchuan did not ask any further as he headed straight for the door.

When Song Jingwan saw this, her hands clenched into fists. With a smile, she said, “Wenchuan, can you come here for a moment? I bought a present that I want to give to you!”

Her voice was soft, subtly trying to please the man.

But Song Wenchuan said coldly without turning around, “Leave it there. I’ll look at it later.”

This attitude made Song Jingwan’s eyes turn red. “But I want to give it to you with my own hands...”

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