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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby

Chapter 17: I Just Left, But I Already Miss You

Chapter 17: I Just Left, But I Already Miss You

Translator: Yunyi

With her back facing everyone, Song Jingwan’s expression turned dark and gloomy.

Song Yaoyao stretched out her hand to open the car door, but she suddenly thought of something and added, “But I need to remind you of one thing: you can try to steal anything except for Gege.” She shook her index finger. Her words seemed to contain a deeper meaning. “Forget stealing, even if someone takes an extra glance at him, I will want to kill them out of jealousy! Do you understand, Sis?”


As she listened to Song Yaoyao, Song Jingwan suddenly let out a laugh.

A moment of fierceness appeared in her eyes as she said in ridicule, “Song Yaoyao, you’re certainly dreaming. Do you know who the Huo Family are? How dare you treat him as your exclusive possession. Do you think you can enter the Huo Family as you please? If you weren’t lucky, do you think Uncle would have been interested in you?”

Song Yaoyao found this hilarious. With curiosity, she asked, “Even if I’m just lucky, isn’t he not interested in you anyway?”

So why are you acting proud and arrogant in front of me? Compared to me, you are nothing!

“You sure have a sharp tongue!”

Song Jingwan was learning more and more about the Song Yaoyao she thought she knew.

She sneered. “Fine, in that case, I’ll wait and see how you bring yourself to ruins!”

Did she really think Huo Yunque was easy to pursue? Plenty of socialite heiresses in Feng City admired him like the moon, but how many actually succeeded?

Huo Yunque was an emotionless and cold-hearted creature that had no interest in women.

“Oh? Really?”

Song Yaoyao wondered whether the Gege she knew was the same person as the one that Song Jingwan was talking about.

With this thought, she suddenly looked toward Huo Yunque, and cried out in a crisp voice, “Gege!”

Song Jingwan froze in surprise, looked at the direction that she was shouting, and her face darkened.

If one looked at her carefully, they would be able to see her inconcealable fear and hatred.

The man’s car window lowered, revealing his cold and indifferent face. He looked at Song Yaoyao and raised an eyebrow questioningly without a sound.

Song Yaoyao waved at him, smiled, and said sweetly, “Nothing. I simply wanted to call you Gege~ I just left your car, but I already miss you~” 𝒾n𝒏𝚛𝗲αd. 𝒄om

Huo Yunque’s throat twitched and he indifferently closed his window again.

At the top of the heavily tinted windows, amusement slowly appeared in a pair of dignified phoenix eyes.

Song Jingwan was frozen in place. How can this be? Mr. Huo actually responded to Song Yaoyao?

Song Yaoyao was extremely pleased. She lifted her head and spread her palms helplessly. “Awww, it seems like you know nothing about Gege~ Hehe!”

She turned around and stepped into her car coolly. It was like she had a little tail on her bottom that was wagging arrogantly as she banged the door shut in front of Song Jingwan’s face.

Song Jingwan was left standing there all on her own for a few seconds before darkness appeared in her eyes.

Song Yaoyao can not stay.


After Huo Yunque closed his window, Huo Qi quietly turned around and took a glance at him.

There seemed to be a relaxed vibe in the car so he carefully asked, “Sir, are you in a good mood?”

Huo Yunque’s lips curved upward slightly. He leisurely moved the prayer beads in his hand and said calmly, “Yes, if you weren’t hit by a girl and unable to fight back, I would be even happier.”

The atmosphere in the car immediately turned stale.

Huo Qi turned his head around and cried, “Sorry, Sir, I was wrong!”

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