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Mr Indifferent CEO, Be Careful With My Heart

Chapter 767 - 767 Dutiful Scoundrel

767 Dutiful Scoundrel



Placing the phone on his left ear, Fong Cai picked a cigarette from the pack in his hand and placed it between his lips while keeping his gaze outside.

Ring! Ring!

In no time the phone rang and he waited patiently for the receiver to take the call.

“Hello.” Her soothing voice lingered with ease to his hearing, bringing back fond memories.

“Ahh.” Fong Cai gave a soft moan in response as he tilted his head back, accepting the flood of memories.

“Cai, do you plan on listening to my breathing alone or do you intend on speaking?”

The change in her tone gave Fong Cai a chills in his spine and he gave a lovely chuckle in response.


“You know me well, Li An. I miss hearing that especially. I was instantly reminded of our childhood days and teenage years.”

“They were pretty lovely.”

“You were too innocent and deadly then. A beauty that could enthral all boys and I had the chance to be your knight until you met that scoundrel later. Ouch, my poor heart.”

She joined him down memory lane and laughed it off as well.

Truly he was always there for her when they were growing up and would help chase the guys away until the day, he confessed his feelings.

Sadly, she had already said yes to Ye Sheng. He was rejected but their friendship only waxed stronger after.

“Now back to business.”

“As eager and impatiently deadly as always,” Fong Cai teased.

“What’s on ground?”

“I am staking out the home of a scoundrel, one I believe owes you a lot.”

Li An’s eyes held a sharp glint in them, allowing them to spill to her lips, producing a breathtaking smile.

“So, you’ve found, the dutiful scoundrel, huh?”

“I have my dear An. I have.”

“Good. When do you abduct him?”

“Soon. I am waiting for him to leave. The last thing I want is to walk into another man’s zone and stronghold. Who knows the rubbish I would find?”

“Is someone scared?” She tsked in a teasing manner and arched her brows up playfully.

“This is not fear, Li An. This is called being careful. I do not trust the Zhangs and better still, I do not trust any soul working for them even more. They could have blown Ye Cheng u and they killed an innocent woman while doing so.”

“Then their sins just keep getting compounded right? Soon we shall have it all exposed and crush them once and for all.”

“Definitely. I am getting more pieces of evidence as we speak. By the time we get all, it would be as easy as anything to get them in court but afterwards, in jail time, I cannot promise that fool he would live long.”

She chuckled a little and nodded. “Okay. But don’t kill him then. Let him suffer. Death would be too merciful for Chairman Zhang.”

“I won’t kill him. No. He would be tortured and tormented in jail. I have inside help who would happily want to pay him back for all he has done to people.”

“I see.”

‘You may not know but some of his workers, once caught or the flop, he makes no way of saving them and abandons them cruelly to their sad fate. They’ll be sure to give him a warm welcome.”

“Interesting. Okay for now our main goal is that fool. Capture him.”

“Aye. Oh, and guess what, the scoundrel just came out.”

“Then what are you waiting for?”

As if on cue, both smiled at each other and nodded their heads even though they didn’t see each other, they chuckled once more before the call went dead.

It had been something they grew up doing as childhood friends. The smile they had, if seen, each knew it was a knowing one.

They usually shared a wicked sense of humour; in this case, it wasn’t different.

She could tell he was ready to make someone pay and pay dearly.


Immediately Ye Cheng was informed of the capture, he could not have been any prouder of the situation.

This proved to him to be the first step in making his dearly beloved in-laws pay for what they had done.

Prior, he was informed of all they had done to Li Jing when she was away at her grandfather’s and how they tried times without number to see her fail and fall all in good faith of taking the company from her.

He hated greedy, ignorant and ungrateful people the most.

They knew nothing about how the old man had felt losing his wife and daughter and the joy of gaining a granddaughter but yet all they thought of was how to kill his only source of joy.

People like that did not deserve to live and he was certain to push the authorities till they faced the full extent of the law.

A knock came on his door, forcing him to look up.

He had not received any visitors that day because he chose to clear off his schedule for the afternoon after attending meetings upon meetings.

At this point, Ye Cheng could only wonder who it was that could possibly visit.


He waited patiently, with both hands on the keyboard of his laptop while his gaze remained stationed at the door.

As soon as the visitor entered, his eyes narrowed when he saw Yi Wang Lei and behind him was a man well known.

“Sir,” Ye Cheng enunciated as he rose to his feet and let his eyes remain on the older man behind his Vice.

Together they walked further into the office.

Yi Wang Lei knew he was going to get it from Ye Cheng later but he could not refuse the request when he saw the older man walk up to Han Qing Qing.

Even though he knew his friend was busy, he believed this was also important.

“I brought someone, Ye Cheng. Your in-law, Mr. Lin,” Yi Wang Lei introduced.

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