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Mr Indifferent CEO, Be Careful With My Heart

Chapter 766 - 766 Their Reaction

766 Their Reaction


CHAPTER 766 – Their Reaction

Quickly, I Jing placed a call to Yin Lifen. Just as she had guessed, Yin Lifen squealed at the top of her voice from the news.

She was one of those who had wished that they be brought to justice quickly.

“Li Jing!”

Having had enough of her friend’s squealing, Li Jing pushed the phone from her ear and waited till the latter calmed her horses before bringing the phone too close to her ears again.

“Li Jing,” she coughed and cleared her throat as she sought her professional voice.

But no matter what she did, nothing of that sought was coming out and she was finding it really difficult.

“Fine. Forgive me, I cannot contain my joy.”


“I know. Control it else you won’t hear more news.”

“Oh, come on, Li Jing,” she rushed out. “You cannot do this to me.”

“I can. In fact, till you have calmed down I won’t speak to you. Do not worry, we should speak later. I need to inform my grandfather and granduncle.”

“Oh that is true. Okay, go ahead and speak to them. But promise to call me back.”

‘You have my word. Bye.”

She quickly ended the call before Yin Lifen recalled something to speak about and kept her glued to her phone.

No sooner had the call ended and she searched out her grandfather’s number than the disturbing Yin Lifen’s call came in.

“I said it. No Fen Fen, wait.”

She rejected the call and dialled her grandfather’s number.

While the phone rang, Li Jing inhaled and exhaled deeply as she thought of how best to break the news to her grandfather.

While her thoughts trailed off, thinking of every possible response her grandfather would give to her upon hearing her news, she heard his deep voice from the other end of the phone.

“My lovely grandchild, how are you?” Lin Zian called out.

“Gramps! Hehe.”

“Someone is giddy. What’s the good news?” Lin Zian instantly attacked.

He loved it when Li Jing was happy and was always interested in her affairs. After failing with her mother, he looked forward to not making the same mistakes.

“Oh, well it may not be good news, gramps.”


He lifted up from where he had laid his back and sat up straight as his eyes glued to the floor in front of him.

“Li Jing, speak to me. What is going on?”

“First, you need to calm down grandpa. It is not entirely… bad.”

“Lies and you should know you cannot lie to this old man. Now spill before I make you.”

“It’s grandaunt. Your one and only sister.”

“Lin Qi?” His gaze went sharp like a predator seeking out his prey as he waited for her crime. “What did that woman do to you again, Li Jing? Has she not yet learnt her lesson?”

“This is different and worse. Hu Qi has been arrested. She and granduncle Liqin’s wife plotted my kidnapping.”

“She what!”

Li Jing cringed from his yell and pushed the pheon from her ear.

Her grandfather was always like a volcano waiting to erupt at any chance he got.

“Li Jing what did you just say?!” he bellowed through the phone.

“Grandfather, please lessen your anger. You do not want to have a heart attack or something. Please calm down.”

“How can I calm down? You are the only one I have left and they had the nerve to try and kidnap you?! They are lucky it did not succeed.”

‘Oh no, it did succeed gramps. I was kidnapped, luckily things played out and I was rescued.”

“How come I…”

‘I love you,” she blurted out quickly, hoping it would be enough to calm him down.

“Li Jing.”

“I love you to the moon and back but you need to be calm. I also need to tell granduncle Lin Liqin. Mrs. Liu Xuilan was arrested too. This would be bad.”

‘No. Do not worry. I would break the news to my brother himself. Do not worry. I would handle this.”

‘Are you sure, gramps? You’re still angry.”

“I know but I can control Liqin’s rage better than anyone. You rest your lovely head. I need your stomach and health to be strong in preparation for my grandson. Not only Li An gets to have a say.”

Her lips parted at the sudden change in subject.

A few seconds back he was still boiling in rage but now he was more concerned with his future grandchild.

Who told them she could not be tired and all and not still carry the heir to Lin and Ye’s fortune in her womb?

“Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, grandfather. I have heard you.”

‘Where is Ye Cheng anyway? Where was he when they are kidnapping you?”

“He’s busy,” she tried to make an excuse for Ye Cheng but grandpa Lin would not have it.

“Too busy for his wife?”

“No. I mean, sigh. Fine, I was the stubborn one. He told me not to go anywhere that day. I disobeyed and got unlucky.”

Whether or not he should scream, Lin Zian did not know.

How could she be so daft? He drew in long deep breaths several times till his breathing calmed down and he spoke once more.

“You had better let him protect you and stop being stubborn like your mother. Go and rest. I will take things up from here and get back to you.”

“As you wish grandfather.”

She ended the call like he had said and lowered her gaze to her stomach.

She had yet to give birth but they all looked at her like some trophy wife in need of deep pampering.

‘If my life is like this when I have not yet carried Ye Cheng’s child, I wonder how it would be when I end up getting pregnant.’

As much as she wished to complain outwardly, she had no one that would side with her on this.

‘Wait, Tang Zixin would pick my side, right? no. He would want to care for his godchild. Arghh, I am all alone in this war.’ Li Jing lamented inwardly.

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