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Mr Indifferent CEO, Be Careful With My Heart

Chapter 29 - Two-Faced Individual

Chapter 29 - Two-Faced Individual


Yang Yan Mei gestured for her to move forward and she obeyed, taking the box with her and coming to stand at the side of Li Jing.

"There, I saved your trash for you before it was thrown out. You should be on our knees thanking me for being so kind."

That was it, Li Jing had her fill already and before Yang YanMei could figure out what was happening, Li Jing placed a hot slap on her face.


"There should be a limit to your mannerlessness Yang YanMei, but since you do not know it, I would be more than happy to teach you some restraint."

Everyone was shocked by what Li Jing did as they stared at her with mouth agape. No one would believe that the meek and lovely, quiet Li Jing would actually fight back and with physical strength.

No one even though she had the needed power to even hurt a fly let alone slap somebody. And not just anybody, but Yang YanMei, the goddess of their company’s financial team.

"How dare you slap me!"

"I would do it again if you do not shut your mouth. Thanks but no thanks, you can enjoy the company and the slot you always wanted."

"I said it, she has always been a two-faced individual. Her true colours have finally been let out," another of her coworkers murmured but Li Jing heard it.

Not sparing any of them a glance, Li Jing grabbed her box containing her personal belongings from Gu Ruolan and left the company.

She was fuming with anger now and a part of her welled up with so many emotions... pain, anger, rage, frustration. Just name it.

By the time she got to the ground floor, all of them gave her the terrible stares, rather than look away, she welcomed it and glared back at them, marking and memorizing each face in her minds.

’All of you, I would make you eat up your words in the future, just you wait and see.’

With that, she was out of the building and heading towards the road to call a taxi when she saw a car pull up in front of her and the rider comes outside almost instantly.

"Li Jing!" A male dressed in a formal outfit called out her names from where he stood beside his car.

"Luo Jinhai!"

Li Jing’s face which was filled with so much expression suddenly looked shocked staring at the person in front of her now.

He was the last person she would have imagined would be here. ’What is he doing here? It is not even time for lunch yet?’ she thought. ’Act normal Li Jing, you do not want him to worry.’ She mentally prepared herself and walked forward to meet him.

"Luo Jinhia, what are you doing here?" Li Jing asked by the time she got to the side of his car facing her, opposite from where he stood at the driver’s seat.

"Is that the greeting I get, Li Jing? We haven’t seen each other in a long time now and this is the first thing you say when we see...Ouch, Jing Jing!"

He pretended to be hurt by clutching at his chest in a playful; manner. Li Jing smiled at him and greeted. "Good morning, Luo Jinhai," she calmly said, trying her best to act as normal as possible.

"How are you feeling now? Your headache, hope it is gone?" Luo Jinhai questioned.

Li Jing smiled at him and just nodded before asking her question again. Up until now, she did not know why he was here bu this time.

"What are you doing here?"

"Oh, I saw you entering the building when I was on my way to work, so I went for the next turn and drove here to greet you before heading to work," Luo Jinhai confessed.

"Oh I see. Hehhe, I am sorry to have bothered you."

"Nonsense. It is no bother at all. I wanted to make sure you were well before you came to work. By the way, what are you doing with the box? Are you leaving or something?"

His gaze fell on her box of files and then trailed back up to her face to look at her sternly, trying to figure out anything from her eyes but he could not find anything suspicious in her clear eyes.

"I resigned," Li Jing stated flatly and shrugged her shoulders." That was a lie... well part lie though, she had intended on resigning anyway as The company wasn’t benefiting her.

The bad blood there was too much and it would only dampen her light and lively aura. She did not want to be surrounded by bad energy from their deadly vibes and most definitely not be mixed up with hypocrites.

Luo Jinhai looked at her closely and then sighed. He knew there was something she wasn’t telling him. He had carefully watched her facial expression and not just her eyes for a reason.

Normally whe Li Jing was hiding something, she would sniff and turn her nose up a bit. Other times she would bite the corners of her lower lips and in some cases, she would avert her gaze somewhere else.

Nowadays she had learnt how to hide things from someone even when she was looking them straight in the eyes, not to give herself away.

But when he caught her sniff and turn her nose up a bit... Jackpot, he knew she was hiding something.

"Get into the car, I would bring you to have breakfast."

"Don’t you have somewhere to be? You know work?"

"Yes, but I would go in late today. I won’t be able to work properly thinking you are not fine. Come, do not be stubborn and join me for breakfast."

Seeing as she couldn’t escape him this time, she nodded, agreeing to his request.

"Okay, I will."

"Great." A small smile played on his lips and he quickly left his side and closed the door, then came to open the door for her like a proper gentleman, before going into the driver’s seat.


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