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Chapter 18 - Poisoning You



"You guess?!" Ye Cheng sounded shocked.

’What does she mean by she guess?’

"Please ignore that, do not mind me. Eat your breakfast before it gets cold." Li Jing said, pointing her finger to his food.

"I will, but before that," he said, catching her already divided attention as her fingers moved on her phone screen. "So, the person who called is your sister?" He asked her, his curiosity getting the best of him.

’Shut up, Ye Cheng. You can’t even tell her your name but you are prying in her business,’ he scolded himself.

"Uhh...yeah, she is."

Ye Cheng felt guilty that he didn’t call her sooner to talk to her sister. He was waiting and expecting her to call her sister back but she didn’t and rather kept her phone in her shorts pocket.

Their gaze met and her mouth opened a fraction, stopping midway with what she was doing.

"What is it?" Li Jing asked, confused by his sudden stare.

Ye Cheng shook his head, clearing his thoughts. ’It is not your business. Let it be,’ he thought to himself.

"No, nothing. Do not bother yourself with me and carry on."

"Hope you are not thinking about me poisoning you?" Li Jing asked, her face turning serious all of a sudden.

Immediately, Ye Cheng’s hand holding the spoon with rice balls stopped in mid-air as his gaze moved up to look at her.

’What the...’ Ye Cheng thought, his handsome face now contorted, staring at her with wide eyes.

"Pfff, just kidding. Enjoy." Li Jing chuckled, feeling accomplished at making him look stunned. ’At least I got to see how he looked like when he is shocked.’

He quickly regained his composure and straightened his face, before responding to her statement. "Wouldn’t you call your sister back?" Ye Cheng asked, changing the topic and turning the point of focus away from him.

Li Jing’s expression changed as a topic and person she had wanted to avoid was brought up.

"No. I do not want to. In fact, I want to do something else," she answered truthfully. Her gaze turning cold the moment she brought out her phone from her pocket.

Ring! Ring!

’What does she want? Is humiliating and taking away everything I have from me not enough? What else does she want from me! Should I die before they would leave me alone?’ Li Jing screamed in her head.

But on the outside, she looked calm with just a small smile on her face which was only visible and noticeable by her furrowed brows.

Her hands moved on her phone screen and she cut the call, then proceeded to blacklist her number.

"Eat your meal, I would just go back and take care of the kitchen." She informed him, kept her phone and made her way out of the room.


At the Li’s Residence, Li Xiu held her phone in her hand, while she called a number, Li Jing.

"The number you have reached is busy. You can..." The machine’s voice sounded from her phone.

"What! Did Li Xiu just busy my call?!"

<Ding Jiaying: Author, who is she asking?>

<Author: Who are you asking? Whose daughter is she? Mine or yours?>

"Damn, that good for nothing misfit!" Li Xiu cursed, unable to contain her anger anymore. "One more call and I would tell her her history. She better pick up."

"Or else what?" Ding Jiaying’s voice rang out from the wine bar. "What are you going to do when you do not even know where she is?"


Ding Jiaying raised a brow at her daughter. "Did I say something wrong? I just simply stated the truth. Rather than curse like you weren’t expecting it, try again or send her a message, informing her about father wanting to meet up with her.

"Urgh! Mother, that message is quite too long to start typing. Okay, I would call her one more time."

Li Xiu went ahead to give the call another tries, but this time Li Jing had already blocked her call and placed her phone back on airplane mode, so it wasn’t going through.

"How dare her!"

"When you are done lashing out, you would calm down and let us come up with a plan or cook up a story to tell your father," Ding Jiaying suggested.

"Fine." She dropped her phone back in her silver bag and went to seat down.

"So, what do we do now?" Ding Jiaying asked.

’Really, this woman. I thought she had already cooked up a plan of some sort, but no, she is waiting for me.’ Li Xiu lamented, thinking of her stress and her not helping mother.

Rather than help, Li Xiu felt her other only added and gave her part of her own stress.

"I have got a plan. I would ask Duan Tian for his help in finding her. He has some connections with people in the underground business," Li Xiu informed her.

"Okay. Seems like a decent plan."

"Of course, it is coming from me, Li Xiu after all."

"That’s because you took after me. Now go upstairs and freshen up, breakfast would soon be served." Ding Jiaying said to her daughter, gesturing for her to get up with her hand.

"Alright mother, a warm bath would help relax and soothe my nerves. If something comes up, call me. You should take a rest too, don’t give me a heart attack watching you pace like it is the end of the world."

Li Xiu briefly informed to her mother, not bothering to know if her mother listened to her or not. As far as she was concerned, she did not wish to get too much stress from this because of you know who.

She took her silver bag and walked out of the living room, leaving her mother behind.



{What do you think Duan Tian would do? Do you think they would be able to find Li Jing and if so, would that put her and Ye Cheng at a risk?}

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