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Mr Indifferent CEO, Be Careful With My Heart

Chapter 13 - Are You A Bad Guy?

Chapter 13 - Are You A Bad Guy?


"You’re awake?"

’Is this woman daft or something? What kind of question is she asking me? Why does she look so shocked to see me awake or was she planning on not letting me wake up?’

His thought clouded his mind as he assessed the situation very well. His eyes darted from her face and traced about the entire room before coming to land on her again, the only living thing in the room and probably the whole house.

’Why is he looking at me like I got barf or something strange on my body? This guy sure is strange.’ She thought as her eyes followed his.

"Why am I here?" Ye Cheng asked flatly.

She regained her composure after his question. It seemed as though he brought her sense back from whatever alien world she went to within that short time.

"You...I... wait... Arghhh!"

’Why can’t my brain suddenly form a coherent word now. Li Jing he must think you are stupid or a dumb woman.’ She wailed inwardly.

Ye Cheng who was watching her outburst, found it somewhat amusing and felt entertained by the strange woman.

After a minute, Li Jing cleared her throat and pursed her lips into a thin line, ready to explain everything.

"I found you almost dead at the shoreline of the beach. You had swallowed a lot of water, but I managed to save you and carried you here."

As she explained she watched his expression careful, checking to see if there was anything sinister or mischievous, screaming ’I am a bad guy’, but she didn’t.

"You were badly injured when I brought you back. Thank your stars I trained as an assistant physician, if not, I doubt I would have been able to save you. Your injuries were severe, making you to pass out for a long time."

"Wait a minute, for how long was I out?"

"You can say almost two days or a full day at least," she replied him truthfully.

He could tell from the look in her eyes that she answered his questions truthfully.

At first, he had thought she was with them, the guys that almost killed him, but then after hearing her talk and seen the sincerity in those eyes, he knew she wasn’t a part of them, but he knew better than to let his guard down just yet.

"Why didn’t you report to the police or take me to the hospital? Why did you bring e to your home? Were you not scared I was dangerous? I mean I was covered in severe injuries and was almost dead, any person in your shoes who do the exact opposite of what you did."

He was right in that question and wanted to really know what made her not give him up to the police or send him away.

"I got to admit, I was scared. I mean you were almost dead. It scared me and I wanted to leave you at the shoreline. In fact, I almost did leave you."

"What changed your mind?" He asked her, interjecting her speech.

"My conscience wouldn’t let me leave you. At first, I thought you were lying there enjoying the water, but a wave was coming and I kept on calling to you but you didn’t bulge. That was when the thought of leaving you crossed my mind."


"But I didn’t want anything bad happening so I went over to pull you away, that was when I noticed you were not breathing. I didn’t know if you were a bad guy or not but I would be going against what I believed in and so I helped you." 𝙞n𝐧𝚛e𝚊𝑑. 𝗰o𝐦

Li Jing finished explaining what had happened and then silence ensued. After some heart beat, she managed to ask him a question that broke him from his thoughts.

"Are you a bad guy?"


"What do you think? Do I have the appearance of a bad guy?"

"Technically, no and yes. You did get injured, you know."

He was about refusing her words when they got stuck in his mouth and another thought entered his head.

’If she did that and managed to drag me to her house on her own, wouldn’t she had left a trail leading to her house from the beach? If those guys were o come searching for my body, would that not mean she would be in danger too?’

"We need to leave here as soon as possible," Ye Cheng suggested after much thought on the matter.

Alarmed, Li Jing’s eyes shot open at his words. "What! Why?"

"You would have left tracks on the beach leading them right to your house, making you a target."

He quickly sat up, ready to get out of bed, when he felt a sharp pain in his body and winced.

Instinctively, Li Jing took a few steps and was already at his side. Before he could utter any words of protest, she helped him sit up on the bed before moving a couple of steps backward.

She had not still confirmed if he was a bad guy or not. Part of her wished it was the latter, at least then her mind would calm down.

"You shouldn’t move so much. You haven’t fully recovered."

"Didn’t you just hear what I said? We have to leave here, now!" She could feel the urgency in his voice and could tell danger lurked around, but she wasn’t the least bit worried.

"About that, relax. They wouldn’t be able to find us."


"What do you mean by that?" His worried face lit up a fraction in curiosity at her words.

"I covered up our tracks."

"How did you manage to pull that off?"

He was skeptical alright and she could feel it. Even she didn’t know how she managed to pull it off as it seemed to be a difficult task, but somehow, she managed and it left her trained throughout the next day.

"It was quite easy," she said with a smile.

From how her eyes cringed as she smiled, he knew she lied. She was trying to put off a brave front to him, which was quite the opposite of what she felt that day.

"I am listening, go on."


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