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Mr Indifferent CEO, Be Careful With My Heart

Chapter 10 - Did He Propose To You?

Chapter 10 - Did He Propose To You?


"Don’t play dumb with me. What happened yesterday? Did he propose to you?" Yin Lifen asked from the other end of the phone.

Her voice was filled with so much curiosity as she itched to hear the good news.

Li Jing only let out an exasperated sigh, slouching her shoulders as she thought of a way to tell her friends the truth.

She knew Yin that Lifen, she wouldn’t stand for it and would make trouble for Duan Tian after the former found out.

Not that she cared that what would happen to the bastard that trampled on her feelings, it was just that when it came to terms of business, money and power, the Duan’s were richer and had more influence than the Yin’s.

The Yin Corporations was a not too big business group that dealt in the production of textiles materials and owned a few restaurants.

Whereas, their rival group, the Duan Enterprise not only owned one of the best restaurants but was also invested in hotels and bars.

Li Jing did not want her friend getting in trouble later on for crossing the heir of Duan Enterprise.

Then again, Yin Lifen would not let her have peace of mind and would probe her till she finally spilled the beans.

After some thoughts on it, she finally gave in and decided to tell her the truth.

"He didn’t propose to me."


Yin Lifen could not believe her ears. She removed the phone from her ears to check if it was really Li Jing she was talking to on the phone, then placed it back.

"Apparently we broke up officially yesterday."

"Li Jing, are you sure of what you are saying or you just want to prank me?" She asked, totally not believing her friend.

"Would I joke with something of this magnitude?"

"No. Oh yes, no wonder. I was shocked when I thought I saw somebody like Duan Tian and Li Xiu yesterday entering the Duan Group’s most prestigious restaurant. At first I thought it was you and him going there for a date and he would pop the question and so I chose not to disturb you. But now, I can guess it was her."

"I was such a fool to believe he loved me. I walked in on them sleeping with each other on the day of our supposed dinner. Only for him to say it was a mistake on his secretary’s part. The dinner reservations and all was meant for Li Xiu."

"That bastard. Has he no shame at all?"

Yin Lifen was having a fit. Now she really was going to deal with me and teach him not to play with her friend’s heart.

"They called me names and insulted me. Looking back now, there were many signs that they had been together for long and I was too naïve to think nothing was happening. You were right when you said Li Xiu was a conniving snake."

"I told you back then to be watchful of her closeness with your fiancé, but you told me they were friends as well. Now look at the outcome." Yin Lifen let out a soft sigh, shaking her head at her friend’s innocence.

"Anyways, they deserve each other. Do not cry for that whore of a sister you have and that loosed dog. Good riddance to bad rubbish. He was never worth your time anyway. When it comes to beauty, brain and brawn... You rule over them big time."

"Thank you. I am so tired. By the way, do not look for me at Li’s residence anymore. I moved out."

"It’s about time you left those goons but hey wait," Yin Lifen blinked thrice as a thought came to mind, "Where did you move in to? Li Jing, do you even have a place to stay? If you don’t, you know the Yin’s residence is always open to you any time."

Li Jing could sense the sincerity in her friend’s voice. Yin Lifen was one of the few friends she had that knew everything about her life. She would offer her assistance and help most times, but Li Jing hated accepting helps from others.

She didn’t want to intrude or disturb anyone. After all, her adopted mother and sister always made her feel like a freeloader in the house and she disliked it. They never failed to let her know that they were been generous letting her leave with them.

And no matter what, her so called adoptive father would not do anything or check up on her when he is around and not away on some business trip.

"I am fine. I can take care of myself, Yin Lifen. You do not need to worry," She replied her, trying to ease her worry.

"Okay. I know you are as stubborn as a mule, but if you need any help, I am jist a call away. The offer would forever be open to you."

"Sure, thanks."

"Oh, I almost forgot. That is part of why I was calling you."

"Really, what is wrong?" She asked, standing straight, her face and voice full of concern.

"Calm down, it is not something bad, but I want to scream!!" she shouted into the speaker,almost blocking Li Jing’s ear drum.

"I am sorry but I am not. Guess what?"


But before Li Jing could ask what was wrong or guess what had happened, Yin Lifen was too excited to keep it in again and spilt the beans.

"The CEO of the Dream Star Corporation, Ye Cheng was shown on the news yesterday. The cameras finally took a picture. I love the journalist that took that shot. Although it wasn’t a full frontal picture, but oh my... The rumours really are true. He looks so handsome."

After talking, she paused to catch her breath and in turn giving Li Jing an opportunity to speak.

"Whoa," Li Jing said with a tired tone, her face dull and emotionless as she rolled her eyes in their sockets.

"Hey what’s with the attitude? I know it is because you didn’t see him. Your Duan Tian couldn’t even come close to him in terms of looks, charm, charisma and wealth. Anyways it would be broadcasted on news today at 8 pm. Do your best to watch and have a glimpse of him. Who knows, you too might like him!"


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