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Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 887 - 887 I Promise You

887 I Promise You

Gu Zhou’s hand, which was massaging his temples, paused for a moment. He recalled what had happened previously and lowered his gaze slightly. He turned to look at Qiao Nian and asked, “Why did I faint?”

Qiao Nian placed a pillow behind Gu Zhou and looked up at him. She met Gu Zhou’s gentle eyes and hesitated for a moment before saying, “You were too tired just now. That’s why you fainted.”

Gu Zhou did not speak. He lowered his gaze and tried hard to recall his last memories before he fainted.

At that time, he had been waiting for Qiao Nian’s answer.

Qiao Nian took the medicine from Chen Qing and handed it to Gu Zhou. “Drink some medicine first.”

Gu Zhou stared unblinkingly at Qiao Nian’s face, not taking the medicine. He had been waiting for Qiao Nian’s answer.

Before Qiao Nian could react, she handed the medicine to Gu Zhou. Seeing that Gu Zhou was still looking at her with those deep eyes, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

Chen Qing went out with great foresight. He knew in his heart that if he still stayed here, he might have to brush the toilet and put up tiles again.

When Chen Qing left, he didn’t forget to close the door.

Only Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian were left in the room.


Gu Zhou looked straight into Qiao Nian’s eyes and swallowed. His throat moved. “You haven’t answered me.”

Qiao Nian met Gu Zhou’s eyes, feeling a little uncomfortable under his burning gaze. She recalled what the two of them had experienced together during this period of time. When she thought of the two children, she lowered her gaze slightly. “Yes, I promise you.”

Gu Zhou’s eyes were filled with smiles. Only then did he notice that Qiao Nian’s face was flushed.

Even though Qiao Nian wasn’t looking at Gu Zhou, she noticed that he was still staring at her. She handed the bowl of medicine to Gu Zhou. “You can take your medicine now!”

“Nian’er, feed me!”

There was a smile in Gu Zhou’s voice. At this moment, not only did his voice sound ascetic, but there was also a hint of coquettishness.

Qiao Nian looked up at Gu Zhou. The current Gu Zhou looked extremely sexy. She suddenly felt her mouth go dry and nodded. “Okay.”

Holding the bowl of medicine in her left hand and a spoon in her right, Qiao Nian gently stirred the medicine before scooping up a spoonful.

She brought the medicine to her mouth and blew on it gently. Only then did she bring it to Gu Zhou’s lips with a red face.

Gu Zhou lowered his head slightly and drank the medicine Qiao Nian handed him.

For a moment, there was silence in the room.


Qiao Nian scooped up spoonful after spoonful of medicinal soup and brought it to Gu Zhou’s mouth. Gu Zhou obediently lowered his head to drink the medicine.

Soon, Gu Zhou finished a bowl of medicine.

Qiao Nian placed the empty bowl and spoon on the bedside table and handed a tissue to Gu Zhou, signaling for him to wipe the stains from his mouth.

Gu Zhou did not speak. He leaned forward, the meaning in his eyes obvious.

Qiao Nian gripped the tissue in her hand tightly and pursed her lips. After some hesitation, she took the initiative to wipe Gu Zhou’s lips.

The two of them were so close that Qiao Nian could hear Gu Zhou’s breathing and clearly see the hair on his face.

This distance was too ambiguous, making her unable to breathe.

With this thought in mind, Qiao Nian wiped Gu Zhou’s lips clean and threw the tissue into the trash can at the side. She casually found a topic to talk about. “How is it?”


“That’s also to recuperate your health. Good medicine is bitter!”

Gu Zhou saw that Qiao Nian was still too embarrassed to look at him. Seeing that her face was still red, he said in a low and hoarse voice, “Nian’er.”


Qiao Nian looked up at Gu Zhou, her eyes filled with worry. She was worried that Gu Zhou was feeling unwell.

“I want candy.”

When Qiao Nian heard those words, she turned red from head to toe like a cooked prawn.

The current Gu Zhou was very normal.

It was not the second personality, Zhou Zhou.

He actually wanted to eat candy too.

However, Gu Zhou looked different from Zhou Zhou now. Zhou Zhou’s eyes were clear and innocent.

However, Gu Zhou’s eyes were filled with desire, making one’s blood boil.

She knew that Gu Zhou didn’t want to eat candy at all, but…

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