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Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 886 - 886 Zhou Zhou Wants to Go Home!

886 Zhou Zhou Wants to Go Home!

The way Gu Zhou was acting made it difficult for her to resist. Her heart ached as she touched his face.

Gu Zhou stared unblinkingly at Qiao Nian. He took the initiative to place his chin on Qiao Nian’s palm, rubbing it gently like a cute kitten. He said pitifully, “Nian Nian, Zhou Zhou wants to go home.”

When Qiao Nian heard Gu Zhou’s words, her heart melted.

At this moment, Gu Zhou was like a kitten. His clear eyes were fixed on her, as if everything around him no longer mattered. He only had eyes for her.

Gu Zhou made it impossible for anyone to refuse his request.

Qiao Nian said gently, “Zhou Zhou, be good. Let’s go home now!”

With that, a silver needle suddenly appeared in Qiao Nian’s hand. Before Gu Zhou could react, it pierced into his sleeping acupoint.

Gu Zhou’s innocent face was filled with shock. Just as he opened his mouth to say something, his eyelids grew heavier and heavier. In the end, he fell asleep.

Chen Qing, who was standing at the side, was stunned. His mind was filled with confusion. He couldn’t help but ask, “Second Young Madam, w-what are you doing?”

With an indifferent expression, Qiao Nian put away the silver needles and carefully helped Gu Zhou lie on the hospital bed. When she was done, she explained, “He’s not in a good state of mind now. He needs to rest well. Moreover, we can’t go back now. After all, Xiao Shi is still in the hospital. If we go back, what if something happens to her again?”

Chen Qing understood. He stayed by Gu Zhou’s bed and said worriedly, “Second Young Madam, I remember that Second Young Master’s condition was already very stable in the past. I don’t know why his illness acted up again.”

Of course, Qiao Nian didn’t tell Chen Qing what she had discovered. She didn’t want to tell Chen Qing about Gu Zhou’s childhood. After all, this was Gu Zhou’s secret.

“I know. I’ll think of a way to treat him!” Qiao Nian said firmly.

Chen Qing had also investigated before. Second Young Master was suffering from schizophrenia, or multiple personality disorder.

There were many such cases around the world, but he had not seen any cases of recovery. He wondered if he had investigated too little.

It wasn’t that he didn’t believe Second Young Madam, but this illness was too difficult to treat.

Qiao Nian fell into deep thought.

Actually, she had not been idle during this period of time. She had investigated a lot of information about split personalities. In addition, Gu Chuan’s personality had already fused with Gu Zhou’s. She felt that she could help Gu Zhou fuse with Zhou Zhou.

Moreover, she was also investigating the poison in Gu Zhou’s body. This kind of poison from a mother’s womb was the most difficult to remove. The only solution now was to use medicine to suppress the poison in his body.

Qiao Nian was already able to help Gu Zhou suppress the poison in his body. She was now studying how to remove the poison. She had done several experiments in the past, but the results were not good.

Gu Zhou had been taking medicine for the past twenty years. His body had a certain level of resistance to the medicine, so she did not dare to drug him rashly. She was worried that Gu Zhou would develop antibodies to the medicine. If the medicine did not work, it would be even more troublesome.

Qiao Nian hoped that her grandfather was around. That way, Gu Zhou might recover from his illness.

Although her medical skills were good, she could not compare to her grandfather.

Qiao Nian covered Gu Zhou with the blanket and looked up at Chen Qing. With a serious expression, she said, “I’ll send you the prescription later. When the time comes, follow the prescription I gave you and get the medicine. After it’s brewed, send it back to the hospital!”

Chen Qing nodded and walked out.

The moon and stars were sparse.

Holding the thermos box, Chen Qing walked to the door of the ward and knocked.

“Come in,” Qiao Nian said.

Chen Qing pushed the door open and walked in. He placed the thermos box on a table at the side, then he poured out a bowl of medicine into it.

Qiao Nian was about to help Gu Zhou sit up when she realized that his eyelashes were trembling. In the next moment, she saw that Gu Zhou had woken up.

Gu Zhou massaged his temples and frowned. His head hurt a little, but he could no longer remember what had happened.

Gu Zhou held onto the bed and prepared to sit up.

Qiao Nian helped Gu Zhou sit up and took a closer look at his face. Gu Zhou looked much better than before. She heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Do you feel better?”

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