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“I brewed this medicine myself.” Qiao Nian looked up at Gu Zhou and continued, “Looks like the servants at home have to be properly investigated.”

“I’ve already asked the butler to do it,” Gu Zhou said coldly. He had never expected anyone in the family to dare to attack Grandma.

After Qiao Nian fed Matriarch Gu the medicine, she said, “Grandma’s health is very weak. She can’t be left alone. Find someone trustworthy to take care of Grandma!”

Actually, Qiao Nian wanted to stay at home and take care of Matriarch Gu, but she had some things to do recently.


She had already made some progress with the piece of land she had asked Qin Chuan to buy. Coupled with the fact that Song Man was also busy, she was a little busy now.

Gu Zhou naturally knew that Qiao Nian had been very busy recently. Recently, he had to fight for custody of Xiao Shi. In the past, Gu Zhou had felt that his family was impregnable, but now, he felt that there was a huge problem with his family.

In the future, Gu Qi and Xiao Shi would have to stay at home. Moreover, Grandma’s energy was limited now. As long as he relaxed a little, the house would be in a mess.

After another half an hour, Matriarch Gu slowly woke up.

Sunlight filtered through the French windows and fell on Matriarch Gu’s bed.

Perhaps it was because of the bright sunlight, but Matriarch Gu looked much better.

“Why are the two of you in my room? What’s the matter?” Matriarch Gu sat up and smiled at Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian.

Qiao Nian hurriedly placed the pillow behind Matriarch Gu. Smiling at Matriarch Gu, she said, “We want to have breakfast with Grandma today.”

Gu Zhou glanced at Qiao Nian and nodded in agreement.

When Matriarch Gu heard Qiao Nian’s words, the smile on her face grew even more loving. She took Qiao Nian’s hand and said in satisfaction, “Good child. If the two of you have something to do, you don’t have to have breakfast with an old woman like me!”

She gripped Qiao Nian’s hand tightly. “Look at the dark circles under your eyes. Did you not sleep well last night? You have to rest well later. Young people shouldn’t take their health lightly!”

Smiling, Qiao Nian agreed.

After breakfast, Chen Qing sent Gu Qi to kindergarten.

Seeing that all the servants in the house were standing in the living room, a trace of confusion flashed in Matriarch Gu’s eyes. Although she didn’t understand what had happened, she didn’t ask. Instead, she sat calmly on the sofa.

Qiao Nian sat down beside Matriarch Gu.

In the morning, when Matriarch Gu had just woken up, she and Gu Zhou were worried that Matriarch Gu would not be able to eat breakfast properly because she was angry. Hence, he wanted to settle the score after breakfast.

Gu Zhou sat on the other side. He played with the pendant in his hand and lowered his gaze, as if he was indifferent to everything around him.

The butler stood in front of the group of servants. His gaze swept across the servants, and his expression darkened. “Who exactly did this? Confess and you’ll be punished severely!”

The servants all lowered their heads and said nothing, as if this matter had nothing to do with them.

When Matriarch Gu heard the butler’s words, her eyes turned cold. She really hadn’t expected there to be a traitor in her family.

“Matriarch Gu treats us very well. The salary is also 1.5 times that of other places. I don’t understand what you’re dissatisfied with. You actually want to drug Matriarch Gu!” The butler was so angry that his face was red. He didn’t understand what these servants were thinking. They just had to poison Matriarch Gu.

If Matriarch Gu was gone…

The Gu family would be in chaos.

But no matter what Butler Gu said, no one stepped forward.

Gu Zhou’s expression darkened. He glanced coldly at all the servants in the living room and said coldly, “I already know who it is!”

When Gu Zhou said this, everyone present was stunned.

It had only been an hour and a half since Matriarch Gu fainted, but Gu Zhou had already caught the culprit.

Qiao Nian turned to look at Gu Zhou, then glanced at the surveillance cameras in the corner. Actually, it was very simple to investigate this matter. She just had to look for the surveillance cameras.

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