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Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 1024 - 1024 The Best Sister

1024 The Best Sister

“Grandma, actually, I’m doing fine. You don’t have to worry too much. When I was young, I followed Grandpa and gained a lot of knowledge. I even studied Chinese medicine,” Qiao Nian explained with a smile.

“Chinese medicine?” Only then did Matriarch Lu remember that Qiao Nian had seen that she didn’t look well previously and had instructed Lu Qi to take her to the hospital for a checkup. It was obvious that Qiao Nian’s medical skills were really good.

“Yes, my grandfather is Old Master Qin. His medical skills are very good. Seeing that I had the talent to study medicine, he taught me…” Smiling, Qiao Nian began to talk about her childhood on the spiritual mountain.

At that time, she was still a child. Other than studying medicine, she played with her senior brothers every day and was mischievous.


Qiao Nian said some interesting things, making Matriarch Lu burst out laughing.

About an hour later, Lu Zhu stood at the door and knocked.

“Come in.” Matriarch Lu was laughing so hard that tears welled up in her eyes. She called Lu Zhu in. “What’s the matter?”

“Grandma, the house has already been prepared according to your instructions. The food has also been prepared. We’re just waiting for you to go down!” Lu Zhu explained.

Matriarch Lu led Qiao Nian out. Holding Qiao Nian’s hand, she couldn’t help but complain, “These people are really slow at preparing. Let’s go down and see how their preparations are. If there’s no problem, we’ll go to the ancestral hall now and let you acknowledge your roots and ancestors!”

Matriarch Lu was someone who valued ceremony. She needed to prepare everything before she could proceed with the next steps.

As soon as they arrived at the garden, everyone saw different fireworks around the Lu family villa, dyeing the sky colorful.

Matriarch Lu looked up at the sky and held Qiao Nian’s hand tightly. After so many years, she had finally gotten Qiao Nian back.

Qiao Nian sensed that Matriarch Lu’s hands were trembling. She turned to look at Matriarch Lu and greeted “Grandma.”

Matriarch Lu looked at Qiao Nian, her eyes filled with smiles. Her eyes were a little wet as she nodded.

Lu Qi stood rooted to the ground, sniffling hard. Tears streamed down her face. Although she had never interacted with her sister when she was young, she only realized what it meant to have a full family when her sister returned.

Lu Jiang had been standing beside Lu Qi. When he heard Lu Qi’s sobs, he recalled how Lu Qi had cried hysterically on the phone that day. He looked at her with heartache and rubbed her head.

Lu Zhu looked at the fireworks in the sky, then at Qiao Nian, who was not far away. His lips curved up slightly.

Lu Nian looked at the fireworks in the sky in a daze. He recalled the song he had composed for Sugar back then. His was instantly inspired, and he had a new idea. He took out his phone and recorded the melody he had thought of.

Lu Rao gasped and tried hard to remain calm, but his eyes turned red.

Song Yu stood rooted to the ground, her pupils reflecting the beautiful fireworks. In a daze, she returned to her childhood.

At that time, she was still young. As it was almost the new year, she heard that her classmates would set off fireworks at their houses, so she bought small fireworks herself and set them off in the garden.

At that time, when Grandma saw her setting off fireworks, she took away the small fireworks she had bought. She even said to her sternly, “Fireworks are not allowed at home. If you like fireworks, go somewhere else!”

Later on, she found out that Grandma didn’t allow the Lu family to set off fireworks because of Eldest Miss.

Although she liked fireworks, she was an obedient child, so she didn’t set them off.

However, she felt a little sad.

The fireworks that filled the sky were not for her.

Lu Qi finally wiped her tears. Seeing Song Yu’s red-rimmed eyes, her heart warmed.

Sister Song Yu must have been so touched that she was about to cry because her sister had returned.

With this thought in mind, Lu Qi took a step towards Song Yu and reached out to hold her hand. She called out softly, “Sister Song Yu, now that Sister is back, the three of us will definitely be the best sisters in the world like you said!”

Song Yu’s pupils dilated uncontrollably, and Lu Qi’s small face was reflected in her eyes.

Lu Qi was not her biological sister, but she could feel the warmth of family from Lu Qi.

In contrast, Song Xue made her feel fear.

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