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Moto Sekai Ichi'i no Sub-chara Ikusei Nikki

Chapter 24: A Shield and a Magic Bow

Chapter 24: A Shield and a Magic Bow

“Well then, Silvia. Don’t you think it’s about time that you learn Magic Archery? “

It’s the day after Eko learned 《Bishop Shieldmanship》.

I visited Silvia and Eko’s room in the morning and asked her.

“Of course. If I can, I want to learn it.”

“You can learn it. Alright, let’s have you learn Magic Archery starting today.”

Along with a happy “Is that so!? “, Silvia began to hurriedly prepare.

“And me? And mee? “

Eko looked happy, as if she was having fun every day. She often asked “What will we do today?” or “What will we do tomorrow?” and when I answered with something she’d go “Kyaaa!” and cheerfully jump around. She’s supposed to be a cat demihuman, but from the way she acts she seems more like a dog.

“Today, for Eko, we’ll go to the dungeon to check the limitations of Bishop Shieldmanship and defeat the Rock Turtle, while aiming for the Shellrock Shield.”

“Kyaaa! “

The same response as usual… But Eko is happy after all. So, I think this is alright.

“Alright, let’s go.”

After buying breakfast at a street stall, we took the road to the now familiar Limptfert dungeon.


“Well, let’s first have you meet the requirements to combine Magic and Archery.”

“Umu. I got it.”

The condition is 「While reducing their HP by 75% or more using 【Archery】skills, kill 1,000 monsters using 【Magic】 skills」. Silvia should have made some progress while we earned experience in the slime forest, so it should be finished after completely clearing one dungeon.

“Eko, try using Bishop Shieldmanship. You’ll be surprised.

“Yes! “

I gave instructions to Eko as she was about to receive the hit of the first monster.

“Ei! “

Eko then activated 《Bishop Shieldmanship》 against the incoming Armored Lizard.

Along with a ‘gakiiin’ sound, the Armored Lizard’s attack was repelled. Eko remained unflinching. The amount of damage she received was a surprising 4.

“Eh!? “

Silvia was surprised.

Eko too voiced an “Ohh! ” loudly.

The effect of 《Bishop Shieldmanship》 is ‘Reinforced Defense’. The defense is done by temporarily magnifying your own VIT while defending. At Grade 9, it can protect with a VIT raised to 600%. For a high VIT character, it’s a powerful skill that makes even a Boss’ attack as effective as a mosquito bite.

“It’s a very strong skill, but it also consumes a considerable amount of SP so it can’t be used often. Rank it up to the 5th class for the time being. This is a must. After that, go for the 1st class then the Grade 6.”

At the 5th class, the cooldown time is reduced and the activation time is shortened. The cooldown time decreases further at the 1st class. And at Grade 6, it provides an increase in VIT of 500%, which should be a sufficient protection.

By the way, this skill also strengthens MGR (Magic Resistance) with the same magnification. This is a very useful skill since, as you advance and become stronger, the instances where you must face Magic increases.

……while I was thinking that, Eko suddenly burst into tears.


“Wh-what happened!? “

When she heard me, Eko muttered “Amazing!” and “……becoming useful” while still shedding tears. (TLN: Here, the second thing Eko says is quite easy to misunderstand, that is the best translation I could do, but that’s why Second didn’t understand it.) I wonder if Eko was touched by understanding the great utility of 《Bishop Shieldmanship》. It is a mystery, but for now I just comforted Eko telling her it was okay, and after waiting for her to settle down, we went ahead.


“I learned it! “

Near the end of the dungeon, Silvia reported this gleefully to me.

“Nice, let’s test it.”


Silvia placed an arrow in and pulled the string of the Bow of the Blazing Wolf, then added 《Soldier Archery》 and 《Fire Attribute?First Form》.

“Here I go.”

Alongside that voice, she shot.

The arrow flew together with the sound of flames and it hit the chest of a monster. Spreading in an instant, the flames burned the whole body of the monster.

Silvia’s 《Soldier Archery》 is at Grade 5 and her 《Fire Attribute?First Form》 is at Grade 3. It wasn’t a critical hit, and the damage dealt to the monster was 581. Well, that’s pretty much okay for a novice Magic Archer.

“Next, try using the Third Form.”

“Umu! “

Silvia went and prepared the skills in the same way as before.

In the center of the bow, a small ball of condensed fire swirled almost as if it were a small sun, its colors mixing between red and black.


It somehow looks dangerous, I wonder if I’ll be okay? Silvia, who saw the scene, had a look that expressed those words. I simply said “Just try it”.

And Silvia shot. Immediately after――

“Whoa!? “

Dokkan! With the added Third Form, it roared and caused a shockwave as it impacted like a cannonball on the monster. In that moment, the fireball, which was as small as a ping pong ball, swelled to about three times the size of the monster’s body and exploded.

The 《Fire Attribute?Third Form》‘s rank was 9th class. Non critical. The damage was 1612. Barely within the practical use limit. By changing the 《Soldier Archery》to Silver or Rook, and raising the rank of the Third Form, it can become the main skill for a rear guard. I really want her to do her best.

By the way, my 《Rook Archery》 at Grade 9 without a critical hit, deals roughly 6200 damage to the same monster. 《Rook Swordsmanship》at Grade 6 is around 5000. This much firepower is more than enough here in the Limptfert dungeon.

“Silvia, amazing! “

“……Y-yeah. It is amazing.”

The person in question just stood in daze, lost in thought after using Magic Archery for the the first time.

Thus, Silvia took her first step at becoming a Magic Archer.


“…………I want to do it.”

That same day’s night.

It became absolutely unbearable to me, so I approached Silvia and confessed.

“Eh…… EEH!? “

Silvia replied, her face red as a tomato.

“I want to do it, Silvia… I can’t bear it any longer… I can’t…”

“Eeh!? W-wait, isn’t it still too early!? That, is more, for after we deepen our relationship, isn’t it!? “

“I can’t bear it any longer――I want to strengthen it already! “

“Stren…? …………~! ! “

Ouch! I was hit.

“Even though I finally got this Ring of Pursuit. I have no way to strengthen it.”

“Oh, I see, yes, yes, whatever.”

She got quite mad…… can’t she take a little joke?

“Sorry, sorry. But still, this is also related to your Bow of the Blazing Wolf.”


Oh, she bought it.

“Eko, you too, you’ll eventually get the Shellrock Shield.”


She’s already sleeping……

“Anyway. Listen here, it’s important to strengthen your equipment. How much damage are you getting out of Rook Archery right now? “

“Hmm, roughly around 3000.”

“If you strengthen the Bow of the Blazing Wolf to the final stage, that alone will make it do 12000.”

“Fa-!? “

Silvia made a strange voice out of surprise.

Seems like she at least understood how much the equipment needs to be strengthened.

“Of the 3000 it’s doing now it’ll do 12000. That is 4 times, 4 times more.”

“O-okay. So strengthening it can do so much for it. It is indeed important.”

Silvia nodded convinced.

“Umu… but speaking of strengthening.”

Oh, did she notice it?

“Yeah. We need a blacksmith.”

“What are you going to do? “

“I can think of four plans.”

I spoke one by one of the ideas I was thinking.

“Number 1. The three of us form a team and join the adventurer’s guild. Then, we recruit one in there.”

That would make it easier for us to recruit team members instead of having to reach for them individually. However, I don’t know how long it will take until we meet a good blacksmith, and there is no guarantee that a reliable and trusted one will appear.

“…That seems to be quite difficult.”

In addition, I was recommended by the Third Knight Order to enter the adventurer’s guild in the past, but I turned it down. It might become difficult to enter now because of that. It might not even be a good idea.

“Number 2. Find someone who has the aptitude to become a good blacksmith and invite them.”

“……That also seems like it would take some time.”

If we are lucky enough to find one, there are many advantages such as “Learning and growing as a blacksmith from scratch”, but the chance of meeting such a person is probably about one in a million. Moreover, going around town asking people “please show me your status” will surely make me be in debt to the Third Knight Order. This is a world where I might get reported just for talking to someone with a “Today sure is a nice day”. I need to be careful and not offend someone no matter how good I look.

“Number 3. Recruit an active blacksmith.”

“Isn’t that the most realistic? But…”

“Yeah. We can’t expect much.”

Blacksmithing is a useful job. It might be impossible to ask someone to come with us, an unknown team, and abandon the workplace they’ve worked at so far. Conversely, blacksmiths who don’t have a workplace could be easily recruited, but such blacksmiths must have some fails. After all, it’s not the people we are seeking.

“Then, number 4. This is likely the winner.”

“Hmm, is it something good? “

Beforehand I said “There is no other way”, “It can’t be helped”, and “Promise you won’t get angry? “, in order to prepare her.

“Buy a slave.”

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