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Chapter 19: Next Aim

The next day.

Together with Silvia and Eko, I came to the Headmaster’s office.

“Since Eko will be quitting school, I’d like to ask for permission for her to join me as a companion in class A.”


After I asked for permission, Eko followed.

The headmaster Paula was dumbfounded.

I was conscious of the absurdity of my request, but I was also confident that it will be passed.

Because of yesterday’s “Mud-covered Eko incident”, and since it was witnessed by many people.

“……Could you give me a little bit of time? “

“No problem. How long should I have to wait?”

I tried to apply some pressure.

Trying to show off my anger.

“I’ll call for an emergency board meeting at noon. I’ll have a resolution after that.”

Nice. There’s a high chance my request will pass.

“I’ll look forward the results. I’ll be absent in the morning. Then, if you’ll excuse me.”

With only those words, we left the headmaster’s office.


“Second-dono. Why did you act like that? “

Silvia came asking me.

“We are foreign students. Moreover, nobility from a foreign country. An act of ‘Bullying’ came to light right in front of our eyes. Moreover, to a demihuman.”

“……I see. So Zipang is a country that treats demihumans respectfully.”

“They’ll think of this as a burden. And even if that’s not the case, they would leave a pretty bad impression. Furthermore, it’d be a very bad situation for the teachers to be told that they saw the bullying happen and decided to turn a blind eye. They would want to avoid me causing further trouble, so they will try to end this as quietly as possible. Therefore, my request should go through.”

“Second, you’re smart! “

“Fufu, I’ll be the top in the world after all.”


I was overseeing Silvia’s magic studies in the library, and in the blink of an eye it turned noon.

When I went to get some food at the cafeteria, Maine approached after noticing me.

“Second-san! I heard about it. So, you’ll have Eko-san accompany you? “

Hey, why do you know about this?

Does this school have no sense of confidentiality?

“That girl is an excellent healer. The school is short-sighted for not being able to see that.”

I was a bit pissed off and unintentionally said that.

To which Maine just answered with a “Hahaha”.

“What’s wrong? “

“Nothing, it’s just that I see you’re the same as usual! I really like you.”

“……You, I knew you really…”

“Second-dono! “

Silvia poked with her elbow. “What’s wrong?” I said, to which she answered with “You were going to tell him he’s gay, again, didn’t you?”, and scolded me. Next to me “Gay! ” Eko repeated what she heard, but was soon scolded too with a “Stop it!” From Silvia. Somehow, she looks like a mother.

“Silvia-san is the same as usual. Eko-san too, looks like you are good friends.”

Maine said while looking at us, although his smiling face had a shade of jealousy.


“Ohh, so you were here.”

When I finished eating my beef bowl, Kevin-san appeared.

“Yeah, so, how did it go? “

After I asked, Kevin-san answered while nodding.

“It passed without a problem. Eko-san will be treated as Second-kun’s companion, so she will join you from today onwards in class A.”

“I see, that’s great.”

I answered with a smile, to which Kevin also returned a smile and left.

“Why do you want her to accompany you? ” or “Why in class A? ” He was sharp enough not to ask those kinds of questions. If asked, I was planning to ironically say “So that she would not be bullied again”.

“Second-dono. By the way, why will Eko be in class A? “

……Ahh, I forgot I had this mentally handicapped wannabe knight with me.

“Why? “

Eko also asked.

I was at a loss about what to say.

So that you won’t be bullied again. Well, that’s the easy answer, but that’s not exactly it.

At one point I thought this would serve as a revenge to those who had been bullying Eko for a while.

On the flip side, having her come with me would also serve to show off how Eko would be such a useful girl.

However, the person in question didn’t like that idea.

One single phrase, “let’s be together”, that’s all she wanted. Only that.

“……Because you’re our friend.”

So, after muttering that, I left my seat.

Anyhow, it’s library time.

There’s not much time left to study. I have to make sure Silvia properly learns magic. And I also have to think of a way to get my hands on the Third Form Grimoires.

Well then, seems like it’s gonna get busy.

In order to cool off my slightly hot face, I briskly walked to the library.


Since then, a week has passed.

Thanks to my detailed and easy explanation, Silvia finally learned the 《Fire Attribute?Second Form》 【Attack Magic】.

When I said to Maine “This girl finally learned it after a whole week”, he responded with “Is she a genius!? “, feeling surprised. It seems like the shortest it takes was two weeks. By the way, that record of the shortest time belonged to Maine. Feels like I’m surrounded by geniuses.

Moreover, seems like Silvia got the hang of it and went to tell the librarian “I feel like I’ll be able to learn the Third Form”.

The head librarian Silk then came and said “Silvia-san has a wonderful talent! By all means, you can borrow it! “, and was given permission fairly easy. It made me want to argue about my treatment. Does that mean that they would not let those who can’t learn it borrow it?

Anyway, thanks to that I got a chance to learn it. I asked (?) Silvia, whom was loved by Silk, to borrow the four attributes while I looked by her side. The result was, I got to easily learn the Third Form of all four attributes. A piece of cake.

Silvia seemed to be working considerably hard too. She has been stuck in her desk, always saying “Just a little more, just a bit more”, and confined herself in the library.

Well, I’ve already taught Silvia everything I needed to teach her, so I was quite free.

In the courtyard Eko and two others were playing, one of them was Maine and the three of them were playing a simple game of catch ball.

Maine seems to especially like “Shiritori” and challenges me every time he can. During class, I took a piece of paper and wrote “Cotton” and passed it to him. When he got it, he had a face that said “I don’t know” and “not fair”, to which I just sneered and laughed. Maine puffed his cheeks and turned the other side, and when time for the next class came, I passed him a paper that had “Tambourine” written on it. He acts like a somewhat cute guy; I sometimes get worried since he has a shortage of “prince-like” characteristics.

In the break during classes, as I saw Maine reading something silently, I sneaked from behind and found him reading a dictionary. In particular, he was looking up words that began with N. It would be a shame if the next Shiritori game I start with something like “Klutz”. I wonder if he’ll get depressed. Gosh, just what are you wasting your time at, Second Prince…


And so, I’m spending my days chilling like that.

At first glance it seems to be pointless, but I actually have a plan.

And that is to “Get Maine to like me”.

It seems like that goal has already been achieved… Or rather, I think I accomplished it without actually doing anything, but I still think that it’s still not enough.

Why would I want to be liked by Maine? The reason is the “Fourth Form” Grimoire.

The Fourth Form that is in the royal castle. Maine certainly did say so.

Among the upper-class dungeons, the easiest of them all is the dungeon 『Algin』. A Fourth Form Grimoire has a 10% chance to drop from the boss in that dungeon.

I think for the current Silvia, Eko and I, clearing the 『Algin Dungeon』 would be a hard task. It’s just that, that dungeon is a pain in the ass, so I’d rather skip it altogether.

After having thought so, I decided on better trying to improve the relationship between Maine and me, to the point where he would take me to the Royal Castle if I ask him.

“Second, what’s this? “

While I was lying down on the courtyard while thinking such things, Eko came holding a flyer she picked up from somewhere and asked me about its contents.

I noticed it later, but Eko seems to be bad at reading.

Japanese that is, which is the common language of this world. She’s not that good at it.

Why? I was quick to come with an answer. In the time when Mobius was a game, aside from important NPCs, all other demihuman NPCs spoke in “Demihuman Language”.

In other words, Eko had purposely learned Japanese before coming to this school. And surprisingly, it seems like she learned the Attack Magic Second Form while reading the Grimoire and pulling out a dictionary. But she couldn’t use that magic at all because her INT was low.

(TLN: This makes so much sense now, Eko speaks quite cute, like a little girl. Or more like a kid who is starting to learn to speak; short phrases, easy words, and mostly hiragana.)

She looks like an idiot, but this girl might actually be very smart.

If we go to the church, we should be able to get the 【Healing Magic】 Grimoire for 《Small Recovery》. If she’s able to learn it by herself, it might be good to take her there so she can learn it quick.

“……Oh? “

……No, with this silly face she’s making and her mouth open, she doesn’t look very smart at all. It might be a misunderstanding of mine.

“Alright, let me see it.”

“Yes! “

When I said so, Eko handed me the flyer.

Its contents were 『Recruiting participants for the 51st Magic Tournament』.

It seems like it will be held in the stupidly large Royal Magic Academy. The date is… the last day I’ll be studying here.

“It seems there will be a magic tournament. Looks like it’s some sort of annual event and the winner apparently gets some prize.”

“Ohhh. What prize? “

“Huh? Let’s see……――EH!? “

I doubted my eyes.

The prize for the winner is set to be the 『Ring of Pursuit』.

“……Eko. I’m entering the Magic Tournament.”

I immediately made up my mind.

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