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Max watched all the scenes he had missed in his past life with the Earth's mighty destroyer class Battleship running amok on the alien ships blowing them to smithereens before they could even fire a single shot.

It was as if an automatic rifle was fighting against a primordial rifle from the 1700's as the alien ships were not nearly as powerful and sophisticated as the one that Earth had.

Whenever an alien ship was blown to smithereens Max laughed at their silliness as he watched the others scrambling to leave Earth.

Nobody expected Earth to possess a destroyer class Battleship as a planet who was on the first day of its first awakening but somehow his brother had made it happen.

Not a single alien was able to put a single foot on earth and the message to the universe was sent loud and clear that this planet was not to be messed with.

Max would have watched the show from his window a while longer but he realised that his sister in law, Naomi must be dead by now which was why he begrudgingly started to run towards the hospital.

It was not that Max did not want to see his sister - in- law alive and be with her in her last moments. It was simply that he did not have the courage and strength to look into her eyes once more and have his heart feel the warmth of her love only to lose her again a moment later.

He had wept for weeks when he found out that she was not going to make it in his past life, and it was one of the most emotionally draining experiences of his life.

Yes his choice was cowardly, but the frame of mind he was currently in was full of hatred and vengeance and it was not ready to face an emotional tsunami.

Last time he tried to run away into Sigma to try and leave behind the real world pain, however his choice had left his brother to deal with the aftermath alone which he did not wish to repeat this time around.

Max reached the hospital and saw a flood of doctors disorientedly walking as tonnes of emergency arrivals came to the hospital only to be declared ' dead on arrival '

It was a dark day , human's lost a lot of their brethren and it was a mess especially at the hospital with family members not wanting to hear that their loved one's were already dead as an answer.

The most painful part was that many of them were fine until just yesterday, however they could not survive the influx of mana today. This made the losses sudden and even more painful than they would be if the family members were prepared for the death.

Max calmly walked into the room his sister in law was kept in and even though the hospital was flooded she was in the most VIP room with all the top doctors sitting around her.

However Max got the shock of his life when he peeked inside the room to find that his brother who was supposed to be away at war was already there!

Rudra was sweating profusely as it was clear that he was trying hard to infuse mana and use healing spells on Naomi's body as somehow miraculously his sister-in-law was still alive and breathing.

' How can this be happening? Big brother was supposed to only come to the hospital 2 hours later? Is my memory failing me? ' Max thought, not knowing that Rudra had already read his journal and it was the only reason why instead of going to war for humanity today he set-up the counterattack in a way that the fight could be concluded without him having to battle personally as he would go and save Naomi's life instead.

Rudra loved his wife dearly, he loved her more than anything in this world and would not leave her to die no-matter what.

Although Rudra had promised not to create a butterfly effect in Max's timeline there were two events he could not let happen.

The death of his wife Naomi

The death or sir Jhonny English

The two of them held a special place in his life and he had to save them no-matter the cost and that was exactly what he did.

His godly mana was completely drained as he worked beyond his limits to keep Naomi's HP from hitting 0 and helping her weather through the first awakening.

When Naomi's body finally accepted the universal mana , Rudra was able to heal her to full health and finally breathe in relief to see her skin regain color.

It was a MIRACLE, and the doctors and staff all cheered as if it was the greatest thing they had ever seen in their life as they hugged and cried without caring about their image.

Rudra too looked at Max and hugged his brother in the tightest embrace that Max had ever felt in over a decade as for the first time ever he felt moistness over his shoulders as he felt his brother's tears hit him.

Throughout his life, the only time Max had ever seen his brother cry was when their parents died and even then he tried to support Max being a pillar for his stability, yet this was the first time that he leaned on him.

Max trembled and teared-up looking at the face of his sister-in-law peacefully sleeping as he spent a moment of genuine joy and happiness with his family.

Max's heart felt incredibly warm, one of the biggest travesties of his past life had somehow corrected itself and he was extremely happy that it did.

After a while Rudra pushed Max away as he said in an emotional voice " Go, go play Sigma, going early always has its advantages. Don't worry about us, we will be okay.

Remember that being good is important Max, it's a new world, but being good is important.

Be good, okay?

Don't forget it

At your core you are good! "

Max did not understand why his brother was saying such absurd stuff but he waved it off thinking he was just too emotional today.

Little did he know that his brother was a reincarnator himself and had experienced everything Max was yet to experience in his second life.

Living a life full of seeking revenge and destroying enemies, it was easy to become an ice-cold villain with no moral values. Rudra understood that better than anyone, which is why he warned Max in his own way.

Max did not understand the true meaning behind those words but he still took his brother's advice to heart as he engraved those words inside him.

' At his core he was good '.

Although he wanted to stay and meet his sister-in-law after she woke up, he knew that there would be many opportunities later on now that she was alive and well.

Since his brother did not need him anymore, it was finally time for him to enter Sigma.

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