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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God

Chapter 364 The News Spread

Max merged back with his clone and had a splitting headache for 1 full hour.

This was the first time he had actually terminated the skill and merged back with his clone as the first time the clone was outright dead, which was why merging back did not hurt.

Max was flooded with memories and first person POV of the clone, and all the actions that he had taken while summoned.

On the plus side, this experience taught him that if he were to ever send the clone on a mission alone, he would retrieve all the memories of the mission once over.

On the other hand it also taught him that regardless of if he planned on using the clone right in front of his eyes, already aware of his every action, it would still hurt his brain when merging back together.

Max had decided to demarcate some powers between himself and his clone, as he wanted to create an illusion that while he was a fire mage type warrior, Max Rajput was the real assault type player.

Today's events were sure to reach the ears of many interesting parties and Max could not wait to see their reactions.


( Meanwhile Julian Caesar )

" What the fuck is wrong with you? What am I to make of this report? " Julian questioned his information head as he banged the report file on the table.

The information head was as perplexed as he was, but the information head had an explanation prepared for this situation.

" I think it's an impostor, a side actor, someone Ravan has brought to stand in for himself to fool the world.

Nobody makes someone commander right out of thin air…..

I'm sure it's all a hoax " the information head said with a certain degree of confidence as Julian Caesar bitch slapped him


Thankfully Julian controlled his power perfectly to make the slap feel like a slap and not a death blow as he pointed to the report and said " The imposter used the attack thunderblast, Ravan doesn't have such a move in his arsenal. It's a different guy "

The information head raised his finger as if wanting to say something but then quickly lowered it fearing another tight slap as he shook his head in shame and remained silent.

" Go on say it " Julian said as he pinched the top of his nose

" Patriarch, he could have obtained a skill scroll from anyone, it doesn't prove anything, I'm sure the imposter will soon be revealed to be fake when it actually comes time to fight in a war " The information head said as he received another tight slap


" It also doesn't disprove anything, thankfully I did not submit this report to the King otherwise he would think I'm dumb and the Caesar clan is inept " Julian said in anger as he dismissed his minister.


( Meanwhile on the Earth settlement on Radiance )

The front page of every news outlet that once belonged to earth showed a picture of Max addressing an army of 250,000 strong as the title read ' Earth's hero is back in action '

Max was a very beloved individual amongst the earthlings, everyone constantly looked for news surrounding him but the man was very lowkey and elusive.

He was seldom spotted in any part of the universe and never created major waves, which was why his every appearance became a major social event.

While most media outlets ran a complete story about how Max had joined the rising star Ravan and decided to wage war on the Kingsman clan, some media outlets looking for juicy stories edited Max's photo and put Rudra's photo of addressing the True Elites guild side by side with the headlines being ' One and the same '

Their take on this situation was that it was Max's legacy to become a commander and lead armies and that it was a trait of the Rajput clan.

While some common netizens were happy about him joining some organisation, many were unhappy to see him joining a vampire organisation instead of a human one.

His handsomeness had increased exponentially over the years and his recent photo stirred the heart of many earthly maidens as the scar on his face quickly became a topic of deep discussion and mystery amongst SIMP chat forums.


( Meanwhile Naomi )

Naomi took a look at the photo in the newspaper and felt puzzled as to why Max was standing beside Max in the photo?

But after a while she understood the whole picture and could not help but laugh her ass off.

Her heart moved as she realised that Max had made this a public affair and tried to save his alternate identity to save Naomi and the rest of Rudra's family from unwanted dangers.

While he was not the best brother in law who came home to visit the family often, Naomi could sleep well knowing that he was out in the universe always looking out for them, just like his brother did before death.

" Mex, mex mex mex mex mex " The little kartikeya said as he banged his hands on the newspaper, his two rabbit baby teeth not able to pronounce properly as he instantly recognised his uncle from the photo in the newspaper.

Ruby picked up kartikeya as she kissed the little angel on his cheeks. " Yes, it's uncle max, look how handsome he looks in the newspaper "

ραпdǎ Й?νêl(сòm) " Mex…. Mex…. Mex " Kartikeya said innocently as a harmonious atmosphere could be seen inside the Rajput mansion.

Soon, listening in on the conversation the toddlers Jake and Amy came running into the room as they picked up the newspaper and tried to read what the article said word by word.

Unfortunately Jake picked up a newspaper which had shown Max's photo beside an old photo of Rudra as the innocent Jake was unable to understand that it was an old photo saying " Look mom, dad's photo is beside uncle Max's! Dad is still alive…. "

Listening to this comment, both Naomi and Ruby turned teary eyed as they did not have the heart to tell the kids the truth.


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