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( The comments on the stream )

' Nooo, why did the stream cut off? Max had just deposited the money! '

' Haha, told you all, Max Rajput is LEGIT! He is the real shit! '.

' Brother Max, let me warm your bed, you Richie rich rich ! '

' Max dm me for a brilliant investment opportunity that will double your money in 7 days! ' i𝓷𝗻𝐫𝔢𝓪𝑑.c𝒐m

' Holy smokes, how does one collect a million in just over ten days inside Sigma? That boy is a freak of nature! '

' From today onwards I'm team brother Max! A gold membership at a premium bank right off the bat into Sigma, his future achievements will surely not dissapoint as well! '

' Like brother like brother! '

' I don't like the Benedict guy, he was clearly trying to defame Max, I hate such jealous kind of people '

' Yes, look at how he instantly stopped casting the stream the moment Max deposited the money! He could not tolerate looking at the good of others! '

' Let's cancel greedy men like him, We should start a #cancelBenedict movement '.

' I am a supporter of #cancelBenedict movement! I will cancel him from every social media! '

' I too support the #cancelBenedict movement, we earthlings must show a united front and support our top talents! Such defamation is unacceptable! '

' #cancelBenedict1 '

' #cancelBenedict2 '

' #cancelBenedict3 '







' #cancelBenedict2099 '


( Meanwhile Max )

" Sir, the benefits of platinum membership over gold are immense.

The Seven Galaxies Bank has partnership with many premium establishments across the universe, including many popular merchant chains such as BigPotions and Weapons Unlimited.

With the platinum card you will be treated as a premium customer of not only our bank but also all our affiliated partners and will enjoy a solid 15-30% off your total bill on all such stores.

Additionally, you will gain access to our most premium auctions and will be sent an information catalogue about all the interesting happenings in the universe and special events ahead of the general public.

For example, if there is going to be a festival on some planet, you will be the first to know about the festival, and at your one signal the bank will handle everything from travel to accomodation for your trip.

If it's a business festival we will also prepare a catalogue on all the items for sale and their histories and the like, so that you have an efficient stay.

If you wish to eat delicacies from some far-off planet for breakfast, the bank will send a staff member to fetch it for you and serve it hot for your breakfast, as all your reasonable wishes will be like commands for this establishment and we will try our best to serve you.

You will enjoy a healthy 10% rate of interest for all your deposits and can also borrow upto 10 million gold at a very low 11% rate of interest.

From premium clubs to fine dining restaurants this card will help you cut any queues without problem and using it you will be able to withdraw money not only from our bank but from 132 affiliated banks across universe as well.

The benefits of holding this card are innumerous and it will take me a full day to just explain them all, but the gist of it is, you are now a valued member of the seven galaxies family ".

Max smiled when he heard the bank manager explain the benefits of the card, he was truly fortunate to have received a platinum upgrade as Grandpa Drax's strategy seemed to have gained him a very useful extra benefit.

Max was familiar with chains like BigPotion and Weapons Unlimited, and having a discount at those premium establishments was a big plus in itself!

Over time, it would save him hundreds of thousands of gold coins and Max could not emphasise its importance in his student career enough.

Walking outside the bank with his new platinum card in hand, Max headed straight towards the market to buy a new weapon, some clothes and other essentials for University.

He was on a tight budget of just 5,000 gold because he wanted to save 2,000 for emergencies and needed a million for paying his fees. However, even 5000 gold was a fortune on a backward planet like Morningstar filled with tier 0 players.

Here, spending this sort of money made him no less than a king amongst peasants.

Max's plan was simple: buy the items, take the teleportation to the university and enrol as soon as possible.

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