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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God

Chapter 27 The Stage Is Set

" No way, I don't believe it " whispered the vampire lord Cole Paratus.

" It's true your majesty, princess Asiva led an expedition to assassinate the Mayor, all the members of her team were killed and she returned home gravely injured. " The courtier reported

" How disturbing, why does she do such reckless things? " Cole wondered, however, he knew the answer to this question very well, it was her mother's boiling blood that made her this reckless, after all, Asiva was not a normal vampire she had ' That ' blood in her veins.

" She has cut her hair short, she has a bruised nose, cuts on her knees, neck, and beneath the eye. She has two bruised ribs and a stab wound in her left ankle ". The courtier reported with audible concern

" Oh may the vampire god's have mercy! What is this girl doing? There should be a limit to recklessness! I will not tolerate such behavior! Who is the culprit? Who hurts my daughter? I will go burn them to ashes myself! " Cole lost his temper, his tier 5 aura erupting as the courtiers shivered in fear.

" The culprit is dead my lord" a soldier, the lord's guard reported.

" Dead? How is he dead if he was inside a safe zone, that sleazebag mayor? " Cole asked, clearly perplexed

" He was a member of the dark faction, my lord, a devil whisperer, and his daughter a practitioner of dark arts. While our princess killed the daughter, an unknown assailant is said to have killed the mayor ". The lord's guard reported

" Oh, heavens have mercy! This is ridiculous! Right under our noses! These dark bastards! How dare they hide inside our cities and actually pretend to run them?

They definitely have balls, hiding inside light faction territory knowing that if they die inside the safe zone it will still be a permanent death.

No wonder the city is thrown into chaos. The fatty is dead for real ". Cole ranted

" Indeed sir, the matter has shaken up quite a lot of high lords, it's a galactic issue at the moment ".

Cole tapped his fingers on his gold-plated armrest, entering into deep thought, however, his thinking was interrupted by the sound of footsteps down the hall.

Asiva, covered in bandages and armour, dragged herself to court despite her injuries, as the hall burst into a discussion over the disheveled appearance of the princess.

It was public knowledge that vampire lord Cole doted on his daughter more than anything in this world and that if it were up to him she would never have to lift a single dagger in her entire life. However, it was the princess who had a thirst for combat and blood and who repeatedly ignored the orders of the lord.

Cole glared at Asiva for a moment, but looking at her appearance all his anger towards her disappeared in an instant as worry replaced anger.

" Asiva, darling, why are you not resting? " Cole asked, concern leaking from his voice

" Apologies for being late for court father, the grand maester would not let me leave the infirmary". Asiva replied, her voice strong and her nose raised high in pride.

" Sit ". Cole said, rolling his eyes, as he cursed Asiva 's mother in his memories, Asiva was a spitting image of her, and just as impossible to deal with.

" What is today's agenda? " Asiva asked but nobody replied to the princess as all heads turned toward the lord. Apparently, Cole had decided to censor sensitive information from now on whenever Asiva was in court, lest she acts by herself.

" We were just talking about sending you to the university. You are 16 and it's the last year that you are eligible to enroll. So we just decided that we are going to send you there to network and learn ". Cole said, looking straight into Asiva's eyes.

" I refuse ". Asiva refused, she did not wish to go to the university and leave her kingdom. All sorts of spoiled noble kids attended the university and while it was a good education center, Asiva hated the internal politics that went along with the studies.

" This is not a discussion Asiva, you have disobeyed a direct order by killing the mayor, your actions have led to the death of 7 soldiers in ' training ', and you must learn to bear the consequences of your actions.

You don't want to go? Fine!

It's either University or house arrest for the next year.

Pick wisely ".

Asiva wanted to protest however her voice was muffled under the powerful tier 5 aura of her father.

Cole might love Asiva dearly, however, he was by no means a pushover. When the time came to make important decisions for Asiva's future, Cole did not back down or give into his daughter's childish whims.

In the end, the matter was settled, and Asiva was forced to attend the university against her wishes.

Little did she know that it was her fate, one that would lead her to discover the truth about her bloodline, her mother, and herself. 𝗢𝓃𝑛𝗿𝗲π“ͺ𝐝.𝒄𝒐m


( Meanwhile a streamer on earth)

" Ladies and gentlemen today we have exclusive live footage straight from the seven galaxies bank in BlackLake City!

It's two human players from our own planet, in line for opening a new bank account.

While you may not know the one recording the stream, a Benedict Divinorum, the other person in line is none other than our savior, SHAKUNI'S little brother MAX!

You know what they say, the blood of brothers runs thick!

I'm sure, just like his brother, Max too will create a big wave even when doing something simple like opening a bank account!

While most of us are struggling to earn a single gold coin, the two at the bank have already managed to amass 10,000 gold coins!

In fact, Dinivorm claims Max has amassed a whopping 100,000 gold coins! Can you even imagine that much wealth?

I don't think all of Europe combined has that much wealth at the moment, this is simply insane!

Don't miss out on this special moment, stay glued to your screens, it's thrilling news coverage today! ".

The stream was labeled " Shakuni's brother " and it was gaining viewership fast.

In just 3 short minutes, over 1.2 million people on earth were watching the stream and the number was only skyrocketing there on.

The stage was seemingly set.

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