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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God

Chapter 26 Meeting An Old Foe

( Back inside Sigma )

Max returned to Sigma three days later and was ready to claim his money back from Christian Grey.

Only a few days were left until the semester started at the University and Max did not want to wait until the very last day to join.

With Christian Grey promising to raise 1 million 7 thousand gold coins for him, and one million being the tuition fees for the year, Max only had 7 thousand gold coins to spare for necessities.

Max needed decent clothes, armor, and weapons and still, save some as lunch money. Although Max was an adult in the brain, who cared little about appearances at University, Max did not want to be labeled as the ' broke ' kid and ostracised in the place from day one.

However, all these plans were worries for later as at the moment he needed to still wait on the payment to come through. π–Žπ“·π”«r𝗲𝖆𝙙.π˜€π—Όπ‘š

Max logged into the anonymous messaging forum and looked if Christian Grey had messaged him, being extremely relieved to see that Christian had indeed messaged him

`Job done, send details of how and where to send the payment'.

Max breathed a huge sigh of relief to see that message come through, as instantly he got to thinking as to where and how to get the payment.

He could technically ask for a money order through the anonymous messaging app, however, the app would take a 0.1% transaction fee, which was unacceptable to Max at the moment.

He could not meet Christian in person anymore with his stupid death causing his den of thieves mask to be dropped.

This only left Max with one option, which was to open a bank account and ask Ethan to transfer money into the account.

This way not only could Max earn interest on the money while it was still inside the account, but he would also avoid paying transaction fees and could issue a debit card with the bank to withdraw money as and when needed.

Thinking about it, Max went straight to the ' Seven Galaxies Bank ', office in BlackLake City, hoping to open a bank account.

On his way to the bank, Max finally started to notice the fallout from the death of the mayor as the city was quite literally in chaos with his death.

The police were randomly searching all passers-by and Max saw prisoner carts loaded full of den of thieves members as it looked like Max had caused a huge problem for the organization.

Max could not conclude whether to laugh or cry at the situation he had caused, as while the den of thieves members who were innocent were beaten brutally by the police, Max casually strode past their patrol and entered the bank like a normal citizen.

Max wondered if the vampire ' Asiva ' who he was destined to save had escaped the mansion alive or not? However, with no means to find out, Grandpa Drax advised Max to not take the matter to heart and just focus on the task he had at hand.

The seven galaxies bank was exactly how Harry Potter movies depicted banks in magical worlds.

It was a HUGE building lined with the most premium fabrics with muscular orcs lined outside as security.

Inside the building, was a working staff of thousands of cultured goblins wearing exclusive suits and glasses as they counted every penny of gold, silver, and bronze.

There was a loan department, a deposit/withdrawal department, a safe department, a reception, and a new accounts opening department.

Max strode to the new accounts opening department and instantly noticed one of his most dreaded foes waiting in line ahead of him as he too instantly recognized Max.

" My my, the golden boy of Earth in the flesh, how exciting! ". Benedict Divinorum said as he flashed a grin at Max.

Benedict Divinorum was the trash that Sophie had seduced in Max's past life. He was the guy who had an ' A ' ranked evaluation by the universal queen and was on the trajectory to be earth's greatest warrior of the newer generation, a post initially thought to be Max's.

Currently, Max was still Earth's golden boy, the little brother of Earth's protector Rudra Rajput and a promising prospect that was expected to usher humanity to a bright future.

Benedict was a big reason behind Max losing self-confidence and his pride in his past life and for a long-time Max had hated him to the core.

However, with him maturing and realizing that it was Sophie's fault more than it was Benedict's fault, Max decided to be the bigger man and ' hate the game and not the player '.

Suppressing his hateful feelings, Max forced a smile and said " Hello ".

Benedict chuckled seeing the stiff Max as he started to boast about his own prowess " Here to open a bank account I assume?

As expected of Earth's finest!

Not many can gather the 100 gold minimum deposit needed to open an account at the seven galaxies bank, this early into the game, I thought I would be the only one here today, but clearly, I was wrong …. ".

Something about Benedict's guts annoyed Max, it was either his handsome face or the annoying way in which he talked, however, Max had to really try hard to not be pissed at the guy.

" Indeed," Max said through gritted teeth, he did not wish to partake in this conversation any longer.

" Well, I have managed to gather an incredible 10,000 gold! This means I can become a bronze member of this bank.

This means I would be notified when the bank auctions any items or properties under the gold rank, and have access to the bronze lounge area for free in all branches across the universe.

What sort of membership are you going for?

Surely the earth's finest would try for the silver membership which needs a 100,000 gold minimum deposit no?

Surely you wouldn't mind me live streaming this membership interview so that all of earth can enjoy our golden boy's glory, or would you? ". A wicked smile appeared on Benedict's face as he asked Max this question, it was clear that he was trying to pick a fight, and Max finally had enough of his nonsense.

Max was not here for a face-slapping contest, but since the other party wanted to boast in front of him, he needed to show who exactly was his father.

" Sure," said Max nonchalantly.

Benedict snorted at Max's haughtiness, only he knew how hard it had been for him to earn 340 gold coins.

It was the total sum that he had earned over the past few weeks and the rest of the money he had raised from a fundraiser so that he could gain access to the information on the bronze membership list and via proxy share it with his investors.

Not only did he promise to pay the money back in one year's time, but he also promised to pay it back at an interest rate of 7% p.a.

This was the reason why Benedict was confident that Max could not be here to gain anything more than a normal membership, because unless he borrowed money too, it was impossible for anyone to have more than a thousand gold coins in wealth at this stage of the game.

He simply refused to believe it.

He did not like Max, he thought that the golden boy was an overhyped individual who had no inherent worth, simply riding on the hype of his successful brother.

Benedict thought that being the hard worker that he was, he should be the golden boy of Earth and desperately coveted the attention and respect that Max had back home. This is why when presented with an opportunity to tarnish his image, Benedict wanted to make it a public show.

Little did he know, Max was not a guy he could dare hope to mess with.


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