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When Max was going out of the auction house, he saw a familiar face standing outside talking to some Kobolds wearing suits.

" Woah woah woah, wait a damn minute " Christian Grey said out loud as he excused himself from his colleagues and started walking towards Max.

" I did not expect to see you here, I must say I'm a huge fan, please sign a autograph for me Sir Ravan " Christian Grey said, as Max pretended not to know him and signed the tissue that Christian wanted him to sign.

" You're not from Earth are you sir? I mean when I usually ask people to sign on tissues they find it odd, but you seem to have no issues, sure you are not someone I know? under that mask? " Christian Grey said as Max panicked a little, not realising the trickery Grey used here until it was too late.

" What's your business here " Max asked in a calm voice, not replying to the question Grey asked him but diverting it ever so slightly.

" Me? I'm here with my business partners. Within these 3 years in Sigma, I've managed to build a merchant house worth 25 billion gold coins. While my father is not impressed I'd say I'm doing pretty damn good.

But I would definitely be doing better if you Sir Ravan did business with me more often ". Christian said, putting on a big smile on his face.

Max was pretty impressed by Christian Grey's accomplishment to have made a 25 billion gold worth business empire in 3 short years, naturally not completely legal, but still impressive.

Max had done business with Christian long ago at the very start of the game trying to sell some items that were impossible to sell inside the tier0 planet. It was there that Max invented the ' Ravan ' persona and it kind of stuck. However, the other party always gave him the chills as if he knew all his secrets including that he was actually Max.

" I'll find you if I have something for you in the future " Max said as he extended his hand for Christian to shake.

" Sure, also give regards to our mutual friend Max if you see him, I haven't seen the bas- , I mean guy since he last came to earth for that match of his " Christian said, trying to gauge Max's reaction but Max gave away nothing.

After the handshake Max walked off like he did not know Christian Grey while the latter clicked his tongue for coming up empty.

Ever since Ravan had asked Christian Grey to pay the 1 million gold coins he owed him for selling his items to Max, Christian had the suspicion that Ravan was Max's hidden persona, but he had never been able to confirm this theory and even today he got mixed results but nothing conclusive.

' All in due time Christian, all in due time ' He thought as he walked back to his business associates and started to talk business once more.


( 2 days later, on the day of the auction )

" Bruh, something does not feel right, why are you taking me to this fancy event instead of your girlfriend. I have a strong feeling of either being fucked financially by you or worse physically " Sebastian said as he dusted the only gold robe he had in his collection that did not scream ' Peasant '

" Shut-up, you're my backup, my homie, who else would I count on if not you " Max said as he put on some regal clothes he had bought in his free time before the auction.

" Damn you and your glib tongue, all you tall people are the same " Sebastian complained but tagged along as the two bypassed the long lines of commoners.

The auction had gathered over 400,000 bidders overall, most of them belonging to silver membership or gold.

As Max passed by the silver line he saw them throwing him and Sebastian a judgemental look of ' How are these idiots gold? '

When he and Sebastian passed by the gold line, the expressions of those in the gold membership were the same as the silver ones, which said ' How are these idiots platinum? '

Sebastian was even sneaky with it, he pretended he would join at the back of the line with the goldies but at the last second he swerved as if to clearly show them that he was trolling them.

When the duo bypassed the more regal platinum line, it was not a joke anymore as the people in the platinum line looked at them mouth agape, trying to figure out which influential figures they were to prod so confidently into the VIP line.

" Which master dwarf is it? What about the masked man, which influential figure is he? ". A businessman from the platinum line wondered as everyone from the gold and silver lines peeped in disbeleif.

" These idiots don't even have that intimidating presence, I bet they're going to be thrown out by the bouncers.

They must be bronze members who don't understand their place.

Look at that dwarfs clothes, it's worse than what my dog wears " a man from the gold line said as the others around him nodded.

Everyone was trying to look rich and affluent trying to walk into the auction, as men walking with beautiful women in their arms brought the envy of many, while those in the higher lines enjoyed status much greater than those in the lower ones and hence the game of looking down on one another began.

While there was a 2 hour waiting in the silver line just to get-in, it was only half an hour long one for gold and 6 minutes for platinum.

The VIP entry had no line whatsoever, and a red-carpet laid out as Max and Sebastian confidently strodded down until the end where a bouncer verified Max's badge and gave him a box number.

Max was box number 7 for the night, and while he was allowed up to 3 guests he had only one with him, which was Sebastian.

Before they went in, Sebastian whispered a few words in the guards ears and about 2 minutes later the guy who said that his dog dressed better than Sebastian was escorted out of the auction premises and had his membership revoked in a brutal lesson of never judging a dwarf by his clothes.

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