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Max walked out of the shoddy tier promotion hall a changed man as he understood a lot of secrets about the shaman class that were previously unclear.

The biggest reason why the shaman class was so hated in the light faction was because the patron god of all shamans was currently Memphidos, a dark faction god with considerable influence, which portrayed all shamans as the practitioners of a sinister and dark art.

While Max was not sure about bringing Angakok's name to glory, he did sympathise with the god who was betrayed by his own disciple.

[ System Notification - It is detected that the player is currently tier3 and still roaming on tier2 planet ' Miststar' , do you wish to enter the tier3 planet ' Rising-Star ' instead? ]

Max thought about the offer for a second then shaking his head he decided to take it.

Initially he was supposed to meet the bank manager of the Seven Galaxies Bank to further discuss his proposal, however, he could do the same with the manager of the tier3 branch as well.

Since the manager of the tier2 planet had been the one to make him run around and turn him down, Max would let him suffer a bit as well.

[ Yes ]

Max pressed yes and was instantly teleported from the tier2 planet.

[ System Notification - You have entered the ' Safe-Zone ' Rising-Star planet ]

Max looked around the tier3 planet and a big smile came to his face.

Finally, he was standing on a system planet that was actually worth residing on as the streets while bustling were not overly crowded and the facilities were clean and well maintained.

For the first time, Max could actually see more of the street than the people and could move 10 metres without bumping into some guy's shoulder.

As one progressed through the tiers, the system planets kept getting better and better with the tier5 planet rumoured to be just how humans imagined paradise to be back on Earth.

If one had to describe Rising-Star planet in one word, it would be ' Recruitment '

Every major organisation in the entire universe had one base of operations on this planet as people here were constantly on the lookout here for new and exciting talents that could be roped in for benefits.

Everywhere one would walk in neutral colors that did not belong to any particular faction, they would be swarmed with recruitment officers who would try to rope them in with sweet words and offers, trying to get one more tier3 warrior amongst their ranks.

Once a player reached tier3 they were believed to have some degree of ability, and were worth nurturing as there was a possibility of the player growing into a powerhouse later on.

Whether in wars or missions, tier1 and 2 players could generally only play the role of the cannon fodder, but tier 3 and onwards one could actually expect to be used in specialised situations with actual planning, deployed either as a captain or a squadron commander with some degree of responsibility.

As Max walked through the streets of Rising-Star planet he saw many banners of many great factions rising tall over their respective shops, as beautiful lady recruitment officers stood outside each one, enthusiastically asking Max to come inside and hear the benefits their organisation was offering.

While Max was sure he did not want to join any organisation here before the auction ended, the sweet voices of the women calling him enthusiastically did bring a deep blush to his face.

Thankfully, he was wearing a mask and hence saved from the embarrassment, but the few people around him were not so lucky and their blushes were visible all over their faces.

Max found it funny how every organisation chose a women representative for this task, as he understood that while men being men would be attracted by the sweet voices and deep cleavages, the women would also feel safer talking to women rather than some idiot male calling them in for a ' Private Talk '

However, just as Max began peeping at the deep cleavage of a beautiful elf calling him in while bending forward, Max felt a chill go down his spine as he remembered Asiva's fiery eyes staring into his own.

Max immediately sobered up and started walking fast as now that he was dating Asiva, there was absolutely no room for him goofing around.

Not if he did not want his dick to be chopped off into 100 small pieces.

As Max walked towards the Seven Galaxies Bank branch, he passed by the banner of house Aurelius as Max slowed down to stare at the banner of his eventual foe soaking in all the Grandeur and Charisma that it emitted.

" Are you interested in joining the royal military of the Vampire King himself, little brother? " A beautiful and slender vampire lady dressed in military robes asked Max, seeing how he was staring at the vampire king's banner so intently.

She figured from Max's blood red eye color that there was a high possibility he was a vampire himself and hence she was not against roping him in for the kings service.

Max paused for a second, before bringing his hand over his heart in the traditional vampire salute as he said " Glory to Regus Aurelius, but I currently have something else on my plate "

The slender lady smiled at Max, straightened her back and spoke in her normal voice that was not coquettish " Glory to the king "

Max kept walking after that, as he was no longer smiling under that Mask but rather fuming instead as he realised the deep cultural impact that Regus Aurelius currently had over all vampires.

Max's future plans did see him joining the military service of a royal military, but it was not going to be the royal military of Vampire King Regus Aurelius, instead Max was going to join the service of the third ranked clan in Regus Aurelius's service, the clan of the dethroned vampire king.

[ System Notification - You have received a message from ' Naomi ' ]

' Right on time ' Max thought as he opened the message and saw a flourishing letter of recommendation written by his other sister in law Ruby for his position as a VIP of the seven galaxies bank. π’Šnπ™£π“»πšŽπ’Άπš. 𝑐𝗼𝓢

Hastening his pace, Max quickly went towards the Seven Galaxies Bank branch on this planet, as he needed to quickly sort out his VIP membership status.


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