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Max was overwhelmed with information being flooded at his direction from all sides, hence he decided to take it easy and start from the top as he checked out the statistics of the first title he had received.

[ Angakok's Chosen ] - You are the first blood shaman to walk the universe in nearly 4500 years and are chosen by Angakok to bring his forgotten name back to glory.

Title effects - All shamans will feel a mysterious force around you and will respect you.

+All shaman class related skill mastery will be improved by 1 grade

" Let's goo! '' Max clapped his hands out loud!

Just today he was going to learn a bunch of Shaman class skills and having them improved by one grade was definitely worth it.

While the title was undoubtedly a big help, the small part which mentioned that Max was supposed to bring the gods' forgotten name to glory was something that bothered Max a little.

Max already had a lot on his plate, and could do without having to work towards one more god's cause, but since there were no quests or compulsory tasks attached Max chose to be happy for now and worry about later things later.

The second surprise was the gift from Angakok, the legendary runic staff.

Runic Bone Staff ( Legendary ) - A staff made from the bone of a tier 5 wyvern, inscribed by an ancient runic master for maximum mana conduction, specially built for Shamans.

Qualities -

+Durable ( Won't break easily )

+Self repairing ( Mana will repair the weapon unless turned to dust )

+Shaman class spells boosted by 20%

+Normal spells boosted by 15%

+ Mana recovery increased by 10%

This was an unbelievable gift to have, Max had been searching long and hard for a proper staff for his spells and finally he had one.

There was a reason behind why wizards, mages and shamans used wands, staffs, canes etc for their magic casting, because the right kind of these objects could greatly amplify one's magic.

They worked similar to an antenna over a radio, helping with both transmitting and receiving signals.

If Max fought with the staff instead of his sword, his spells such as chain heal, scan, summon Netherbeasts would see massive power increase and by just holding onto the staff his mana recovery rate would increase by 10%.

It was a jackpot for him, as while his personal preference was to be a frontend fighter like his brother, circumstances forced him to be a backend warrior but he did not have the necessary tools to be one.

One of his targets at the upcoming auction should he be left with some spare money was to bid for a suitable staff, but with him receiving this one, he was spared from spending at least 500 million gold coins.

With the two unexpected Angakok gifts out of the way, Max focused on the unexpected levels he had just gained.

Usually, when one levelled up to the maximum and then gained some more exp, it was wasted and not stored, however, because Max shared a special bond with Mira, his excess EXP was stored with Mira and given back to him when he could accept it, helping him gain

45 levels at once!

This was a big boon for Max, as with his insistence to become a perfect warrior he was often wasting months not levelling up and trying to maximise his stats, leading to his growth stagnating in the meanwhile.

However, with this unexpected boost he could salvage a lot of the time he had wasted and walk on the path of the perfect warrior with a light mind knowing that he would skyrocket in terms of levels when everything was said and done.

With +45 levels and all his stat points doubled, Max was truly a different beast at this point with his stat points far surpassing what any other meagre tier3 warrior could have at this point.

It was now that the small amount of stats he had gained when perfecting tier0 finally started to show a big compounding effect as while he was only a mid tier3 player in terms of levels, his highest stats rivalled those of a tier4 warrior, as everything par dexterity was already over the threshold of tier4.

While not enough to take down Sigfried on his own in a fair battle, in a planned battle Max could now Maul the guy to death just like he did to Nimli, without any additional support from his group.

Looking at his superior stats, Max felt the strength coursing through his veins and grinned from ear to ear, this was truly a magnificent feeling for him as he had now officially reached a level of strength he could only dream of in his past life.

Max shook off the feeling of glee and focused on the task at hand, which was to choose the appropriate skills from the pool of choices.

Amongst the normal skills, the choice was tough, but still not extremely tough for him to make because he knew that the skills he would be passing out on could be bought from auction houses, local exchanges and the like given he had time and money to buy them.

After considering his current pool of skills, Max decided he was badly lacking a proper sword attack move, as currently while he was a primary sword user he only had the overhead slash as his finishing attack and hence he chose the 9 Ashura Sword Slice to improve his combat prowess in that department.

The energy blast was an extremely common skill in this world worth 700K gold coins, if Max wanted to he could buy it from the market easily because nearly all mages learn the skill. However, the commonness of the skill could absolutely not take away from its functionality as the reason why so many mages chose this very skill to learn was because it was extremely practical in battle.

Even his own brother had a skill called [ Darkness Blast ] which was an element specific version of the energy blast Max was learning, hence Max unhesitatingly chose the skill to learn.

The final skill that Max chose to learn was [ Retrieve ] , the sole reason being that it coincided with his future plans.

While Max was in the lower echelons of society, although he had a lot of his reincarnation knowledge he did not have the necessary brains required to put that knowledge to proper effect, but now as his strength increased he saw gaps and opportunities in the future events that he already knew about and could make a plan to make the most of it.

When Max had just reincarnated all he could think about was how to make money from his future knowledge by gambling on once in a lifetime events and winning by betting on the underdog, but now he knew better.

In Max's future planning, there was going to be a particular mission where this skill could prove to be vital, hence Max decided to go with retrieve.

With all his basic skills chosen, Max now had to choose the difficult class specific skills and it was this choice that gave Max the headache, because unlike the normal skills, most of the skills he would pass on here today, he would never have the opportunity to learn again.

All of the options presented before Max were appealing and Max could see a hundred uses for each one of them.

Being primarily a fire user, Max understood the importance of having a skill like Blizzard under his belt which could create a completely contrasting situation than the one the enemy was preparing for and hence take them by surprise.

Not only could Blizzard force entire sieging armies to curse their decision to siege a fort defended by Max, but it could provide debuffs and vision imparity and could be used in versatile situations.

However, so could be Tremor.

The spell was the superior version of [ Earthquake] and was in true sense an AOE spell meant to affect entire battlefields.

Such AOE spells were blacklisted amongst the mage association and if used correctly could cause damages of upwards of billions of gold coins.

Death Plague was a spell that Max wanted desperately, if he could put his conscience to one side, Max could definitely massacre entire villages for exp and skyrocket in terms of levelling and strength, however, the downside was the infamy he would gain with the church of life.

The church of life was a staunch supporter of his brother, and one of the pillars of the light faction. Notoriety with them would not be without consequences.

The last spell was Giant Summoning and Max was more or less convinced he needed this one.

It was because of the fact that not only could the giants act like a meat shield for him and help him retreat when he was in a pinch, they were also the best battering rams to take down big walls and fortifications if Max was launching the attack.

With Massive HP pools even at basic proficiency, Max could see how it could become one of his core skills in the future.

Max gritted his teeth as he could not decide what skill to choose with Giant Summoning, but after a lot of deliberation Max decided to go with Death Plague as his second choice.

Although the church of life was his brother's big supporter, it was about time Max started to think for his own self.

His brother was no longer around, and the skill was best for his career progression for now with it helping him massively with his levelling chores, as well as having the potential to be a core skill in his future development.

Hence with both his choices made, Max concluded his tier3 promotion.


/// A/N - Thankyou guys for all your votes, they were all tallied and while the votes between Blizzard and death plaque were close, DP won in the end.


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