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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God

Chapter 238 Tier 3 Promotion - Complete!

[ Stage 3 - Willpower Testing. i๐’๐ง๐’“ea๐š.๏ผ†nbsp;๐˜ค๐—ผ๐“ถ

Description: Stand in the specially constructed steel chamber, as you are shown the story of how Angakok discovered the secrets of the shaman class.

Endure the chambers drainage for as long as you can, for the story is never-ending in its conclusion ]

Max read the description and saw a steel chamber appear out of nowhere, as Max took brave steps towards the chamber and took a seat inside as the chamber closed.

In Front of his eyes was a small 4 inch broad TV screen where a young man with purple eyes was seen gathering materials.

Max watched patiently, as hot steam began releasing into the small chamber slowly, increasing the temperature inside.

Max had his full focus on Angakok, for now the steam was bearable, but at the rate it was going he expected trouble in 5-7 minutes time.

Once Angakok was done picking flowers a man who looked a lot like the three idiots Max saw in the shaman class chamber, with bent backs approached the god and was handed the flower bucket as Angakok began his explanation.


( Angakok's POV, in the era of the ancient god's, long before the universal queen took power or the great war broke out )

" You must understand Memphidos, going from tier5 to tier6 is not just about understanding the laws of the universe, it's also about using those laws to create your own domain, an application that will be your title as a ' God ' , Angakok is already the god of the Blood Shamans, you cannot be me even if I reach you all my knowledge " Angakok said as Memphidos shook his head in discomfort

" But your methods master, you give your followers your power, you are ever present for them, giving them a sense of security, and hence keeping your faith strong.

That is why you also farm a large number of divine essence compared to other gods who are not always around to make their presence known to their subjects.

I'm not sure I'll be able to do the same without your signature technique of sharing your mana pool with your believers, in my mind I want to be a god just like you " Memphidos said sullenly as Angakok chuckled and felt pity for his disciple.

Angakok had groomed Memphidos since he was a small kid, but now as he was on the cusp of being promoted to a tier6 god he needed to find his own footing in the universe.

" Fine, I'll teach you something else. A forbidden technique that you can make as the core of your god-hood. It's a technique I've been studying for the last 400 years and it's something I have yet not perfected.

But when it's perfected, it will help one erase the name of a god from the universe for 5000 years!

You will be able to curse the name of god's, and make their own followers too scared to say their name, causing their divine essence to fall to 0 overtime.

Come, don't sulk, I hope you can complete the technique that I could not " Angakok said as he wrapped his hand around Memphidos's shoulder and took off.


About 5 minutes had passed and the steel chamber was turning into a real time bomb, the temperature inside was rising rapidly and the pressure was starting to make Max's chest feel difficulty in breathing, as sucking every breath of air became more and more difficult with every passing second.

At the rate things were going, Max realised that he had 1-2 minutes left maybe before he would pass out from Oxygen deprivation, hence he made a bold choice and retrieved a Frost bomb from his inventory and exploded it at his foot.



Max lost a lot of HP and was frozen until his neck, however, the sudden chill in temperature caused a lot of the steam inside the chamber to cool down into liquid form, as hot water filled the chamber uptil Max's waist trying to melt down the ice slowly.

Suddenly the pressure in the room decreased several fold as Max sighed in relief, as he now had a few more minutes to watch what was happening.

This technique to make one forget a god's name was interesting to him, he had a few god's under his radar and having this technique under his belt was going to prove invaluable in his fight against them.


( Memphidos's POV, at the dying Amber's of the great war, a little after the universal queen assumed power )

" Dark Shaman Memphidos, here are the 108 sedated tier6 god's you wanted for the ritual from the light faction.

Please neutralise the Blood Shaman Angakok of the light faction, that man can change the tide of the war alone. The dark faction will be wiped out if he is not contained " A man with horns curling over his head said, as while Max did not recognise the person, Rudra would have in an instant because he was Satan, the future tier8 powerhouse.

" Hmmm, enough! I will do what has to be done.

My master is powerful, No need to remind me of his prowess, alas he is also dumb, because he could never see through the darkness of my nature when he groomed me.

He practically taught me this technique, however he was too kind, wanting to use mana stones as power core for the spell.

It was never going to be enough!

It needs a much stronger source, 108 light faction god's will provide the energy required to seal his name off from history for the next 5000 years!

Not only will he be forgotten but so would his blood shamans without their god being present.

It will be the end of an era! And from now on, there will be only one Shaman God, and his name would be Memphidos!


Suck their life essence dry!

Hahahahahaha ".

Max widened his eyes in disbeleif as the frame shifted away from Memphidos and revealed the inscription that was as big as a city, with 108 power sources in between.

Even if someone gave Max a 100 days to study the inscription, he was not sure if he could have remembered it in full as it was that colossal, but while Max did not understand the true nature of the inscription used, he figured out the exact history that led to the extinction of the blood shaman class, unfortunately it was yet another betrayal.

If Max's memory served him right, the great war had been roughly over for 5000 years now, which meant that the effects of the spell must have started wearing off considering he now had the Blood Shaman Class!

Max wanted to continue with the story, but it was physically impossible for him to stay inside the chamber any longer as for the last 1 minute he was unable to breathe and was practically struggling to keep his ear-drums from popping as he pulled the lever that opened the hatch of the chamber and let Max out of the steel structure.

[ You have stayed inside the steel chamber for 00:10:01

Your final grade for stage 3 is - SS

Beginning final evaluation!

Stage 1 evaluation - SSS

Stage 2 evaluation - SSS+

Stage 3 evaluation - SS

Final Evaluation - SSS

Congratulations you have successfully completed your tier 3 promotion quest with a SSS rating! ]

[ System Notification - You have successfully completed tier 3 promotion, congratulations player ' Ravan ' .

Rewards -

+All stats X2

+ 45 levels ( latent exp reward )

+ Title ( Angakok's Chosen )

+ Runic Bone Staff ( Legendary ) ( Angakok's Reward )

Skill Reward -

Choose 3 Of 5 presented skills :

[ Energy Blast ] - Blast your enemies with a ball of concentrated mana that will cause both magic and physical damage.

Range - 50 metres at beginner proficiency

[ Light Movement ] - Temporarily increase movement speed by 15%

[ Leg Breaker ] - Stomp on your enemy's leg to break the bone inside. Useful for surprise attack in close range combat.

[ Retrieve ] - Retrieve any item in your sight weigh-ing less than 10 kgs using this spell.

Range - 100 metres at beginner proficiency

[ 9 Ashura Sword Slice ] - A 9 sword strike pattern designed to fatally wound an enemy.

Class specific skill reward -


[ Blizzard ] - Call a chilling Blizzard onto the battlefield, dropping temperatures below -5ยฐC causing constant freeze damage.

Note - Skill does not distinguish between friends and foes

[ Tremor ] - Shake the entire battlefield with a violent earthquake of magnitude 6.

Can be used to destroy forts or enemy encampments from range.

[ Death Plague ] - Unleash deadly plague on any city of your choice with infected rats and farm EXP for every life lost.

Note - Using it in the light faction will lead to your notoriety with the church of life increasing

[ Giant Summoning ] - Summon 3 giants over 25 feet tall and HP pools of over 350,000 to act as your meat shield in battle, or to topple enemy fortifications.

Max looked at the choices and sucked in a breath of cold air!

He had not only gained a title and a legendary staff from Angakok, but was also given the 45 levels that he had thought he had wasted because he was not tiering up.

The skill choices were also absolutely amazing for tier3 skills, and definitely gave him a lot of thinking to do!


/// A/N - SLEEPERS, your time to awaken has finally come!

You know the drill guys, vote for the skills you want Max to pick, the highest vote wins!

Let me see at least 100 comments down below this chapter today cause I know 400 of you read it daily ///

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