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There were 2 big reasons why Max had been holding back his promotion to tier3.

The first reason was that he wanted to reach stat maximisation before promoting to tier3, however, his constitution stat would just not maximise no matter how hard he tried.

The second reason was that there was no tier promotion hall to undertake the tier 3 promotion test within the Dragon's Paradise dungeon.

While according to Kremeth he could break through the old-school way without the help of the universal queen, it was less profitable in his current situation because undergoing tier promotion with the queen gave one the choice of selecting random skills as well as class specific skills based on their evaluation.

This advantage did not come with breaking through the old-school way where after reaching tier3 no additional skills were learnt.

For Sebastian, Kremeth chose for him to break the old-school way and not dally his promotion, however, for Max who had the Blood Shaman Class, a class which was long forgotten just like his race, Kremeth wanted him to wait for the system promotion, because class specific skills for the blood shaman class would be nearly impossible to receive otherwise.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the queen had the largest repository of classes and class specific skills stored. Even when a god created a new skill, it was recorded and replicated by the queen if they were connected to the system.

Only old fogies like Kremeth, who did not connect with the universal queen via an A.I. and managed to create skills in their later half of life, had unique skills not replicated by the queen, skills that only they had, skills of which no record existed.

Because of these reasons Max did not break through to the tier3 realm even though he reached the level ceiling long ago, however, both his reasons were now removed.

Funnily enough, his constitution stat maximised only a day ago, while he was in bed with Asiva.

Apparently doing stretching activities at high intensity could lead to improved constitution!

It was now one more excuse in Max's arsenal to do it more routinely, twice a day if possible.

Hence with all his stats maximised and his goal to follow the path of the perfect warrior completed, Max was finally ready to take the long-awaited tier promotion!

The tier3 promotion was one of Max's biggest challenges in his past life and one of the unresolved knots in his heart.

When Max was just a player in the tutorial game Omega, way before Sigma ever started, it was the tier3 promotion test that he was never able to clear because the tier3 promotion test had a component which required one to feel mana, but the manaless trash Max was not able to do so.

While in his past life he never felt like attempting the tier 3 promotion test after being the butt of the joke for an entire planet, as he had given up on his life as a warrior and chosen to become a desk job worker.

Hence in many ways the tier3 promotion test was his chance to surpass his past self and get beyond the shackles that had been holding him down in the past.

Kremeth and Rhea had worked hard to heal his mana veins, and Max was not going to let that go to waste.

The biggest difference between a tier2 warrior and a tier3 warrior apart from the stats and the skills came in the form of the transition towards immortality.

A tier 3 warrior was no longer completely reliant on basic necessities such as food, water and air.

Although not completely independent of it either, but could go much longer than a normal individual without it.

In the ancient time, only individuals who were tier3 and above got the distinction of being called a ' Warrior ' by their clans as it was the starting point that marked one's journey towards immortality.

Passives like lifespan, metabolism, vitality, tissue healing, saw a massive increase as a tier3 warrior could easily live up to 150 years of age while being in the prime shape of their life.

But arguably the biggest difference came in the 'class' and class specific skills.

At tier3 the role of the class became extremely important for an individual because their entire future fighting style would be based on skills learnt from tier3 and above.

Key abilities, destructive moves, hidden cards were all moves that were learnt after the tier3 promotion that became the core of any fighters fighting style.

Within Miststar planet, the tier3 promotion halls were lined up in one district called the tier promotion district and it had a total of 15,000 tier promotion halls built-in.

Max checked the list of all the available halls and after not finding any for the blood shaman, he sighed deeply and began walking towards the shaman class promotion hall.

The regular ' Shaman ' class promotion hall was built at the last row of all tier promotion halls, alongside some of the other sketchy professions such as ' Corpse Liberator ' and ' Waste Decomposer '

To say that it had low standing within the light faction would not be an understatement as popular classes such as the swordsman class and the mage class had massive halls right at the first row.

A class called ' Arousal Masseuse ' was two rows ahead of the shaman class promotion hall, which told Max that the light Faction people would rather have sex fiends running around their lands than freaky shamans.

Max walked into the Shaman class promotion hall and saw 3 weird men sitting there behind a desk with a big hump visible over their backs while being covered in weird accessories, nets and potion bottles.

" Who is he? "

" Who are you? "

" Who comes here? "

The three men asked at once, as Max raised an eyebrow as to what Looney tunes show was going on in here.

" Look at his back, straight, look at his muscles, elastic, look at his fingers so coarse, clearly the boy has not spent enough time over a brewing pot or with small dolls creating curses, how is this boy a shaman? " The man sitting in the middle asked as the other two nodded and began mumbling in deep voices.

The three of them looked exactly like what earth fictions described shamans to be with hunched backs and weird accessories but judging by their criticism of Max it seemed like the hunch was from working long hours over brewing pot and stitching curses into dolls.

However, Max was not interested in this BS stereotyping talk at all as he confidently said " I'm here to take the promotion test please "

The Shaman in the middle scanned him as Max said this trying to see if he was eligible to take the test or not as his perception was blocked by Max's concealer mask.

" Remove all concealment techniques " the shaman ordered as Max turned to face his back towards the shamans as he removed his mask and told Drax to temporarily let the trio do one quick scan.

The shamans scanned Max and immediately said " You are not of the shaman discipline, get the hell out of here boy, go to the last promotion hall down the line labelled ' Other ' classes. Don't waste our goddamn time "

Saying so the three weird freaks kicked Max out of the Shaman Class promotion hall.

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