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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God

Chapter 23 The Fire And The Mansion

( Outside the manor )

Max waited for the fire and chaos to start, and after doing three anxious circles of the manor, Max finally heard the sound of soldiers panicking and metal clanging against metal, suggesting that the fight had finally broken out.

Max smiled a bright smile and instantly positioned himself closer to the mansion, ready to sprint inside at the first sight of fire breaking out.

His heart started to race faster, adrenaline coursing through his veins, he felt completely alive right now because he knew that if the mission that he was set to do went smoothly, he would make bigger gains than the common man could ever imagine.

Max was starting to feel the rush of using reincarnation knowledge and it was an addicting experience.

One by one, the guards ran back inside the manor, eventually even the one's standing outside the gate rushed inside to help the other soldiers against the attackers and the gate was hence left unguarded.

Max looked at the unguarded gate and his smile widened, everything was going exactly as he hoped it would.

Max was waiting for the signs of fire, when he noticed the player ' PassMeMoney' run towards the mansion, looking distressed about the noise of fighting.

Max looked at the ex-mayor of the city and felt irked.

' it's my chance this time around b***h ' thought Max as a nefarious idea burrowed itself in his mind.

Silently casting a fireball, Max targeted the floor near passmemoney's foot so that the system did not consider him to be the aggressor inside a safe-zone, the attack going unnoticed by passmemoney who was focused on the fighting inside, causing his common drapes to catch fire.

" AGH AGH AGH FIRE! ". Max shouted pointing at passmemoney's clothes as the player himself was shocked and started to run frantically trying to curb the fire down.

Max saw him run around like a monkey and had an evil grin plastered over his face.

Right on time, the fire inside the mansion started to flare visibly as well, with black smoke rising from the east end of the building.

Max kicked the gates open and started to sprint straight towards the fire, his heart beating faster and faster as he could feel the thrill of the adventure in full force.

' Grandpa Drax, will fire of this magnitude hurt me? '

Max asked Drax whether or not his fire immunity granted by the Agni-Astra applied to fire's of such intensity and got a very reassuring reply that such fire's could not even scratch him.

With his fire immunity, Max burst through the burning building without a care as although his mind which was trained over the years to fear flames told him it was a dumb idea. When the heat of the flames could not even burn the clothes he wore Max felt reassured and paid no heed to the warning signs of his brain.

Max saw many soldiers screaming in pain as they tried to extinguish the flames over their bodies, on his way to the top floor room belonging to the mayor, however, Max stopped to help no-one.

There were even two soldiers who thought he was the enemy and tried to stop Max from progressing any further, but while Max could run through fire unharmed the soldiers could not, which is why they had to give up on chasing him.

It took Max a whole 5 minutes to reach the top room, and he had avoided fighting a single soldier all the way through. However, bursting through the mayor's room Max was ready for battle, completely willing to kill any vampires threatening the security of the mayor.

Max's plan was simple :

Step 1 - Spam fireballs until the melee vampires die

Step 2 - Create a firewall in between the mayor and the attackers and reassure him that he is here to save him.

Step 3 - Use fireblast to kill the boss vampire and become the hero who saved the day!

The adrenaline in Max's veins made him so hyper that the moment he entered the mayor's room he was instantly scanning for signs of danger, however what he saw made his raging blood go cold in just a second.

A small girl, 10-11 years of age had her gut sliced open and her eye socket impaled with a dagger as she posed a bloody and battered face.

About 7 vampires laid dead around the small girl, their bodies shrivelled like a dried raisin, with an extremely putrid smell around their dead bodies.

Blood was splattered all across the room and it looked like a scene straight out of a horror movie, However much more graphic and horrible, one that would make the stomach of most adult men turn in disgust.

'Watchout Max, these vampires are killed by forbidden Black Magic! ' Grandpa Drax exclaimed, he knew this cursed form of magic very well and it repulsed him to no end.

It was at this moment that Max calmed down and assessed the situation around him with a cool head, looking at the room with a critical eye and finding a trail of bloody footsteps leading into the bathroom.

Max followed the footsteps carefully inside the bathroom, as he saw the mayor sitting in his own pool of blood, as a female vampire had her fangs impaled into his neck.

The moment the female vampire saw Max enter the room, she stopped sucking the blood of her victim at once and bared her fangs at Max.

This was supposed to be the moment where Max was to use his fireball to blast the vampire to ashes and save the life of the mayor, however, what instead greeted Max was the shock of a lifetime.

The vampire staring straight at him with murderous red eyes was the same one that Hazriel had asked him to save in his vision.

She had the same unmistakable amber colored eyes, the same dark-hazel brown hair, a beautiful fair white skin and a dangerous unyielding aura.

' Fuck, fuck, fuck , fuck , fuck ' thought Max as Asiva stared straight through his mask into his eyes.

The mayor who was barely conscious conjured a barely audible whisper ' Save me ' towards Max, his dying black eyes glancing towards Max with a shiny hope.

Max felt the world spinning under his feet, he was stuck in an impossible place with an impossible decision to make, but having full faith in his saviour Hazriel, Max made an instinctive choice.

Shooting a fireball towards the Mayor, Max killed the poor old guy. His shocked eyes glaring at Max even when he was dead.

<strong>[ System notification ] - You have killed the mayor of BlackLake City inside a safezone. You will now be marked as a murderer and hunted relentlessly within all Safe-Zones of Sigma for next 72 hours. </strong>

<strong>No EXP is given for the kill, since you belong to the light faction. </strong>

<strong>All non-bound items will be dropped upon being killed in the next 72 hours.</strong>

<strong>Experience penalty will be tripled for death in the next 72 hours. </strong>

<strong>[ System Remark ] - Lawful evil? More like evil evil evil! </strong>๐’พ๐“ƒ๐’๐ซ๐—ฒ๐”ž๐—ฑ.๐‘o๐˜ฎ

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