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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God

Chapter 229 The Upcoming Auction

" Max, let's go, we can't linger here for too long " Anna urged Max to make haste, however, Max ignored her voice and rushed towards the seven galaxies auction house where he was stopped at the entrance by a tier 4 security guard.

" The auction house is closed at the moment sir, please come back later " The guard said as he placed one hand over his sword, ready to unsheathe it and attack should Max not understand the clear indication he was giving.

" I'm just here to inquire about the items inside, I'm a platinum card holder and wanted to purchase a particular item inside, it would be a shame if the item is destroyed by the fire " Max said as the man loosened his grip on the sword a bit, knowing that it was an esteemed customer.

" Sir, rest assured, we have two tier5 security officials storing all items safely.

If the item you want is inside, then it will be available at the ' Warren' City Mega Auction in 7 days time.

Although the Warren City auction is open to platinum members, some key items may be available to VIP members and above only " the guard said as he then pointed Max to get moving again.

Max was reluctant to move, but a quick scan skill told him that there were 3 tier 5 warriors and at least a dozen tier 4 warriors within the auction house. It was not a force that Max could handle, hence breaking in and stealing was not an option.

Dejected, Max rejoined the group and made haste towards the docking port as he made a mental note to attend the ' Warren ' City auction in the coming week the top priority.

The Warren City auction was actually a very popular event even in his past life and one of the reasons why he selected the Seven Galaxies Bank to make an account with.

The Warren City auction was an event where 2 tier 8 monarchs went into a bidding war over an item called the ' Shard Of Life ', ultimately the item sold for a whopping 1.3 Trillion gold coins and made history for being the most expensive item in the universe.

To put that number into perspective, the entire territory that Thor controlled had a GDP of 17 trillion gold coins.

One could buy nearly a tenth of the Thunder Nation with that sort of money, and yet it was spent on a single item that was not even complete but a small piece of a tier 10 treasure.

In total there were 7 shards of life across the universe, which when combined gave the user the ability to become truly immortal with their souls not dissipating even after death.

Unfortunately, 2/7 shards were with Lucifer, while the whereabouts of 3 remained unknown in the universe.

As things stood, it was impossible for one god to possess all 7 pieces and truly reap the benefits of immortality.

With Max remembering this detail he also remembered that the net bidding in the auction grossed over 2.5 trillion gold coins and was one of the most widely successful auctions of all time.

If Max wanted to bid for the Agni Astra in such an auction he needed to have an astronomical pool of money behind himself.


( Meanwhile Marcus Aurelius)

Marcus was seated across the seer who was now preparing to extract the memories of the dead Sigfried and project them into a crystal ball.

Marcus was a little anxious, he wanted to see the face of the man who killed his friend badly, but was also lowkey scared that if the man was tier6 or above, there would be nothing he could do about the matter as to deal with any tier6 god he would need to deploy a god of his own for which he would need his father's permission which was nearly impossible for him to get.

The last scene before Sigfrieds death showed how he was impaled by arrows and daggers as he was imprisoned within ice, as a very peculiar red eyed, masked man used a sword strike to critically injure his head, before a sweeper with a broom finished him off.

" I know that sweeper, it's one of those Saint Maximus bastards, " Marcus said as he saw the footage and fell into deep contemplation.

The Saint Maximus clan was a clan of sweepers, but it was a clan that even his father was wary of.

Not only were Saint Maximus the keeper of unbelievable amounts of secrets, their passion for science and bloodline enhancement made them a feared opponent.

Marcus clicked his tongue, he could not see from the footage who shot the arrows or threw the daggers as Sigfried was not looking at them before he died.

The only two people that Marcus could see was a masked man with blood red eyes and scaly reptile-like skin, and a familiar face of a Saint Maximus sweeper.

" Show me more, please " Marcus requested the exhausted seer who was drinking mana potions to recover her lost mana after performing this highly mana costly skill.

" I can't young master, I'm not advanced enough to show you more. Only the prime seer can show moments leading up to one's death and the aftermath after they died.

This is the limit of a secondary seer like me ". The seer replied as Marcus shook his head in disappointment.

The prime seer was one of his father's counsellors and an important member of his court.

Even Marcus did not have enough influence to ask her for a favour, hence, he had no choice but to work with the information he had for now.

" Prepare the convoy, we are going to pay a visit to the Saint Maximus Clan.

Inform their patriarch Sam of my arrival " Marcus ordered as he decided to inquire about Severus directly at the Saint Maximus headquarters.


/// A/N - Here is the second riddle, if you get this one right we will move onto a 50% discount for the coming month!!! So do your best guys.

Reference Text - dīrghasyāk?a?ayā rajjuH pār?vamānī, tiryaDaM mānī, cha yatp?thagbhUte kurutastadubhayā? karoti.

Q) If this reference Sanskrit text is true, then who is the first person to prove that the square of hypotenuse of a right angled triangle is the sum of the square of its other two sides?

If so, why was this shloka created? ///

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