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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God

Chapter 228 Jhonny’s Luck

The fire in the city was a byproduct of Jhonny simply being Jhonny.

Initially, the man had not planned on burning the city to a crisp at all, but as he wondered around on the streets of Dombivli, he was excited to see a lantern shop and decided to visit the place.

The lantern shop was in the middle of the market Street and what the local authorities did not know was that, besides manufacturing lanterns, the shop also sold fireworks illegally and had a stash of it stored in a hidden chamber beneath the floor.

When Jhonny entered the store, smoking a cigar, the shop owner instantly requested him to put it out, and unlike normal people who would use Ash trays to put out their cigars, Jhonny just stubbed it against his palm with the burning Ash trickling down the cracks of the floor and igniting the gunpowder stored underneath.


Jhonny was standing at his spot wondering what was going on when the entire store around him blew up, killing the store manager and the ten child workers working in the back.

" The hell? " Jhonny wondered as he looked at his cigar and wondered since when did it get so explosive. However, while flames of these magnitude could not hurt him, they began to spread fast to nearby shops.

There was absolute chaos at the marketplace and citizens began running and stampeding each other, to get away from the fire.

Usually, there would be local enforcement officers who would be nearby to respond to the fire, however, today the lord of the city Will Kingsman had diverted every last officer to have a tight check on border security.

Every last merchant vessel was searched, a tight perimeter was formed around the teleportation centre and nobody was allowed in or out of the teleportation centre without their identities being thoroughly verified.

Had the group headed straight for the exits and tried to swindle some merchant to carry them out, there was a good chance the merchant would turn the whole group in for a reward, as there was truly no way around the security measures placed by Will Kingsman.

While Jhonny did not know about this situation, the fire he caused, made the city fall into disarray as more and more people rushed to the teleportation centre to get out of the burning city and only return when things were more stable.

By the time the group of police officers reached the scene to respond, an entire sector of the city was in flames and the fire was spreading fast to other parts.

Within the chaos, the border security crumpled and without realising it, Jhonny created the best opening for the kids to escape the city undetected.


( Meanwhile Marcus Aurelius )

Marcus received news that Sigfried had been killed, his soul pet the Somali Tiger had died after his master's soul dissipated and this piece of news greatly disturbed Marcus.

" Are you sure that Sigfried is dead? He was at the peak of tier4, there is no way he died so easy? " Marcus questioned as he desperately hoped that all this was a lie and that Sigfried was on his way back with Asiva captive.

" I'm afraid he is dead, young master, while the exact circumstances leading to his death are yet to be investigated, his death is as real as death can be.

There is no question about it ". The subordinate reported as Marcus slumped back into his chair.

" Call the Seer, pay her a few million gold coins, I want to see who killed my good friend.

I will place a huge bounty on their heads! " Marcus said angrily as the subordinate bowed and took his leave.

The seer was a woman who could see the visuals a man saw before his death, and this helped solve mystery about the deaths of many important individuals.

" Asiva, my love, for how long will you evade me? " Marcus said as he sighed in discomfort.

His libido had already gotten very high when he thought about Asiva finally submitting to him.

In his mind it was but a done deal, that Asiva would be captured and brought back by Sigfried, but now that those expectations were washed away, Marcus was left high and dry.

He had never been so crazy for a woman ever before, but the longer that Asiva avoided him the more his heart yearned for her as she was slowly turning from his desire to his obsession.

" Asiva, Asiva, my love, sooner or later you will be mine! " Marcus said as he clutched his aching heart.

Until now Marcus had no idea about Asiva being in love with another man, but the day he did find out, ugliness was sure to follow.


( Meanwhile Max )

Max led the group through the burning city, and with every civilian wrapping a thick shawl around their body to protect themselves from the flames, the group fit right in as nobody could make out that they were hiding their identities. 𝓲nn𝑟𝚎𝙖𝘥. 𝐜𝚘𝐦

Max with his fire perception skills took the best path towards the docs, where he could potentially find a merchant ship to board and flee the city, however, his footsteps were stopped dead in the tracks when he was running past the

" Seven Galaxies Bank Auction House " because Drax began to hum when he crossed the place.

' I can sense it, the second part of the Agni Astra is within that auction house ' Drax said, as Max felt his footsteps go cold when he listened to these words.

The Agni Astra was divided into 3 parts and it was his destiny to combine all 3 and become a fire god, however, it was nearly impossible to find any fragments without having concrete prior information about them, in the wide universe.

Now that he was actually passing by one of the other two pieces not in his possession, Max wanted to desperately obtain it, but now was not the time for it.


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