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When Max and company returned to Dombivli City under masks and capes, the most happy person to see them was Sebastian.

Sebastian had been masterfully avoiding surveillance the past few days, sending the Assassin's on a wild goose chase as to where his real whereabouts laid.

Although he was not physically present with the group when they went to save Asiva, his contribution towards the cause could not be discounted, just like Jhonny's contribution could not be discounted.

Sebastian grinned wisely when he first saw the group come back, however, then his smile instantly vanished as he made a mean face and said " Prove your identity"

Sebastian had truly ingrained the way of the coward to his deepest self, and one of Kremeths teachings was to always verify the identity of a group returning from mission before trusting them.

They could be enemies disguising themselves, which is why he and Max had made a secret code to be able to trust each other.

" May the cowardice always be with you, amen! " Max said as Sebastian instantly replied with

" Amen! "

It was then that the little dwarf rushed to hug Asiva, who looked like she was handling a cute little baby with a patchy beard when she consoled Sebastian.

" There there, I'm alright, don't you worry " Asiva said as she stroked Sebastian's head gently, and Sebastian seemed to really enjoy it as the hug lasted way too long for Asiva's comfort.

" Where is Sir Jhonny? " Max asked, as he was extremely keen on leaving the city ASAP before they got into more trouble.

" Well, that ….. i have no idea " Sebastian replied sheepishly as Max instantly shouted " WHAT? ".

Sebastian was misleading the Assassin's on the streets and when he returned he saw that sir Jhonny was no longer at the motel and had left no note describing his whereabouts.

" Sir Jhonny, isn't that the name of your childhood master Max? " Asiva asked as Max nodded calmly, Asiva had missed a lot of things in the past 2.5 years and had to be filled in on a lot of details.

Max was now in a dilemma, he did not know whether or not he should flee the city without sir Jhonny, because staying here any longer was undoubtedly a security risk.

Eventually Max let out a deep sigh as he said " We will wait for two hours, then we leave without sir Jhonny, he should be fine considering he is a god and a pretty damn strong one "

Max chose the course of action for the group and everyone agreed without objection, as Severus went into the motel for a well deserved meal whereas Asiva dragged Max into a room with herself as she had ' Other plans ' in mind.

That left Sebastian and Anna alone with each other and the duo decided to pass time by silently drinking some alcohol.

Although Severus wanted to enjoy his food in peace and quiet, his superior sense of hearing could not let him sit in peace without the disturbing moans of Asiva ringing into his ears. 𝘪𝚗𝓃𝘳ℯ𝒂d. c૦𝓂

" Gaddamn it, the bastards violating my god-daughter" Severus said as he tried to cover his ears and not hear about the sexy snu-snu going behind closed doors.

Asiva was a virgin, she had never wanted to indulge in carnal pleasures until her release from jail which allowed her to vent a lot of suppressed emotions.

Her naked body was like smooth white pearls, with an equally appealing later of paler whiter scratch marks all over her skin which were caused as a result of the countless fights she had been through.

Some guys did not look favourably on scarring in women, but Max absolutely loved it as he ran his fingers gently over her scarred body to give her goosebumps all over.

In Max's eyes, she was the most beautiful girl ever, Sophie with all her seductive charms could not even hold a candle to Asiva's beauty.

Not only was she well endowed in all the key areas, but her waist was extremely slim and her muscles were very elastic.

Although Asiva tried to cover her innocence with putting a brave front, but all her bravado faded when she saw Max's donger in its full glory as she yelped in disbeleif.

The texture of Max's donger was unlike any other Vampires, as his party dragon bloodline had made it a bit scaly and hard as a rock.

Despite being scaly, it had extremely smooth edges and Nothing that could hurt the other partner during intercourse as he was able to stimulate the insides of Asiva like no man ever could.

Asiva wrapped her legs tightly around Max's waist and forced him to go in deeper and deeper, as she bit her lips in ecstasy over his thumping hips.

Looking at her mounds bounce and her face turn red Max felt himself falling deeper and deeper into the pit of seduction, as although Asiva was not actively trying to, she was stimulating Max more than anyone before her ever had.

Max bit Asiva's neck and began sucking blood slowly as the sweet blood made his mind numb as he lost himself in the act, sucking way more than he should.

If Max was let to have his way, he would truly make Asiva bloodless, but at the right time he pulled away, as his eyes showed extreme reluctance to do so.

Everything was going well and after 25 minutes of intense love making, Asiva finally had her first orgasm as she felt her body melting into a puddle from all the pleasure.

Soon after Max finished as well, as he heaped over Asiva gasping for air, crushing her soft mounds with all his bodyweight as Asiva giggled and hugged him.

Asiva wanted to go for round two as soon as Max recovered, but a disturbing image of fire outside of the room's window alarmed her as she widened her eyes and pointed for Max to take a look.

Max walked upto the window naked and saw that half the city was up in flames and that chaos and carnage was all around, although Max did not know who caused it or what was the endgame, he felt the direction of the wind blowing towards their location and figured out that soon the fire would reach their location as well.

" We need to leave, now " Max said as he quickly dressed up and so did Asiva, but embarrassingly her legs were too weak after the session, which was why she stumbled when she quickly tried to stand up.

Max giggled and lifted her up princess style as he helped her dress in the most gentlemanly way possible.


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