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' When did I become so useless? ' Severus thought as he saw Sigfried take his god-daughter away

One could see the reluctance in Asiva's eyes as she kicked and flailed and tried to break free from Siegfried's grip, but to no avail as the man had her in a tight headlock.

Little by little the distance between Severus and Asiva increased.

With every step that Sigfried took backwards, Severus felt an increasing heartache as in this moment he only wished for a miracle to save her god-daughter.

' Lord Mad-Dog, if you are seeing this atrocities from heaven, please help this humble follower of yours and save this child.

I don't think I can live with this shame if I see her be taken away a second time ' Severus thought as he looked towards the heavens and prayed to his ancestor the Mad-Dog.

It was at this moment, as if the ancestor had listened to his prayer that a dragon roar could be heard in the sky above as Severus saw a dashing visage of Max standing on top of a yellow dragon as he coldly looked down on Sigfried.

" MAX! " Anna shouted as she pointed towards Asiva and tried to explain the situation, but no words came out of her mouth as she only pointed desperately in Asiva's direction, urging Max to save her.

Thankfully, Max needed no more context as to what was going on. A man had a dagger against Asiva's neck and was forcibly dragging her away.

It was all the visual confirmation that Max needed to understand that he was an enemy and needed to be taken out.

Sigfried narrowed his eyes at Max, while Asiva felt a glimmer of hope rise inside her chest as she felt that if there was someone who could help her out of this situation, it was Max.

" Stay back! If you come closer, I'll kill this woman " Sigfried shouted at Max as he brought the dagger way too close to Asiva's neck.

Max spoke in Draconic and asked the dragon to maintain it's current position and not move forward, as Max decided to pull out Kremeths teaching number 7.

Kremeth had taught him the importance of casting distractions as he told him

" Listen to this well boy, The Turtle Hermit Way Rule number 7 - Sometimes you need to turn right to go left "

So, Max looked up towards the sky and let out a strong Dragon-breath attack, as the yellow dragon under him followed his lead and began to shoot fire all around.

It was an utterly futile thing to do as the attacks only served to deplete his mana levels, with no target even remotely near his range of fire.

However, it was in reality a distraction, a sleight of hands just like the one magician's used, as while Sigfried was focused on his dragon's breath, Max had sneakily thrown a Frost Bomb towards him.

" What is that guy cracked in the head? " Sigfried asked as he saw Max pointlessly roaring into the sky, but it was only 0.1 seconds before the bomb exploded after bouncing between Asiva's legs and behind Sigfried that he realised that Max had thrown a projectile towards his way.



An icy explosion rocked Sigfried from his back, as he was frozen solid from head to toe giving Asiva enough time to wriggle free from his grip.

Max had thrown the bomb at a perfect angle, perfectly avoiding Asiva as it bounced between her legs and exploded right behind Sigfried.

There was little to no margin of error, but Max pulled it off perfectly.

" FUCK YEAH ! " Severus shouted, as he picked up his broom with renewed vigour and dashed towards Asiva who was running back towards the group.

Max jumped down from the dragon-head as he landed with a THUD between Asiva and Sigfried.

Sigfried broke free from his icy prison and gasped for air as he pointed his sword towards Max and said " I . Will . Kill . You " gasping for air between every word he spoke.

" You think I'll ever let anyone take Asiva away from me again?

Hahahahaha, IF YOU THINK YOU CAN GET THROUGH ME AND TOUCH HER, THEN COME". Max said as he slapped his hand against his chest and asked Sigfried if he dared to bring it.

Sigfried felt goosebumps all over his body when he looked at the maniacal expression in Max's eyes, as he soon realised he was fighting a madman.

Not taking him lightly, he decided to launch one of his strongest attacks straight away as he grabbed his sword tight and widened his stance before inhaling a big breath of air as he said [ 12 Sword Strike ]

Sigfried used his tier4 attack from the get-go as he unleashed a flurry of 12 symetrical strikes that would make a dodecagon diagonal if drawn on a paper.

Max responded by erecting a flame wall in front of himself, but it was not enough as his flame wall was sliced through as if it was made of butter and the attacks kept coming his way at terminal speed.

Max prepared to block the few that were aiming for his vitals while letting the others hit, however, Severus shot in front of him at this instance and blocked all the incoming attacks using an iron broom.

Max was left mouth agape looking at Severus's broom skills, but the shock soon turned into a smile as he felt happy to have the man as his teammate.

At this instant, five arrows whizzed past Max as Anna began delivering her barrage of attacks and just as Sigfried was blocking the attack, Anna's dragon unleashed dragon's breath from the sky pinning the tier 4 warrior down with his breath.

Deciding to join in, Max filled his lungs with air as he unleashed a dragon's breath of his own, pushing Siegfried's defences to their limits as he was no longer able to defend against the three daggers and two arrows sent by Asiva and Anna which collectively chopped off 20,000 HP from his HP bar.

The momentum of the fight had changed completely once Max arrived and it was Sigfrieds turn to be the underdog now.


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