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Max scouted the entire mayor's mansion carefully and realised that there were three glaring security issues that could be exploited.

The walls built around the mansion were only 15 feet tall, meaning that while it prevented one from peeking into the mansion needlessly, it was not enough to stop a strong warrior from just leaping across in a jump.

To counteract this very problem, the mansion had a runic formation around its walls that raised an alarm when an intruder tried to trespass.

But if one could disable the runic formation, it was a cakewalk to enter from an area where there was little to no security and access the mansion.

The mansion predominantly had tier2 guards with a few tier3 specialists inside, however, the mayor himself was a tier4 existence and Max's one day of surveillance was not enough to understand his life patterns and whether or not he would be inside at the time of the intrusion.

The second big security flaw was that in his vampire vanity, the ex mayor had built the mansion with pure polished wood.

It was not at all fireproof and such an environment gave Max a lot of room to commit arson if need be.

This could help create the distraction that the group needed to escape.

The third biggest security problem was that the mansion was not built in a particularly urban or rich area, as the best area was reserved for the palace where Will Kingsman resided which left a lot of small alleys and intersections unchecked near the mansion that could help the group with an exit strategy.

The clogs in Max's brain began turning quickly as he started formulating a plan of attack.

The structure he wanted to access was the library which was on the second floor, and his best option was to avoid all conflict with the mayor should he be in the house.

The job was supposed to be a stealthy one, with the goal not being to rack up casualties but just collect the keys and blueprints to the central prison.

In theory Max needed to do much more surveillance and have a much better plan of action, but to observe the patrol patterns of guards and the mayor's lifestyle would take him a week at least, and it was a week more that Asiva would spend inside prison, and a week more than Max wanted to let her be in there.

Hence, having faith in his plan Max went back to the motel to discuss the finer details of the job with his team.


( The following night )

The following night, the group dressed in black hoods, wearing concealer masks approached the outer walls of the mansion whereby Max began disabling the runic formation by creating a mana disturbance bomb.

A mana disturbance bomb worked exactly how an EMP bomb worked back on Earth to disable electrical grids, except this one was used to disable mana grids.

It was taught to him by Kremeth as a means to disable any low level runic formations that he might encounter in the future.

The basic idea was to supercharge a low grade mana stone with a high grade mana stone until it explodes and creates a corrosive shockwave that disrupts any formation for a while.

The practical skill taught by Kremeth helped Max disable the intruder alert on the particular section of the wall for 15 seconds as the group quickly tried to vault over.

Anna had to step once mid wall and she propelled herself just enough to catch the top as she jumped clean off after.

Sebastian on the other ran at full speed towards Max who gave him a catapult boost to propel him clean over the wall.

The last one to jump over was Max, but with his new and improved way of the wind skill he was able to leap straight through and make a soft landing.

The moment the trio entered the lawn area they started to quickly make their way towards the back entrance in the shade of the night, as they saw two tier2 guards guarding the door.



Two arrows laced with high grade anaesthetics were shot into the guards necks as within 5 seconds they fell asleep and were immobilised.

" Nice one Anna " Sebastian complimented as the two did a small fist bump before splitting ways, as while Max and Anna proceeded to head into the house, Sebastian began climbing towards the roof.

To enter the house without making a sound, Max produced an extremely controlled flame as he melted down one glass window without making a noise as him and Anna climbed in through silently.

The hallways of the mansion were patrolled by guards, but they had not been alerted about the presence of intruders yet and hence were lax in their vigilance, allowing Max to sneak up behind one and apply a chokehold Batman style so that he could choke the guard out.

As Max and Anna made their way to the second floor after avoiding detection by other guards, Sebastian began painting the top of the mayor's mansion with an extremely flammable oil derivative.

He was not good with nimble movements and stealth missions so taking him inside the house was a liability, instead Sebastian was responsible for the exit strategy, which was burning the house to the ground.

If things were to go wrong, Sebastian would torch the whole damn structure down before making a run for it.

His high Dexterity stat made the paint job effortless for him, as he smoothly and efficiently painted the top of the mayor's house with the flammable substance while humming the rules of the school of coward in his head.

Luckily, the door to the library room was left unlocked which helped Anna and Max gain easy entry, however, the difficult part was finding anything useful in the massive mess that was the mayor's library.

While documents were scattered everywhere, they were unlabeled and impossible to segregate without going through each and every one.

' Damn it, this is gonna take too long, ' Max thought as he began shifting through the heap of blueprints in hopes of finding the one containing the central jail construction documents.

It was at this moment that Max heard footsteps approaching the room, as he looked at Anna wide-eyed in slight panic, as there was a good chance that it would be the tier4 mayor himself.

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