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"Here are the rewards you have earned! "

Drax said as he began unlocking the restrictions on the Agni-Astra bracelet on Max's hand causing a searing pain to spread throughout Max's body as if there was lava flowing inside his body instead of blood.

The Agni Astra shined a bright orange color that looked exactly like the color of the naked sun right before sunset, and it emanated a sharp heat that began melting through Max's wrist bones, the divine metal of the weapon replacing the bone of Max's arm.

Max was experiencing a world of pain that he had never felt before throughout this process and would have passed out several times by now if it was not for Drax forcibly holding him conscious.

Max whined and screamed under the pain, but kept himself from mentally falling apart, withstanding the pain with a strong will.

After what seemed like an eternity of brutal torture Max felt the burning sensation subside as he saw his natural skin heal all around the metallic skeletal arm that he now had, converting it into a normal-looking arm within a few seconds.

The fusion was complete and Max got a system notification to notify him of his new weapon.

[ System Notification ] - Congratulations you have successfully gained the recognition of the entity ' Drax ' and unsealed the powers of this portion of the Agni-Astra.

Rewards -

(1/3) [ Agni Astra ] ( Semi-Divine ) ( Bound ) - A fragment of the divine weapon Agni-Astra wielded by the god of fire himself before his death many eons ago.

Features -

?Has the spell ( Fireball ), ( Fireblast ), ( Inferno ), ( Fire Wall ) stored permanently inside the weapon to be used without taxing user mana.

[ Note - Limit Of Usage/ Day ]

Fireball - 1000

Fireblast - 10

FireWall - 10

Inferno - 3.

The power level of spells ( Beginner) ( can improve with time and mastery of spells )

?×1000% boost to any fire mana-based attacks.

?reduces complexity to learn all fire spells by 90%.

<strong>?you are now immune to all fire-based attacks up to 3 tiers above your current tier strength. </strong>

[ System Remark ] - Truly a windfall for an ant like you!

Max was stunned silent from reading the features of the Agni-Astra.

It was a Semi-Divine grade weapon even when it was only a third of the total weapon with unbelievable passives in store such as using basic fire spells without taxing mana and providing a complete fire immunity to any spells up to 3 tiers stronger than his current strength level!

This was better than he could have imagined in his wildest dreams, as finally with this weapon he could use spells for the first time in two lifetimes.

Drax said " I have embedded the weapon deep inside your own skin with an ancient technique that will hide its existence from most inspection spells.

To any outsider, it would look like it is you wielding the fire spells, as you would be considered a mage-type player specializing in fire magic.

When you try to summon a spell stored inside the Agni-Astra it would manifest from your right palm as if it is you who actually cast it even though it should be impossible for a manaless trash like you.

This will help you create a false Identity in the wider universe and save you from the humiliation that you faced in your past life.

If you could even use the slightest sliver of mana, even the most basic organically casted fireball could turn into a tier3 spell blazing fireball with Agni-Astra multiplying its power a thousand times.

Alas, it's not something you can manage with the collapsed state of your mana veins.

I have done the best I can for you boy,

I have hidden the weapon to save you from the eyes of envy.

I've made you capable of casting fire spells so that you are not mocked by the world as a manaless trash.

I've given you immunity from all fire-based magic for three tiers above your pitiful strength.

These tools are enough to give you a headstart in your journey. Now how you use these gifts is up to you. "

Drax spoke proudly as Max was visibly moved to tears when he heard the A.I. speak in his mind.

Tears of joy streamed down his cheeks as he used a fireball spell to torch the bouquet of flowers inside Sophie's trash can.

For most players, this was nothing much, however for Max to be able to cast a single spell made all the difference in the world.

The joy he found from this small act numbed his mind to a degree where he started laughing like a madman.

Profusely thanking grandpa Drax in his mind, Max repeatedly swore to not let him down and work hard to someday become an individual capable of completing grandpa Drax's mission.

Under Drax's direction, Max burnt the body of his dead girlfriend to ashes leaving behind no trace of the crime he committed inside her house today, except for leaving a charred floor.

Today Max had taken a big leap in his journey to change his fate, having integrated with a weapon that was literally a tool for the gods.

Although he could only express a small portion of its true strength, for a manaless trash, even the illusion of being able to use mana was enough to burn an undying, unquenchable flame in his heart.

On this happy occasion, Max clutched his green pendant, wondering if Hazriel was watching him grow.

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