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"But today….. is judgment day!"

Sophie was flabbergasted when she heard Max's rant as the world seemed to come crashing down around her.

Whatever Max said was of course true, she had been cheating on Max for a long time now, however, she had made sure that Max would not find out about her secret life as the main prospect that she was chasing was Max while all the other men were just to get a means to get some quick benefit.

Sophie tried to get up and go up to where Max was standing however as she tried to stand up she felt her legs turn to jelly as she came crashing down after losing her balance and hitting her head on the edge of the dinner table.

A small trickle of blood poured out of her head as she found that the heartbeat inside her chest that had accelerated significantly when Max exposed her affairs was continuing to accelerate as for the first time ever in her life her heart muscles seemed to be hurting from pumping blood too fast.

" Water …. Water, Max please water " Sophie murmured while rolling on the ground as Max walked up to the dinner table and poured a glass of water before approaching Sophie on the floor.

Sophie extended her arms towards the glass of water, however, Max pulled the glass away from her reach, as Sophie's eyes widened in shock.

She finally understood the reality of the situation she was in, and the inevitability of her death as anger, betrayal, hate, and helplessness gripped her mind.

Blood trickled down her nose and her ears now, it had thinned to an extent where only a few moments were left before she lost her sanity.

" Why…? " Sophie asked weakly, her bloodshot eyes staring a hole through Max's face, however, Max remained undeterred.

"There is the antidote of the poison in this glass of water Sophie, if you drink it now you can still save your own life.

Whether or not I give this glass of water to you depends on whether or not I believe your words to be true so try your best to not lie today.

Tell me, Sophie, did you actually love me? And how many men have you cheated with since being with me?". Max spoke a blatant lie about there being an antidote inside the glass of water that he was holding, but having understood that he held all the leverage in this situation, he wanted to make the most of his authority.

Sophie stuttered and struggled to speak, however with her own life hanging in the balance, she spoke the truth "No, I never loved you, you were not even my first choice. I befriended you to get closer to your brother Rudra Rajput, however, your brother was so stupidly in love with his wife that I stood no chance.

It was then that you started to shine and were hailed as an even greater prospect than your brother, which is why I clung to you.

For the money, for fame, and for power, not for love.

You are annoying and a kid compared to me, you don't even know how to properly pleasure me, so of course, I looked for experienced men to pleasure myself from time to time.

Since the start of our relationship, I have been with 17 different men all 17 better in bed than you are.

Here, I answered all your questions you psychotic bas**** , please give me the antidote now".

Max heard the answer and something inside him just snapped.

He could hear Rudra's voice echoing in his mind as his brother repeated the words " Don't forget Max, at your core you are good! "

Max closed his eyes and a tear escaped, however when Max re-opened his eyes there was no fear or doubt inside but only a sharp coldness.

Looking Sophie dead in the eyes, Max poured the water all over the floor right in front of her face, taking away the last hope she had for survival.

" See you in hell, bi***," Max said as Sophie screamed at the top of her lungs, seemingly losing her mind when Max poured the water onto the floor.

She desperately licked the water off the floor like a dog, however, the water never contained any antidote and it was all a hoax.

Moments later, she fell unconscious due to all the internal bleeding in her brain, and a few moments after that blood started to lead as sweat from all over the orifices of her body as she turned into a large puffed ball of blood as if she had gone into space without a spacesuit.

[ System Notification ] - You have killed a human in a Battle-Zone.

You are in the light faction territory and will not be awarded any exp for the kill.

Your alignment changes from ' neutral ' to ' lawful evil '.

You may get into trouble with police authorities all over the universe due to your changed disposition.

[ System Remark ] - A truly despicable murder by a truly despicable human.

Keep it up! You are finally accepting your true nature!

The system notification informed Max that Sophie was finally dead, and a deep sigh escaped Max's lips as a result.

Today he murdered a human in cold blood and oddly it did not feel as terrifying as he thought it would.

Upon inspecting his own state of mind, Max found that he was oddly calm and composed as if a burden had been lifted off his chest.

" You did well, kid". Drax was impressed with how stable Max's state of mind was.

"You made a difficult choice today, but you followed through and completed the job.

As promised, I will now keep my end of the bargain and assist you in your journey from here on out and unseal the power of this portion of the Agni-Astra for your use.

You can call me grandpa Drax from here on out because I will not entertain you as my master and being my grandson is the best shot you have to climb to the heights that you wish to climb.

You have gained a killer's edge now and to celebrate here are your rewards …. "

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