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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God

Chapter 16 To Have What It Takes

Max began shivering when he actually sat down in his room and began to seriously think about how to murder his girlfriend in cold blood.

Although Max had killed before, he had only killed when fighting in a war and the people he killed had always re-spawned as Max had never killed anyone for real.

In his mind he thought he would be able to do it without his psyche being affected too much, however, he was wrong as he vomited thrice in the last two hours, as he thought about the plan to strangle or stab his girlfriend to death.

Although Drax spoke nothing, he sighed deeply looking at the kid's pathetic condition created purely from thinking about killing a human and not even actually killing one.

This was exactly what Drax feared in Max, he was too good where it actually mattered and did not have the killer instinct required for becoming an individual that was capable of disrupting the law and order of the universe for his own personal gains.

This test was brutal for Max, Drax knew it well, however, the experienced A.I. also knew that it was a must to kill the childishness inside Max and truly make him a man who can chase his goals relentlessly and at any cost.

Max realized how big of a pussy he really was when he meticulously planned on how he was going to fake his innocence to the police afterward as he acted out made-up scenarios in his mind where he called the cops on his dead girlfriend himself, trying to look innocent by playing the blame game.

It was all ridiculous, the world was already a dog-eat-dog jungle and with him being able to run away to Sigma whenever he wanted to and Earth not yet having any space-holding prisons, there was nothing that law-and-order of Earth could do to stop him from committing a crime and getting away with it.

However, despite knowing this fact Max's gut wrenched at the thought of committing a crime which he looked down as the wrongest of wrong things to do growing up.

This was the coding of the upbringing of Earth that made Max feel such complex emotions, as he had been raised with moral values which condoned the act of murder.

If he was born on planet #H2044 or #H2012 he would have been a human who would murder as easily as drinking water as on that planet the social crime was public humiliation.

The humans of those planets chose death over being humiliated as anyone who initiated the act of public humiliation and anyone who was on the receiving end of one, both ended up dying on that world.

While the former was punished by law the latter committed suicide to get rid of the painful memory once and for all.

Drax, who had seen many such weird worlds, knew that there was nothing like a universal right and a universal wrong thing to do.

Each man needed to form his own code of conduct and follow it religiously to be called a righteous man.

Power was everything in the universe, as a god wiping a planet would not even get the universal queen to turn a head but a mere tier 0 individual breaking a system contract would invoke her wrath.

Understanding this hypocrisy well, Drax knew that an individual needed to be rock solid at his core to be able to rise in this universe, and this was Max's chance to embark on becoming one such individual.


After hours of planning, Max finally decided to go with the plan of buying a tasteless and odorless poison to kill Sophie.

Buying crypto online, Max went onto the dark web to make the transaction for ' Revinazodiem' a drug that was the big daddy of all blood thinners whose single drop in a one hundred liter jug of water was enough to create a medicinal dose strong enough to kill a horse with a single sip.

It was a harsh and painful death too as the blood vessels dilated and dilated as the heart kept pumping blood faster and faster until the blood pressure reached a high of 270 and a low of 180 after which one after another the arteries and veins began popping and causing multiple organ failure.

It was a painful way to die for sure, however handy in keeping the killer's hands clean.

A few hours later Max found a delivery on his doorstep in a brown bag with a vial of 1 ML Revinazodiem inside.

Max clutched the vial hard with his right hand and the necklace around his neck with his left hand as he made up his resolve to go through with this assassination plan.

Deciding that her crimes against him in the past life were sinister enough to warrant the death penalty, Max decided to go through with the plan as he dialed her number on his cellphone.



" Look who finally missed me! How are you, baby? " A flirty voice said from the other side of the phone as Max barely held in his disgust from leaking.

" Good ' baby', let's have dinner together today ". Max said as calmly as he could, however, while he did not realize it himself his breathing was already quite loud and ragged.

" Okay! My place or yours? " Sophie asked

" Yours at 9, see you then". Max replied as he disconnected the call.

Tossing his phone aside, Max stabilized his breathing. Now all he could do was wait until nightfall.

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