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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God

Chapter 10 The Forests Of Angur

The deep forests of Angur were a sanctuary created by the Universal Queen on the morning star planet where wild monsters thrived.

Unlike a VR game where mobs would have infinite spawn and would just randomly appear in the forest where players could go and hunt them, the deep forests of Angur were much more treacherous.

There was no infinite respawn and there was no randomness to how the mobs moved around, as one needed to learn how to trace footprints, understand the areas patrolled by the different races and place traps to capture and kill the beasts to gain exp.

For leveling the fastest way was always killing monsters and gaining experience, however, it was not the best way to go about reaching tier 1.

The tiers in Sigma worked like this.

Level 0-30 was tier 0

Then there was a tier promotion test after each level cap which could be taken by an individual to further their journey.

Level 30-100 was tier 1.

Level 100-200 was tier 2

Level 200-400 was tier 3

Level 400-600 was tier 4

Level 600-1000 was tier 5

And there was an unknown tier 6 promotion test after that to reach tier 6.

Although there were tiers beyond tier 6, Max had no idea about how they worked as all information about those higher levels was redacted for those beneath the tier 6 threshold.

Where-as most people tried to level up as fast as possible and reach the pinnacle of the mortal realms, Max with his reincarnation knew that it was a shitty approach to take.

One's levels did not indicate one's true strength and skill, however, the stats did.

At the lower levels, the best thing to focus on was to robustly improve one's basic stats such that they far exceeded what one's peers had at the same level.

This could be done through various means such as slashing and hacking at a dummy to improve strength and dexterity whereas running in controlled environments to increase stamina.

While 99.9% of humans from earth would play Sigma like a normal VR game and rush into a leveling-style gameplay, Max would join the university and take advantage of the facilities they provide to improve his basic stats and abilities while choosing to level up more steadily.

This was one of the many reasons why Max wanted to join the university as only at the university will he be taught how to create a strong foundation for his coming future and provide him with invaluable training tools and knowledge experiences that can not be experienced otherwise.

The university was Max's chance to enter the upper 10% of society and he was ready to do anything and everything needed to get there.

As he carefully entered the deep forests, a system notification entered his ears.

<strong>[ System notification ] : You have entered a wild zone, you can now be killed by wild mobs, other players and your own teammates without the galactic police coming to your rescue. Please enter the safe zone once more if you stepped into unknown territory by accident. </strong>

<strong>[ Detected that player ] ' Unnamed ' is entering the forest alone and does not have a guild or a party. </strong>

<strong>[ Detected that the player ] ' Unnamed ' is level 0 tier 0. </strong>

<strong>Chances of death - 65% </strong>

<strong>[ System remark ] - You will drop loot if you die. </strong>

Max sighed, this was just perfect, the system showed his odds of survival at a mere 35% , meaning he died nearly ? times facing any scenario in the forest.

While this was a true analysis by the system and if Max was just another human from earth he would most likely have died a horrific death in the forest. However with his reincarnation cheat Max was much more confident.

In his past life Max had spent nearly 200 earthen days traversing these forests as he tried to get to tier 1 as quickly as possible.

He had been mercilessly killed by alien chickens and rabbits and even rabid mice who gave him the mumonic plague.

It took him 200 days to slowly gain enough EXP to level up to level 30 and undertake the tier 1 promotion test after which his downfall began.

' Not this time , not this time ' Max muttered under his breath resolutely as he swiftly traversed the wild jungle as if it was his own backyard.

The first monster that Max came across was an infected rat and Max avoided the rat completely as even though killing the rat would give him exp, the rotting corpse could give him infection which he did not wish for.

Five minutes in, Max stopped jogging when he saw two distinct red eyes staring towards him from the bushes as a sinister noise entered his ears.

" Pak , Pak , Pak , Pak , Paka! "

" Oh it's you, my old foe, the accursed RonoSlavic chicken" Max said with a sinister smile on his face.

[ RonoSlavic Chicken ] ( Level 1 ) - A chicken race whose meat is inedible to all sentient creatures except goblins who consider them a delicacy.

Known for their aggressive nature and existing in all colors possible.

In his past life he had taken these accursed creatures lightly and faced two humiliating deaths as he did not know the proper way of combating against them, however, this time around Max was an expert.

The chicken charged at Max with its tiny feet and Wings extended and Max charged with equal seriousness towards the chicken.

Both leaped and there was a showdown mid-air but the chicken had overestimated its size as compared to Max it was half a feet tall and weighed 10 kilograms at best.


Max crashed belly first onto the chicken breaking many bones in its body as he snapped the neck of the chicken in one clean motion killing it successfully!

+ You have killed a orange RonoSlavic Chicken !

Satisfied Max looked at the dead body and said in a solemn voice " Orange, tch , the worst color out there ". π“²πš—π—»rπ™šπ”žπ˜₯.𝑐oπ’Ž

Making sure to spit on the corpse twice Max began his journey once more.

Along the way Max made sure to kill every damned chicken that came in his way by strangling their throats and choking them out as he got back on them for all the humiliating deaths they had caused him , pecking on his head as he ran like a coward.

+ You have killed a RonoSlavic Chicken , obtained +1 Breastmeat ( inedible )

+ You have killed one black RonoSlavic chicken

+ You have killed one brown RonoSlavic chicken

+ You have killed one blue RonoSlavic chicken

+ You have killed one violet RonoSlavic chicken

After killing 11 chickens Max felt a familiar warm feeling rising in his body as a system notification entered his ears.

<strong>[ System notification ] - LEVEL UP! </strong>

<strong>[ System remark ] - What are you trying to become by killing all those chickens ? A chicken slayer? Or a goblin supplier</strong>?

Max frowned at the system remark, it was snarky for no reason at all! It was unfair!

Max wanted to rant about it to the queen but before he could do so he heard human footsteps and voices coming from a short distance away as Max instantly took cover and hid behind a large tree.

As he peeked, he saw the familiar white and red painted masks over the three players which made inspecting their identities impossible at Max's level and signified that they belonged to the den of thieves organization.

' Gotcha ' Max thought as he started to follow them silently. His objective being to locate their hideout and gain a mask by killing a member sneakily.

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