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Chapter 5: The Invincible Fireball Spell

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mike was far away from the camp. He passed through a bush and an Exotic Beast appeared in front of him.

After searching for a long time, he had finally found an Exotic Beast.

It was huge with a crooked posture. It was about four to five meters tall when it stood upright.

Mike looked very small before the beast. Although Mike was very strong now, he still felt his hair stand on end and his heartbeat pounding when he saw it.

A strong enemy had finally appeared!

[Exotic Beast (Beginner)]

[Overview: Melee Physical]

[Level: 1]

[HP: 49/100]

[Attack: 15/30]

[Dual Defense: 6/10, 2/10]

[Agility: 1/5]

[Skills: Wild Claw (Beginner), Bite (Beginner)]

[Status: Weak]

[Description: A very weak Exotic Beast. Its movements are slow and it is difficult to hurt you. It is currently in a weak state and does not pose any threat to you. Attacking it is recommended.]

Mike’s entire body had just tensed up, ready to battle. But he soon regained composure.

Beginner, Level 1. It was still weak.

Its attributes were not high, to begin with, and it was pulled like this because of its weak state. Luckily, there was such a detailed appraisal.

It only looked very strong, but in reality, it was weak, like a limp d*ck.

Mike was speechless.

The Exotic Beast also noticed Mike at this moment and roared in excitement.

The Exotic Beast was in a weak state and seemed very hungry. At this moment, a seemingly weak human appeared and the Exotic Beast saw its food.

Its huge body rushed towards Mike. Its skills were Wild Claws and Bite, so there was no need to worry about it pouncing or suddenly getting close.

Mike conjured a Fireball.

It was his first time using the Fireball spell to fight a monster.

He was going to use it on the Exotic Beast.

The Fireball quickly took form and blazed in Mike’s hands. In about half a second, the Fireball was completely condensed and released.

The Fireball flew toward the Exotic Beast and smoothly touched its hairless body. The Fireball instantly exploded and the flames dazzled.


HP -1,326!

The Exotic Beast’s body was destroyed by the Fireball. From its abdomen that had been hit, it was cut into two halves. Chunks of meat flew, and they were all ‘Ignited’.

– 760.

– 720.

– 807.

The flames continued to burn the pieces from the Exotic Beast. With a sizzle, the pieces gradually turned black. Then, they were scorched dry and turned into dust that drifted into the wind.

[Obtained: 200 EXP]

[Obtained: 2 Bronze coins]

[Obtained: Primary Beast’s Fangs]

[Obtained: Primary Beast’s Sharp Claws]

[Obtained: Primary Beast Fur]

[Obtained: Primary Beast Blood]

[Obtained: Primary Beast Bones]

[Level increase: Level 1]

[All attributes + 1]

[Obtained: 5 free attribute points]

An advancement from Level 0 to Level 1 required 150 experience points and Mike had directly leveled up instantly after killing a Level 1 Exotic Beast.

There were quite a lot of materials from hunting Exotic Beasts.


What was the use of having Exotic Beasts’ fangs and claws?

[Exotic Beast materials can be used to make tools, equipment, research, etc. Blueprints are required.]

When Mike saw the hidden message notification, he gave up on the idea of throwing away these materials.

However, it was actually fine if he threw them away. They were all Beginner-tier, so he definitely wouldn’t be able to make anything good.

In terms of attributes... He put the points into his magic attacks.

As a Mage, it was better for Mike to stick to the high damage path.

“Gotta keep farming monsters.” Mike was a little addicted.

He encountered a few more Exotic Beasts, and they were all relatively easy to deal with.

So far, there weren’t any Exotic Beasts that required the usage of Mike’s two other skills. They were all dealt with a Fireball spell. It was on very few Exotic Beasts where the ‘Ignite’ effect came into play.

Ignite was only used to burn the corpses.

In terms of level...

Mike had already reached Level 6.

It had only been a short while, but Mike’s level had already caught up. He believed that it wouldn’t be long before he would surpass those who formed parties and rise to the peak.


Mike continued to search for Exotic Beasts, and he finally found a unique Exotic Beast.

[Exotic Beast (Boss)]

[Overview: Long-ranged spell, temporary form change]

[Level: 10]

[HP: 3,000/3,000]

[Attack: 200/200]

[Double defense: 100/100, 100/100]

[Agility: 50/50]

[Skills: Poison Spray (Advanced), Charge (Intermediate), Bite (Beginner), Berserk Claw (Beginner)]

[Status: Bloodthirsty]

[Description: This is a Boss-tier Exotic Beast, far stronger than a normal Level 10 Exotic Beast. It is good at long-ranged poison spray. Its spray range is wide and can last for a long time, which makes it fatal and dangerous. After being poisoned, you would lose combat ability in an extremely short period of time. When the long-range effect fails, it would charge at the enemy, changing form to melee temporarily. The Exotic Beasts at close range would quickly spit out more lethal poison. The threat is medium. Please be careful when confronting it. (Killing the Exotic Beast will drop a reward box)]

A Boss!

Whether it was a boss or an ordinary Exotic Beast did not depend on level. There might be a Level 1 Exotic Beast boss as well and would be more powerful than an Exotic Beast of the same level.

If Mike were someone else...

He would definitely not be able to defeat this boss.

100 dual defense.

How many people had attack power above 100 now? The others might not even be able to break through its defense.

Even if dozens of people teamed up, they probably wouldn’t be a match for this boss. They would definitely act in an old-fashioned way if they encountered it.

Mike was different as he was lucky.

The Boss Exotic Beast also noticed Mike at this time. It was in its bloodthirsty state, so it killed everyone it saw. Its first instinct was to directly charge toward Mike.

Mike dodged it.


The boss charged at a tree behind him and that tree split into two halves.

Fortunately, he could see its hidden message. Otherwise, he would have had to use Flash to escape.

The boss that had missed clearly did not expect this human to react so quickly. It angrily used its poisonous spray and shot a jet of poisonous spray over.

The poison was dangerous, especially if you came in contact with it.

There was no room for carelessness. Mike quickly retreated, but the poison spray continued to follow him.


Mike quickly formed a Fireball that flew towards the Boss-tier Exotic Beast.

– 800.

– 720.

– 810.

He was greeted with a surprise. The fireball passed through the poison and directly applied Ignition to it. The poison pillar became a pillar of fire and was no longer a threat. Mike didn’t need to dodge the poison for the time being.


The Boss Exotic Beast dodged the Fireball and it exploded on the ground, forming a crater. However, the sputtering flames still applied Ignite on the Exotic Beast.

– 661.

– 625.

– 701.

Rapidly, Ignite consumed more than half of the Boss Exotic Beast’s HP.

It cried out in pain and?rolled on the ground to extinguish the flames. However, it was already heavily injured and on the verge of death.

“It almost burned to death just because of Ignite?” Mike was originally a little nervous after it dodged the Fireball but now, he was filled with excitement.

Suddenly, the Exotic Beast tilted its head and died.


Mike frowned. “I don’t have a reward. It’s playing dead! Someone in the World Channel has encountered this situation before. Awesome, play dead then.”

If he hadn’t watched the World Channel, he might have really suffered a loss.

Mike conjured another Fireball and tossed it.


– 1,126.


– 692.

– 621.

– 529.

The Boss-tier Exotic Beast died this time.

[Obtained: 2,000 Experience points]

[Obtained: 25 Silver coins]

[Level increase: 7]

[All attributes + 1]

[Obtained: 5 free attribute points]

Mike realized that there were only notifications for experience points and silver coins this time.

But, there was also a box.

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