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Chapter 4: Dream Start, Out of Camp

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After checking out the detailed description of the Flash skill, he found that regardless of skill level or quality, it would be able to shorten the cooldown for the skill, as well as expand the range of it.

In theory, it was absolutely possible to Flash infinitely. He could expect that in the future.

He took a look at the other two skills.

[Fireball: Single target that deals 200% damage, chance to apply additional ‘Ignite’ effect which deals 150% damage per second. Duration is based on the actual situation. Cooldown time is 10 seconds.]

[Large Fireball: Group target that deals 120% damage, chance to apply additional ‘Ignite’ effect which deals 80% damage per second. Duration is based on the actual situation. Cooldown time: 15 seconds.]

Leveling up the skills could increase their damage bonus and shorten their cooldown time.

The three initial skills were perfect. A single target Fireball skill, a group target Fireball skill, and Flash that might end up saving his life.

What more could he ask for?

Mike hadn’t even tried out his skills yet, but they had already started improving. He couldn’t wait to find a boss to fight right now.

He then focused on the skill experience bar.

Fireball and Large Fireball, both at 0/15,000 EXP.

Leveling up required a lot of experience

“Where do I get skill experience? Is it from fighting Exotic Beasts too?” Mike was sure that he needed to farm monsters to level up, but he wasn’t too sure if it applied to the skills.

Until he saw the Flash skill.

5/15,000 EXP.

There was experience there?!

Mike had used the Flash skill once.

He could get experience just by using the skill?

[You can get experience (EXP) by using the skill in a place that contains the Power of the Universe.]

[The stronger the Power of the Universe, the more experience you get from the skill.]

[You can set up a magic array and create a place to gather the Power of the Universe.]

[Once the level of the magic array is high enough, it can quickly max out any skill.]

Mike saw the hidden information.

He quickly grasped the hidden information that other players would otherwise be seeking a long time to obtain.

“The camp contains the Power of the Universe, that’s why I got the skill experience.” Mike suddenly understood.

He started farming by using the three skills.

He quickly switched positions using the Flash while tossing Fireballs and Large Fireballs everywhere.

[Fireball: + 5 EXP]

[Large Fireball + 5 EXP]

[Flash: + 5 EXP]


After gaining around 300 EXP, Mike used his skills once more but could no longer gain any more EXP.

He had squeezed it dry.

Mike had depleted the camp’s energy so wasn’t a single drop left.

“This is all the camp can do?” Mike shook his head.

Although he had expected the camp to be a failure, it turned out even worse than that.

“I still have to set up my own array of formations in the future.

“The campsite is no longer useful.

“It’s time to go out and farm monsters.”

Mike still knew too little about what was happening outside the campsite.

Though he was brave, there was no harm in being cautious.

He checked the World Channel and searched for information on Exotic Beasts.

“Damn! After finally killing an Exotic Beast with great difficulty, when I was about to go over to loot the corpse, the Exotic Beast multiplied... then they killed me!”

“Exotic Beasts are able to feign death and launch a sneak attack!”

“Don’t be fooled by the appearance of Exotic Beasts! If you encounter a seemingly weak Exotic Beast, scare it first. If it doesn’t run, it means that it’s a Boss.”

“Is there anyone forming a party? It’s very difficult to fight an Exotic Beast one-on-one. I just met a party of people who are at Level 7 or 8. Only after forming a party were we able to defeat the Exotic Beast.”

“So we need to form a party in the early stages of the expedition? How do we send coordinates? I need a party! I need backup!”

“Paladin with HP recovery skills here. Can I get an invite?”

“Oh my god!!! I spotted a Gold chest, but it turned out to be an Exotic Beast in disguise!!! You want to play, I’ll play with you, you b*stard!”

“This isn’t a one-man game.”

“Everyone, pay attention. Players also need to replenish their energy, just like how humans need to eat and drink. Otherwise, your stats will drop. I just realized that my combat power has dropped because I’m lacking energy.”

“What the hell? How do I replenish my energy?”

“I don’t know how, but energy can be replenished on its own while you’re in the camp. Whereas after leaving the camp... I’m not sure anymore.”

“It seems like the camp can only last for three days.”

“Does that mean that after three days, we have to find a way to replenish our energy?”

“F*ck! How do we replenish it?”

“It’s useless to eat meat, as there’s a possibility of being poisoned. Everyone, please don’t eat it. It’s useless even if it’s cooked. It’s the same for drinking water.”

“Please find a way to replenish energy, pros.”

“Exotic Beasts could be found in good or bad conditions. I killed an Exotic Beast that was in a very bad condition just now. Hahaha...”


The World Channel had lots of information.

Mike hadn’t left the camp, but he already had a basic understanding of the situation outside of it.

Fortunately, the situation wasn’t as dangerous as he had imagined. Although the probability was very low, he could still solo kill an Exotic Beast that was in bad condition.

Basically, everyone had entered the monster grinding stage simultaneously.

“Players can hunt each other, so it’s not wise to form a party. Especially with my attributes, it’s obvious that there’s something different about me.

Forming a party with others is like placing a ticking time bomb next to me,” Mike muttered to himself.

Mike was destined to walk a lonely path.

“But I never thought I needed to replenish my energy.”

“Will going back to camp automatically replenish my energy? Could it be the Power of the Universe that is taking effect? But the Power of the Universe in my camp was used to gain skill experience...”

“I really need to leave the camp as soon as possible.”

Mike finally left the camp.

There was a pungent smell outside the camp, which meant that there was a possibility of an Exotic Beast lurking outside. Mike cautiously came out, with Flash, he could return to the camp as he wished.

He never encountered an Exotic Beast. As long the area wasn’t infested, it shouldn’t be easy to bump into an Exotic Beast near camp.

After passing by somewhere, Mike noticed a hint from a hidden message.

[Black-Striped Grass: Contains 10 points of poison and 5 points of energy. There is a high chance of being poisoned if consumed. The poison will be expelled on its own over time. It is not life-threatening. Consuming it can replenish 2-5 points of energy. (The poison can be removed through refining methods.)]

[Player Current Status: 96/100 Energy]

[Conditions met to increase Energy Limit]

Earlier, he was watching the World Channel as people discussed where to obtain energy.

It seemed that energy was not as difficult to recover as he had imagined.

It was just that the cost of exploration for the other players was too high.

The Black-Striped Grass was obviously poisonous. Who would eat such a thing to test its effects?

Even if someone tried the herbs, it would still take a long time to get an answer.

Mike had skipped all those steps and went straight to the answer.

He continued to explore natural resources that could help restore energy. He wanted to see if he could find a precious resource that wasn’t poisonous and had no side effects that could directly restore his energy.

Once he had found and collected it, Mike wouldn’t have to worry about energy in the future.

It was a pity that Mike wasn’t able to find that kind of precious resource near his camp.

There were probably very few in other camps as well.

All places had been infested by Exotic Beasts, even the cleanest resources had been contaminated to the point of containing lethal poison.

“Refining the poison is still the most reliable method. It’s better to rely on nature than on hard work.”

Mike currently did not possess the ability to refine poison.

He needed to explore more of the world. The best way to explore was nothing more than farming monsters.

“In the end, it’s still farming.” Mike rubbed his hands together.


Soon, he discovered something.

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