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Chapter 29: Competition for Each Palace

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

They saw that there was a loss of HP on the field. But because it was so sudden, they didn’t see who was the one who had lost their HP.

The default assumption was that it was Mike. After all, Mike didn’t have any equipment. That’s why all kinds of buffs were applied on Mike.

When they saw that Freddy was on his last breath, everyone suddenly understood who was the person that lost HP.

It wasn’t Mike...

It was Freddy!!

The person who had lost more than 3,000 HP and was sent flying was Freddy!!

“How did he do it...”

No one understood.

“He didn’t have any equipment and yet he barely lost any HP even after defeating someone with a full set of equipment.”

They hurriedly turned to treat Freddy. Although Freddy had violated the rules, they couldn’t just watch him die.

Poison arrows were really lethal, and ignoring him would be leaving him to die.

As for the results... there was no need to announce it.

Everyone knew.

Caesar himself did not understand what was going on. Even he wasn’t able to think of any possibilities that led to this outcome.

He really wanted to go over and ask, but he did not. There must be some secrets involved and to ask about those secrets was a big taboo.

Not only the fact that he might not get an answer, but others would be disgusted and alarmed by his behavior.

For now, he only cared about Mike and congratulated him. Then, Caesar returned to the tall building to see the old man.

“Do you know how he did it?” Caesar asked.

He believed that the old man had also seen the whole battle.

“He didn’t have any equipment but he defeated Freddy, who had equipment, and yet with such high damage.” Caesar couldn’t understand it at all.

“Without equipment and with a low level, it is indeed impossible.” The old man smiled. “So he must be having some equipment and his level must be even higher than it seems.”

“You mean...”

“He’s hiding his strength.”

The old man explained, “There are some tools that can lower the level of the equipment displayed to the public and can even hide the equipment worn on the body so that it is not easy to spot.”

“He is hiding his strength!?” Caesar finally understood why the old man valued Mike so much.

It turned out that Mike has not shown his true powers. His level, his equipment... everything.

Caesar finally understood how great Mike’s value was, and it was indeed correct to directly invite him to join the Northern Headquarters.

“Has he agreed to join the Heavenly King’s Palace?” The old man asked.

“He said he would think about it,” Caesar replied.

“Think about it?”

The old man frowned, “Don’t let him think about it. Before, he still had time to think. But now that he has shown his strength, the people of the various palaces in Ledda City will definitely notice him. If we still let him think about it, he might end up going to the other palaces!”

Although the Palace of the Heavenly King and the other palaces had a cooperative relationship, it was also a competitive one.

It was impossible to share resources like geniuses. Only those who were capable to survive could live.

“They really came...” Caesar suddenly turned his head to take a closer look.

His heart could not help but sink.

Do they all have dog-like senses??

They arrived so fast!!

“Hello, Mike.”

Many people gathered near Mike.

Someone greeted him.

“I am the emissary of the Fire King’s Palace of Ledda City. I invite you to join the Palace of the Fire King. You will immediately be handed the Palace of the Fire King’s Level 3 authority!” This person said.

Everyone was envious.

After receiving the invitation from the Heavenly King’s Palace, another invitation came again from the Fire King’s Palace.

Was Mike such a popular person? The other palaces were actually competing with each other for him.

It was really strange.

Why did everyone named Mike make the palaces compete with each other?

Those who knew the concept of a Level 3 authority were even more shocked. Each palace had nine levels of authority. Level 1 was the highest, and Level 9 was the lowest.

When the Heavenly King’s Palace invited Mike to join the Northern Headquarters, they only offered him around a Level 6 authority.

The Fire King’s Palace gave him Level 3 authority! It was equivalent to being a higher-up of the local Headquarters or in the middle level of the Fire King’s Palace Headquarters.

Just like Caesar.

Even Caesar only had Level 2 authority of the Heavenly King’s Palace.

Mike was just a rookie, and they wanted to give him such a high level of authority? That was ridiculous!

But actually, the Palace of the Fire King had its own considerations.

If Mike was a very powerful person who had been in Miracle for a long time, the Palace of the Fire King might not directly grant him such high authority.


Mike was valued purely because of his identity as a newcomer. This was his earliest period in the game and yet he had already developed to this extent.

If the Palace of the Fire King continued to nurture him, he would not only be strong in the future... but because he would be trained by the Fire Lord, it gave the Fire Lord absolute confidence in controlling Mike.

They would have a person who was strong and easy to control.

It was not a problem to give him high authority at the beginning. After all, it was just authority and not power.

Mike only had the right to enjoy, not the right to manage or influence too much. At most, if they found out that there was no longer a future Mike, they would just lower his authority.

If they won the wager, they would have a loyal and powerful lackey. There won’t be a loss even if they lost the wager.

“The Palace of the Fire King is full of sincerity, please consider us!” The Fire King’s Palace’s emissary said.

“The Palace of the Sea King has invited Mike to join and they have also given you Level 3 authority, guaranteeing a bright future.” The Sea King’s Palace’s emissary appeared.

“The Asura Palace...”

Emissaries appeared one after another.

“Go away!”

Caesar suddenly appeared and berated, “Mike has already agreed to join the Heavenly King’s Palace, you’re too late! Mike, the conditions are still the same and you will be given Level 3 authority! Among the same level of authority, the Heavenly King’s Palace has the most resources and the best treatment!”

The other envoys did not have a status as high as Caesar’s. Although they were from different palaces, they did not dare to be disrespectful.

They kept silent and looked at Mike.

Anyway, all their conditions had been given. It was up to Mike to decide.

“It’s better that I join the Palace of the Heavenly King,” Mike said.

After all, his hatred of the Palace of the Heavenly King was the greatest.

The Palace of the Heavenly King was the one who took the lead to ban Mike’s original body. The old man, the Dark Walkers, they all hated the Palace of the Heavenly King.

The hatred of this palace was the greatest, so he would definitely join this palace.

“Let’s go,” Caesar said with satisfaction.

The people looked at Mike in envy.

Various palaces were fighting over him, and had even offered Level 3 authority by the various palaces.

It was all too enviable.

Freddy had already recovered. Seeing a group of people fighting over Mike, with them giving him such generous conditions, and then thinking about how no one cared about him...

A wave of sadness came over him.

It was an extremely bitter feeling.


Mike was brought to a tall building by Caesar and saw a mysterious old man. It was said that he was an important person in the Headquarters of the Heavenly King’s Palace.

He chatted with Mike casually.

“Mike, Welcome to the Heavenly King’s Palace.”

The old man smiled and welcomed him.

“After joining the Heavenly King’s Palace, you will almost never encounter any trouble in the entire Miracle. However, you still have to be careful of two kinds of existences.”

“Who?” Mike asked.

“The first type is called the Dark Walker.” The old man explained. “These people are dissatisfied with the various palaces for various reasons. They will find trouble with the various palaces. If you ever encounter the Dark Walkers with your talent, I believe that would be very dangerous.”

Mike pretended to be surprised and then pretended to nod seriously.

“The second type didn’t exist in the Miracle in the past, that is the Exotic Beasts that invaded Earth.” The old man continued to explain. “We more or less know about these Exotic Beasts. They are not that simple. They are the advanced troops of a mysterious force. True terror has yet to come.”

“The Exotic Beasts are just a vanguard?” Mike hadn’t expected to hear that.

“That’s right. The person behind them is very powerful, and once they descend onto Earth, it’ll be very dangerous.”

“And it’s not just that, the reason why Miracle suddenly awakened and developed to its current state is because of the person behind the Exotic Beasts. He released their power, unintentionally awakening the Miracle world completely.”

“Therefore, you must be careful of your actions in the future and grow stronger as soon as possible.”

“Whether it’s Miracle or Earth, we will be facing a great disaster sooner or later.”

Mike’s expression turned serious.

It turned out that the beasts were not that simple.

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