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Chapter 27: So, I’m the Genius?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Looking for me?”

Mike had just heard that a big shot wanted to meet a certain genius.

Later, he heard that Freddy had gone over.

Mike didn’t care for situations like this. But in the blink of an eye... he had become the person they were looking for.

The genius that the big shot wanted to meet was Mike himself?

“Yes, that’s the head of the Northern Branch, the vice head of the Northern Headquarters, Lord Caesar!” Dean Tyrone said.

“Oh.” Mike didn’t have much of a reaction.

Mike didn’t even care about the invitation from the Palace of Heavenly King’s headquarters.

What more a branch?

When Mike appeared, many people weren’t looking at him in envy and admiration like how they looked at Freddy. Instead, they were jealous.

Extremely jealous.

On what basis could a newcomer get Caesar’s favor?

They were all very unfamiliar with Mike, unlike how they were familiar with Freddy. Everyone would instinctively be more comfortable with something familiar, and alienate things unknown to them. However, no one dared to say anything.

He had obtained Caesar’s approval, and Mike would soon become an existence that they couldn’t reach.

“Hello, Mike.” Caesar took the initiative to greet him.

Mike returned his greeting.

“I am inviting you to join the Northern Headquarters as the vice head of the Northern Headquarters, are you willing to join?” Caesar reached out his hand and smiled.

Normally, the most Caesar would let Mike join was the Northern Branch instead of the Headquarters. But considering Mike’s potential, especially the attitude of the old man, it was as if Mike had been invited by the old man himself!

There must be much more unknown information about him. If he invited Mike into the branch, he would probably be promoted to the Northern Headquarters soon after. So, why not save the trouble and directly invite him to the Northern Headquarters?

It was kind of a special case. But when it comes to the old man, exceptions were could be made.

The others also knew that this was a special case. It was against the normal rules so everyone was shocked.

“Mike has the right to directly join the Northern Headquarters? He’s just a newcomer!”

“According to the rules, the furthest he could be invited into is the Northern Branch, right?”

“Actually, it’s only normal to go to an advanced academy first to gain experience. Going to the branch is already considered a special case.”

“I wonder what Lord Caesar is thinking.”

“Tsk, you think you know more than Lord Caesar?”

Many people were discussing, and Freddy’s expression turned even uglier.

Mike had gotten directly invited into the Northern Headquarters!

His original plan was to get into the branch first and slowly advance to the Headquarters if he had performed well. What Mike had achieved was beyond Freddy’s imagination. If Mike was really that strong, then forget it.

But, Freddy didn’t think that Mike had the qualifications at all.

If he was the same Mike who had been the first to clear the Scarlet Church dungeon, then it would be understandable, but what right did this Mike have? 𝐢𝙣nr𝙚a𝗱. 𝚌૦m

“People named Mike are all really annoying!” Freddy gritted his teeth.

He had only met two Mikes in total and both of them were against him.

It was quite unbearable.

Everyone stared at Mike and waited for his answer. Caesar had personally invited him, so he should definitely agree to it, right?

“What’s the benefit of joining the Northern Headquarters?” Mike asked.


Everyone fell silent for a moment because of this sentence.

What? Many people could not believe their ears.

Had they heard wrongly?

Caesar invited him, but instead of agreeing quickly, he asked for conditions first!?

“How dare he ask for the conditions...”

“If I were him, I would definitely agree in a split second without any hesitation! This Mike really doesn’t know how to cherish a good opportunity.”

“This is really unfair. I can’t even enter an advanced academy, yet he still has the nerve to ask for conditions even after being invited to the Northern Headquarters.”

Caesar was also not expecting Mike to ask for the conditions, and he was stunned.

Thinking about the fact that it was the old man who wanted Caesar to invite him, Mike definitely wasn’t as simple as he looked, so it was normal for him to ask for the conditions.

“There are many benefits, but I’ll only mention one of them. You’ll have almost an endless amount of resources! The Northern Headquarters can provide you with all kinds of materials. Except for a few extremely precious materials, everything is free! Even if they were precious materials, there will be a huge discount. You won’t have to worry about your future growth. You will just need to focus on becoming stronger,” Caesar said.

Many people were envious when they heard this.

If they wanted anything, they had to buy it at a high price and work hard to develop it. Yet, Mike had everything from the start.

All he needed to do was focus on becoming stronger.

What was this?

It was as if he had opened a resource cheat. How could they not be envious?

“Hurry up and say yes, this is practically begging him to join.”

“I want to jump up and down, begging to join.”

“I’m jealous.”


“Are there a lot of skills to be obtained?” Mike asked.

Holy sh*t.

A wave of voices reverberated in the venue.

‘You are still asking? The f*ck!

‘You are still asking questions when the situation is already like this? Why aren’t you agreeing first?!’

A lot of people were acting as if they were Mike, as if they would be the ones missing out if Mike missed out on this opportunity.

They were even more anxious than Mike himself.

“There are skills of Silver-Tier and below, there are also skills of Gold-Tier and above,” Caesar replied.

It was already very advanced. One needed to know that.

The most that Mike had mastered were only Silver-Tier skills, which was the Fireball and Flash skill that he learned from the Silver medal.

It was already good enough to get a Gold-Tier skill from the Northern Headquarters, but there might even be Platinum-Tier skills.

“Alright, I’ll think about it,” Mike said.

Many people rolled their eyes and cursed silently.

‘Alright, you will think about it?

‘Shouldn’t you be begging to join? Shouldn’t you be kneeling down and begging??

‘What stunt are you trying to pull?’

The crowd was envious, jealous, and resentful.

“You’re welcome at any time. I’ll enter your name, so that even if you don’t reply before I leave Ledda City, as long as you come to the Northern Headquarters, you are welcome to join immediately,” Caesar smiled and said, “Of course, the prerequisite is that you don’t join the other palaces.”

They were even more jealous.

Mike was so cocky, yet Caesar was still so friendly. It seemed that Mike definitely had outstanding talent.

They were jealous.

Why did they not have such good talent, unlike Mike?

“There are still a few more matches here. Do you want to participate?” Caesar asked.

Mike shook his head. “There’s no need.”

Mike came to participate only to gain knowledge and to join an advanced academy. Now that his goal had been achieved, there was no need to continue participating as the ranking was not important.

“That’s fine too.” Caesar also felt that there was no need.

Having seen Mike’s strength, Caesar already knew the final result. There was no suspense.


“Is it because you don’t dare to?” At this moment, Freddy suddenly opened his mouth and said, “You’ve already come here and will fight me soon enough. Are you giving up? Is it because you’re afraid of losing and that you will lose the chance to enter the Northern Headquarters along with it?”

Caesar frowned. Freddy seemed to have been invincible for a long time but now, he had crossed the line.

Pride was a good thing, but to this extent was not good.

“What Freddy said makes sense.”

“Although Mike has been chosen, it doesn’t mean that Mike is better than Freddy. If Mike loses, what does that amount to? Lord Caesar’s misjudgment, right?”

“I think Freddy should be the one invited.”

Mike didn’t care for these trivial remarks. People often cursed Mike on the World Channel, how could he be affected by their words now?

He ignored them and got?ready to leave.


Freddy quickly went up and grabbed Mike. “If you don’t compete with me today to determine who is better, don’t even think about leaving here! I will prove that I am suitable to join the Northern Headquarters!”

Mike frowned.

Why was this guy so persistent?

“Lord Caesar.”

Freddy looked at Caesar and said, “Please let me fight Mike to prove my strength! I’m not satisfied that he was the only one invited!”

If it were only Freddy asking, Caesar would have ignored him. But many people around him were supporting Freddy.

One fight wouldn’t hurt.

“Then, just one match.” Caesar looked at Mike.

Mike was helpless.

Why did he have no choice but have to fight?

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