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MMORPG: I Can See Hidden Information

Chapter 220 - Words Of Reunion

Chapter 220: Words Of Reunion

Fike and Zhao ruoxian nodded, and then followed Dali to the main palace of the royal palace of Xin Luo City.

The three of them left the garden and came to an empty field.

The empty field was very large, and it looked a bit like the royal palace of the Imperial City of Lowe.

But it was still a little smaller.

At this time, Fike saw a rather exaggerated building.

The appearance of the building was even better than the royal palace of the royal capital of Rove three thousand years later.

That building was the main hall of the city of San Luo.

Although the main hall was not tall or big.

And it did not have any unique modern craftsmanship, but from the shape, it looked like an upgraded version of the Heavenly Palace.

The carved birds and dragons on the eaves appeared to be very domineering. Pieces of bricks and tiles were pieced together to form the roof of this building.

It was also very sturdy, and it wouldn’t collapse even after a thousand years.

Following Dali’s lead, Fike and Zhao Ruoxian had already arrived at the main hall’s main entrance.

The two guards standing at the main hall’s entrance greeted Dali respectfully when they saw him.

“Greetings, second legion commander!”

Dali waved his hand, indicating for the two of them to be excused.

Then, Dali brought Fike and Zhao Ruoxian into the hall.

At this moment, a voice sounded.

“Fike! Xiao Zhao! You’re finally here!”

Fike and Zhao Ruoxian looked towards the direction of the voice.

It was Luo Meng who had spoken.

Luo Wei, who was standing beside Luo Meng, also looked up when he heard his brother’s shout, revealing a look of joy.

“Aiya, I’ve been waiting for a long time for you two to be here!”

Luo Wei said.

And right beside the two of them sat a short youth. That youth didn’t look old, and he seemed to be only fourteen or fifteen years old.

Fike hurriedly exchanged greetings with Luo Wei and Luo Meng.

“Yes, it’s been a long time. The two of you have already become the leaders of such a large army. I’ve already said that the two of you will succeed!”

Luo Meng and Luo Wei saw that Fike was praising them, so they replied with a smile.

“That’s right. At that time, Big Brother Fike, you had a discerning eye and appreciated us. We still remember the kindness of that meal!”

After that, the three of them began to chat intensely for a while.

After a long while, as if he remembered something, Luo Wei pulled the little boy beside him and said to Fike and Zhao ruoxian.

“Oh, right, I forgot to introduce him. This is Master Stark. He helped us rebuild Xin Luo City. He also formulated a series of political plans. He is the core figure of our Lie Luo Army!”

Fike and Zhao Ruoxian then looked at master stark.

Fike took the initiative to extend his hand and said.

“Hello! I am Fike. This is Zhao Ruoxian. Nice to meet you!”

Stark also replied seriously,

“Hello, I’m Stark. I’m the chief political commander of the Lie Luo Legion!”

Then, Stark smiled and said,

“Don’t treat me as a young kid. In fact, I’m already thirty years old!”

“Thirty years old?”

Fike was surprised.

Zhao Ruoxian looked at Stark in disbelief.

Stark smiled and said,

“I was originally from the Xi Ling tribe, but the leaders of the Xi Ling tribe were used to squeezing the people dry. The people here couldn’t even eat before, so they all looked like they were stunted. They didn’t even care about using a short man like me.”

“It was only after the Lie Luo Army captured this place that the two leaders discovered my talent and used me! Only then could you see the Xin Luo City today!”

After hearing that, Fike said with a smile,

“Master Stark, we saw your talent on the first day we set foot in the city of Xin Luo. The buildings here are all different from other areas. It’s obvious that they are the work of a genius!”

After hearing Fike’s compliment, Stark laughed loudly and said,

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect you to be able to read buildings. Looks like we have a lot to talk about in the future!”

After a brief discussion with stark, their conversation finally got to the point.

“Luo Wei, Luo Meng, what’s going on with the battle line built by the Dun Ta tribe in the north?”

Fike asked. i𝘯𝚗𝗿𝗲α𝙙. c𝒐𝐦

Luo Meng replied.

“In the past few months, we’ve been stepping up our attacks on the Dun Ta tribe. Everyone in the Lie Luo Legion hopes to take down this hard bone as soon as possible.”

“But things are not as simple as we thought at the table.”

“Why do you say that?”

Fike asked.

Luo Meng looked at Luo Wei beside him. After receiving Luo Meng’s order, Luo Wei spoke,

“When Sano of the Dun Ta tribe saw that our Lie Luo Army took down the Xi Ling tribe and Tutu tribe, he sensed the seriousness of the situation. He immediately sent a large number of his men to build the northern front.”

“These people originally had their own ulterior motives. However, Sano changed their army, causing their soldiers to not be their own. They didn’t dare to rebel.”

“Moreover, their families are still in the Dun Ta tribe’s center. If any of them were to cause any trouble, the consequences would be very serious!”

Fike couldn’t help but say when he heard this.

“I didn’t expect Sano to have some brains!”

After that, Luo Wei continued,

“Right now, the Dun Ta tribe has also sent out a stone tablet army. According to what we know now, the number of this stone tablet army has already reached a terrifying number of 30,000 people.”

“Stone Tablet Army?”

Zhao Ruoxian said in puzzlement.

“That’s right! It’s the stone tablet that Sano brought back from an ancient magical town. Under the influence of that stone tablet, it has been strengthened to form an army.”

“The speed and strength of these soldiers are far faster than ordinary people. Our soldiers at the front line are simply unable to resist.”

“Therefore, the current battle is also in a state of peace. We can only send our own people into the Dun Ta tribe to slowly disintegrate a portion of their strength!”

When Fike heard this, he understood the profound meaning behind it.

Ordinary people, even if they had a strong body, would find it difficult to fight against those who had awakened their magic power.

Because they had magic power in their bodies, they had a steady flow of speed and power.

While they consumed it, they also replenished it.

Moreover, after a long period of accumulation, their various indicators would exceed the average of ordinary people by a large margin.

Furthermore, if they did not use spells and skills, then the magic power in their bodies would not be greatly consumed.

If it was just simple movement and killing, then these people would become the most terrifying monsters on the battlefield.

At this moment, just as Fike was still worried about the dilemma of the Lie Luo Army, Luo Meng smiled lightly.

He opened his mouth and said.

“However, although these stone tablet soldiers are powerful, we have now found a way to fight them!”

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