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Chapter 218: Lie Luo Army’s Military Base

Fike and Zhao Ruoxian discussed for a while. Then, they decided to go to Lie Luo Army first to ask Dali about the situation.

After leaving the dining hall, Fike quickly found the old man with long yellow hair.

He said to him,

“Old Man, since Mr. Nameless Saint hasn’t finished his cultivation yet, we’ll go to Lie Luo Army first to take a look. It’s boring to stay in the flower house all the time!”

Then, the old man replied with a smile.

“Okay, you can come back anytime. If you have any new discoveries, you can ask me if you don’t know anything!”

“Oh right, in the future, don’t call me old man all the time. I still have a long life ahead of me!”

Fike asked with a smile,

“Then may I ask your name?”

The old man replied with a smile.

“Just Call Me Ogg!”

“Okay! Then Mr. Ogg, we’ll Go First!”

Fike said.

“Go! Go!”

After saying goodbye to Ogg, Fike and Zhao Ruoxian were ready to leave the flower house.

At this time, Ogg called again.

“Right! Young man, don’t go through the main door!”

Hearing Ogg’s call, Fike remembered that it was morning, and the main door of the flower house was probably filled with people.

Then, under Ogg’s guidance.

Fike and Zhao Ruoxian came to the back door of a flower house.

Opening the back door, it turned out that this was the dark alley Fike had found earlier.

“We usually go out this way, you can come in and out from here in the future!”

Ogg said.

Fike and Zhao Ruoxian thanked Ogg briefly, then quickly left this place.

They walked towards the main road of Xin Luo City. 𝘪𝓃n𝐫e𝗮d. co𝗺

When they walked out of the dark alley, they saw another noisy scene.

The bustling crowd surrounded the already crowded road.

Before Fike could sigh, another wave of fanatical calls for the nameless saint spread out once again.

Fike and Zhao Ruoxian did not stay too long and quickly left the place.

They came to the market that was previously full of traffic.

It wasn’t noon yet, so it was still considered a morning market.

The street was selling all kinds of snacks that Zhao ruoxian had never seen before.

Because they didn’t eat their breakfast to their heart’s content.

So Fike and Zhao Ruoxian seemed to have a telepathic connection and began to sweep through the delicacies.

After buying up all the delicacies they wanted to eat, Fike and Zhao Ruoxian smiled in satisfaction.

They walked slowly on the streets of Xin Luo City.

They didn’t know how much time had passed.

The two of them had already left the market.

Not far away, Fike also saw a sign.

On it was written, “Military base, no one is allowed to enter”.

“I think, the base of the Lie Luo Army should be in front!”

Fike sighed.

Then, Fike led Zhao Ruoxian towards the base of the Lie Luo Army.

They came to the gate.

A huge solemn city wall stood there.

And on the city wall were thorns.

If passers-by accidentally touched these thorns, they might leave with deep scars.

Before Fike could take a closer look, a loud voice came towards him.

“Hey! Those two over there, what are you doing?”

Fike looked toward the direction of the voice. It was the guard stationed at the entrance of the military base talking to him.

Seeing that the person’s expression was very serious, Fike opened his mouth and said,

“We are here to look for the second legion’s commander, Dali.”

As soon as Fike finished speaking, the guard replied.

“Why are you looking for our second legion’s commander?”

Fike saw that the guard’s expression was extremely serious, so he said with a smile,

“Relax, Buddy. We came from Blessed Longevity Camp together with Commander Dali. We crossed the snow mountain and river, then went our separate ways in Doma.”

“He told me to come here to look for him after we arrived in Xin Luo City!”

As soon as Fike finished speaking, the guard said,

“May I ask if you are Fike?”

Fike saw that the guard knew him, so he said.

“Yes, I am. How did you know my name?”

After the guard confirmed Fike’s identity, he put down his serious attitude and said with a smile,

“Ever since our second legion’s commander came back, he has always told us on sentry duty that if a man named Fike came to look for him, we should bring him to see him.”

“Our brothers from the Lie Luo Army have all heard about your deeds. You guys are really amazing!”

“You flatter me. Can we go in now?”

Fike said with a smile.

“Look at me. I’m so engrossed in chatting that I’ve forgotten all the important things. I’ll bring you in now!”

Then, the guard found another soldier from the Lie Luo Army to take over his duty.

When everything was ready, he brought Fike and Zhao Ruoxian to the military base.

Fike and Zhao Ruoxian were shocked by the scene inside the military base.

Large-scale military weapons could be seen everywhere, and soldiers were undergoing strict training.

The intensity of the training was much higher than that of the Dun Ta tribe.

As Fike and Zhao Ruoxian looked around in awe, groups of soldiers began to chant and march towards them.

On their shoulders, they were carrying dozens of kilograms of stones. Although this was not much to Fike and Zhao ruoxian, they were just ordinary soldiers.

While they were watching.

Fike and Zhao Ruoxian finally followed the guard to the military office of the second legion of the Lie Luo Army.

After knocking on the door, the door was opened.

A familiar face walked in.

“Yo, Fike. We meet again!”

Fike looked into the door and saw Dali.

After hearing Dali’s words, Fike replied with a smile.

“Yeah, Dali, we meet again!”

“How have you been recently? Have you found the nameless saint that you are looking for? Hahaha, it must be very difficult!”

Dali teased.

Fike heard this and sighed slightly, then said,

“It is indeed very difficult. The nameless saint is currently in closed-door cultivation. We haven’t even met him yet!”

Dali asked in disbelief after hearing this,

“In that case, it looks like you guys have entered the flower house?”

Fike nodded with a smile after hearing this, and then said,

“That’s right, we have indeed entered, and we have even stayed there!”

Dali sighed after hearing this.

“As expected of you. That flower house has always been surrounded by a large group of students these days. It seems that there is nothing surprising for you to be able to stand out from the crowd.”

Fike smiled and said,

“We didn’t go there to learn from him!”

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