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Chapter 2: Class Medals, Choosing a Class

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Class Medals.

Combining all sorts of information, Mike learned that there was an ‘unknown’ in this, and it was something that hadn’t been thoroughly studied.

It was said that Class Medals came from studying the corpses of Exotic Beasts. As for the specifics, it was still unclear.

That was all he knew.

The medals contained a surge of power that was harmless to the human body. With that power, only the Energy Body had the potential to choose a Class.

[Please choose your Class Medal]

[Medals are divided into: Amazon, Barbarian, Necromancer, Paladin, Mage, Assassin, Druid]

[Choosing a medal changes you into the corresponding Class]

Up to this point, everything was normal.

It was exactly the same as what Mike had learned from the World Channel.

“Only female players can choose from Amazon. I can choose from the other medals. As for the pros and cons of each Class, I have no idea at all,” Mike observed.

He combined it with information from the chat.

After learning what Class to choose, he didn’t just look at the future and potential. The most important thing was to consider the present!

He had to figure out which Class to use to deal with the Exotic Beasts outside his camp. Then, that Class would be chosen.

Otherwise, if he couldn’t even get out of the camp, it would be useless even if he chose a Class with great potential.

“Whichever Class should I use to deal with the Exotic Beasts outside requires at least a few hours of observation... As for the pros and cons of the Class and its potential, it’s still in its early stages. No one seems to have figured it out yet,” Mike muttered to himself.

Mike looked at the Class Medal up close.

[Barbarian Class Medal (Beginner)]

Suddenly, Mike saw the words on the Class Medal.


What was going on?

After watching the World Channel for a long time, Mike had long understood that the Class Medals were very mysterious, and there were no introductions to them.

Wasn’t this an introduction now? It was even marked (Beginner), and that wasn’t all.

[Barbarian Class Medal (Beginner)]

[Overview: melee physical attack. Increase: Physical Attack + 3, Defense + 5, Vitality + 10]

[Potential: Beginner]

[Skills: Combat Gauze (Beginner) (Increases Physical Defense)]

[Recommended level: Extremely low]

[Description: Barbarian has high vitality, medium defense, and relatively low damage. However, the more serious the injury, the higher the damage. In a near-death state, it would turn into a high-explosive Class. The Beginner Class Medal contains very little power. It cannot fully display the advantage of the Barbarian Class. There is very little room for growth in the future. It is not recommended to be used.]

Mike was stunned.

If (Beginner) was not considered an introduction, this must be considered an introduction, right?

What benefits the medal would bring, the degree of recommendation, the appraisal, it was all clear to him!

It was already detailed to this extent. The players of the World Channel had complained that they did not know how to choose a Class Medal. Was it because they did not know how to weigh the pros and cons?

Were they just a bunch of giant babies?

Mike opened the World Channel again, wanting to understand everyone’s evaluation of the Class medal. With such a detailed description, there would definitely be a lot of discussion about the Class.

In the World Channel.

“I’m going to vomit. I thought Necromancers used magic attacks, but in the end, it was a summoning type Class, and the summoned creature uses physical attacks. Exotic Beasts are afraid of magic attacks, and undead summons can be killed with a slap, and me along with it...”

“Summons? F*ck, why are you complaining? Do you know how lucky you are? As a Necromancer, I can only cast a minor spell every time. It doesn’t do any damage at all.”

“To distinguish between physical and magic attacks is already the limit... there’s really too little information about each Class.”

“The Class Medals don’t even describe whether they have physical or magic attacks. I had to die a few times to figure it out.”

“What’s the use of the Paladin Class? It looks like a Tank, but the Exotic Beast killed me with one slap. Is that how a Tank works?”

“Barbarians have high HP, medium defense, and low physical damage. However, the closer they are to death, the higher the damage. Paladins have medium HP, high defense, and can recover HP. Their damage is very low. Among all the Classes, the lowest is a Healer.”

“It’s very difficult to use Paladins in the early stages... Will that lead to a shortage of the Paladin Class in the future, causing a serious imbalance?”

“Who cares about the late stages? We can’t even get past the early stages. I’ve discovered that Assassins are easy to level up. They have low HP, low defense, fast speed, and extremely high damage! Play a little dirty, and you can kill Exotic Beasts in one wave.”

“There’s still too little information. It would be good if we could have more... Sigh...”

“It would be good if we could directly see what skills we would obtain.”

“Directly see the skills? Are you living in a dream?”


In the beginning, everyone’s discussion still left Mike uncertain.

The further he looked...

The more he felt that something was wrong.

It seemed that none of them could see the detailed information introduction like Mike, as up until now, no one had talked about the detailed introduction.

“Am I the only one who can see the introduction?” Mike couldn’t help but think so.

It seemed like it was true.

Mike continued to look at the other Classes.

[Mage Class Medal (Beginner)]

[Overview: long-ranged Magic Attack. Growth: Magic Attack + 12]

[Potential: Beginner]

[Skills: Fireball (Beginner) (Increases Magic Attack, additional ‘Ignite’ effect)]

[Recommended level: Extremely low]

[Description: Mage Class has extreme damage in magic attacks, and they take the most extreme path of explosive damage. As a result, this Class is very fragile and easy to die. Beginner Mage Class Medal, which only increases a small number of spells and has no ability to protect itself, extremely useless. Not recommended to use.]

It was also a Beginner Class Medal.

Mike looked at the other Class Medals and realized they were all Beginner Class Medals as well.

Only Amazon, which was limited to women, which Mike could not use, was the first Intermediate Class Medal.

“In other words, the level of a Class Medal is random and not uniform? Does this also depend on whether the game likes your face or not?” Mike was a little helpless.

His face went a little dark.

There was only one Intermediate Class Medal, and it was limited to women.

However, he should be able to level up in the future as long as he explored it well.

He wouldn’t be stuck at Beginner all the time.

“I don’t know, what is the hidden information of the old man in the camp...”

(There is hidden information).

Mike had been busy understanding the Class Medal.

It was time to understand this hidden information.

[In the old man’s medal warehouse, there are a few higher-tier medals that will not be given to the players because they suspect that there is a risk. Give the old man in the camp good wine to persuade him to take out higher-tier Class Medals.]


The old man was actually hiding something!

Mike was starting to like the advantage of being able to see hidden information more and more.

Because the content of the hidden information was too dense.

It was like cheating.

“I remember that there are NPCs selling good wine in the camp. I must start with a special Advanced-Tier Class Medal.” Mike was eager to try.

In the news channel.

There were already players leveling up.

The highest level was already level 10!

It seemed that those who complained were not doing well, and those who were capable were quietly exploring and leveling up.

The players were not as useless as he had imagined.

The hidden big-shots had already begun to take action.

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